Hisense does not return the trademark Sharp has no choice but to create a new brand for American high-end TV

Not long ago, according to the latest news from foreign media, Sharp has now re-registered trademarks for high-end TV sets in the United States in order to develop the US market as soon as possible.

A few years ago, Sharp’s operations were in trouble and then withdrew from the TV market in Europe and North America. In North America, Sharp licensed the trademark to China’s Hisense Group until 2020.

However, with the acquisition of Sharp by Foxconn Group, Sharp’s operation situation has greatly improved, and Guo Taiming is also very optimistic about Sharp TV business, ready to “do a big job.” Sharp had contacted Hisense Group and hoped that the other party could return the trademark between the expiration of the contract, but Hisense Group refused and believed that it should act according to the contract.

Surprisingly, Sharp subsequently slammed Hisense Group in a US court, arguing that the quality of his TV set was not up to standard, damaging the image of Sharp’s trademark and claiming $100 million. However, later, Sharp canceled the lawsuit.

According to the Nikkei News, Sharp has re-applied a trademark for high-end TV sets in the United States, and it is estimated that sales will begin in April next year.

It is reported that Foxconn and Sharp are also preparing to manufacture large-size LCD panels in the United States and set up a TV assembly plant. The final details of the project have not yet been finalized. The size of the TV is relatively large, so Sharp hopes to set up a factory in the United States to supply the North American market up close.

Guo Taiming believes that there is still huge room for growth in the large-screen TV market of more than 60 inches worldwide. Under his plan, Sharp’s TV sales in FY 2018 will reach 10 million units, double the number in FY2016. In the important Chinese market, Sharp TV has launched a large-scale price cut, and it is reported that sales have increased significantly.

It is reported that Sharp TVs sold in the US will be positioned in the high-end market, with 8K resolution, the screen will be 60 inches or even larger.

In fiscal 2008, Sharp sold a total of 2.8 million TV sets in the Americas. Due to a loss in the TV business, Sharp management decided to shrink from the global market.

According to reports, in the European market, Sharp has regained the trademark rights of TV sets by acquiring companies.

After being acquired by Foxconn, Sharp’s business was fully revived and the company got rid of losses. At the end of last year, Sharp, Foxconn and the Guangzhou Municipal Government began to build a liquid crystal panel factory in Guangzhou with an investment of 9 billion US dollars.

It is reported that the two LCD panel factories in the United States and a TV factory will have a total investment of more than 10 billion US dollars, which will provide 10,000 jobs for the United States, including large-size LCD panel factory. It is very likely to land in Wisconsin.

According to the Nikkei News, Foxconn is also planning to build a LCD panel factory or TV factory in India, a populous country, and sell Sharp TVs to Indian families.

However, Sharp is recognized as the father of LCD, with world-class technology in the field of LCD panels, and Sharp is also a high-end brand in the TV market. However, the Foxconn Group decided to turn Sharp into a more intimate, higher-market brand. By integrating Foxconn’s strong manufacturing capabilities, the future cost of Sharp TV will also decline, and price competitiveness will also increase.

[Source: Tencent Technology]

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The new trend of sanitary design “design of dry and wet separation”

The traditional one-piece toilet design often combines the shower area with the toilet and basin area, although It is convenient to use, but the damp air stays in the bathroom for a long time, which is easy to cause air pollution and cleaning problems.

So, in order to improve the quality of people’s lives, the design concept of wet and dry separation is gradually becoming popular.

Dividing the shower area and other functional areas will not only keep the bathroom space dry and hygienic, but also maintain the clean and beautiful environment of the bathroom as a whole.

But, after doing the wet and dry separation, can you really meet the needs of the family? Are you sure that the design of these functions can accommodate several people at the same time?

Bathroom New

We are common The bathroom is often integrated into the toilet area, wash basin, bathroom (including bath and shower) and washing machine, called four style.

Of course, Some households have a small bathroom area, they will consider moving the washing machine to the balcony or kitchen, and even in the principle of not wasting every inch of space, it is common to stuff it in the locker.

In this way, the “four old” becomes “three”, which is what we call three .

The main method of wet separation is to use a partition to separate the bathroom from other parts. After leaving a certain position for the bath, all others are handed over to the toilet, washstand and locker.

Meet the basic requirements of dry and wet zone division, it seems reasonable and perfect. However, even with such an integrated layout, the bathroom can only accommodate one person under normal circumstances.

Especially in the morning, when children go to school, when adults are rushing to work, the queues in the toilets are still common.

Have you ever experienced a scene like this: Through the shower After the full house of water vapor, the ground does not slip, even the locker has become wet and answer; when you are anxious to go to the toilet, some people are there to wash clothes; you are immersed in the comfortable atmosphere of the bath, Someone shouted outside the bathroom……


If you have two or three bathrooms in your home, the situation will be much less. In fact, not every family can There are such conditions.

So, how can we find a more effective solution in the current situation of only one bathroom?

Our wet and dry compared to Japan’s “four-separation” It seems to be weak.~~~

The design method for improving their quality of life by N steps is–each function is independent and separated from each other by partition.

three Separation


washbasin in the middle,

The bathroom and toilet are on either side.



The washstand is separate from the bathroom,

The bathroom and toilet are designed side by side after partitioning.

Clean, bath and toilet are completely separated,

effectively solves the embarrassing situation of bathroom use.

The partition material is not limited to a certain form,

Glass, cement and white walls can be used.

Considering the necessary storage issues,

And fully exploit the possibility of using space,

We can make a fuss on the wall,

Smartly “Stealing out” some storage space.

Using the background wall behind the toilet,

Create a built-in closet.

Add wooden partitions

Setting the wall

When the bathroom is neat and tidy,

also defines a clear walking line.

The most frequently used washstand is placed in the middle,

Bathing, toilets scattered to both sides,

Ensure maximum efficiency.

The basin between the toilet and the bath,

not just for The function of washing your face and washing your hands.

Add a towel bar, wooden partition,

All can bring convenience to washing,

does not affect the activities of the bathroom.

Of course, if you are worried about water droplets splashing,

Stealing from the wall Space is also a good choice.

Local lighting needs can be more diverse,

Remove the same chandeliers.

Invisible light strip design,

The whole bathroom will be taller in an instant.

If the washstand is long, you may wish to consider double Basin,

Or add a locker that can accommodate different needs.

double basin

The bath room still maintains a separate space state,

But the partition wall not only plays a single role,

Make full use of the distortion space to complete the storage,

Towels and clothes for bathing have been placed Where.

The shower gel and shampoo accompany the bathing process,

So it is best to cut an alcove on the wall,

easy to take

If you want to experience the double feeling of shower and bath,

I can follow suit Japanese-style bathing form,

Of course, the premise is,

Your home has enough bathroom space~~~

Modern people pay attention to convenience and effectiveness ,

Designed with a combination of washing machine and washbasin,

You can wash off the dirty clothes directly.

What we call dry and wet separation may solve some practical problems, but the usage rate I didn’t get real play.

Is still worried about grabbing the toilet,

Bathroom wisdom from Japan,

We are all worth learning!

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How much is the paint, which brand is good?

Coating is an indispensable material in home decoration, good coating not only makes the interior more It’s dazzling and green. There are many brands of coatings on the market, and there are great differences between different brand prices. How much is painting?? Which brand of paint is good? Let’s take a look at it!

How much is the paint? In fact, there is no uniform standard. Because the price of paint is determined by brand, material, area, construction difficulty, and so on. Prices range from 24-250 yuan. Here are some of the price of brand paints for everyone, hoping to bring reference to friends in need.

1, Master’s paint is mainly based on moisture, mildew and environmental protection The price is around 39-90 yuan.

2, Sanlian has a perfect processing system and environmentally friendly price at 24 -53 yuan or so

3, Yashili is based on pure taste, and Durable. The price is around 180 yuan

4, Nippon is the classic of modern paint The brand price is about 150-200 yuan

5, Dulux paint When using, the price is good at 160-250 yuan

Coating Which brand is good:

1, Dulux


Dulux is a branded product of AkzoNobel (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in the UK in 1926, it has been mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of latex paints, wood lacquers and professional anti-corrosion paints. At present, Dulux has 26 production sites around the world with products all over the world.

2, Nippon Libang

Nippon is native to Singapore, and then entered the Chinese market in 1990, mainly engaged in coatings research and development, production and Sales as one. After years of development, Nippon has a high reputation in China. Become a famous brand of Chinese paint.

3, Desert Oasis Paint Smoz

Desert Oasis Paint is a brand product of Guangdong Desert Oasis Coatings Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 2000, it is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of exterior latex paint, waterborne wood paint, water-based decorative paint and other products. Its products have more than 2,000 kinds of flower samples, with an annual output value of 100,000 tons.

4, Düfa Dufang

Dufang is a German brand, Founded in 1955, it has a long history in the industry, and has won unanimous praise from the industry and consumers for its excellent environmental performance and excellent quality.

5, three trees SKSHU

Sanshu was established in 2002 and has 15 years of history in the industry. It is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of architectural coatings, decorative lacquers and furniture lacquers. Fresh breath with healthy characteristics, pure bamboo charcoal, clear taste series and space paint have become the first brand of Chinese folk paint.

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Germany imported radiator brand recommended radiator imports are good or domestically produced

As a common heating product, the radiator is used very frequently and is recognized by many families with its high heat sink, high comfort and decoration. The purchase boom is also a wave of high waves, but according to relevant personnel, a large number of consumers are now more inclined to import brands, even if the price is too high can not stop their enthusiasm, then Germany imported radiator brand which is better Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

As a common heating product, the radiator is used very frequently and with high Radiator, high comfort and decoration have been recognized by many families, so the purchase boom is also a wave of high waves, but according to relevant personnel, a large number of consumers are now more inclined to import brands, even if the price has been High can’t stop their enthusiasm, then Germany imported radiator brandWhich is good? Let’s go and see it with Xiaobian.

Germany imported radiator brand recommendation

1, Florence radiator

Although the origin of this brand is in Beijing, its source is indeed Europe. After years of hard work and innovation, the sales performance in the domestic large building materials market has been among the best for many years. I believe some of them love imported brands. The users have heard of it, the quality is superior, and the after-sales service is also in place.

2, Marquer

The performance of this brand is very good, it can be used for heating needs in different places and environments. At the same time, it is different from other internationally renowned brands of radiators. Marquel is an electric radiator. It can dissipate heat quickly in 30 seconds, and it is technologically advanced and energy efficient.

3, Demerate

The appearance of this brand is very beautiful, craftsmanship, various specifications, complete models, can meet the needs of different rooms, while Demera All the radiators adopt the convection and radiation cooling method, which makes the heating more comfortable and ensures the flexibility of the heating system.

Imported radiators are good or made in China

1, domestic PK import

For most users, buy When radiators are often entangled in their venues, many people tend to buy imported products and feel that their environmental performance is better. In fact, imported radiators are 20~100% higher than domestic radiators, but the quality is not necessarily It is higher than domestic production, and it will affect the use of radiators due to factors such as the environment at home and abroad.

2, after-sales comparison

If you choose to import products, once there is a quality problem, it will definitely involve after-sales. In this respect, the after-sales of imported products is very troublesome, a procedure It is estimated that it will take half a month to go down, and the domestic after-sales service will be relatively convenient. Therefore, from the perspective of after-sales, domestic production is better than imports.

3. Choosing the right one is the most important

All in all, when buying any product, avoid blindly admiring, perhaps some imported products are of good quality and stronger than domestic ones, but in the radiator industry, this theory does not work, so when purchasing, it must be To know the heating quality of the home, choose a well-preserved domestic brand radiator, which will be guaranteed in terms of quality and after-sales, and it is more cost-effective than imported radiators.

Summary: Ok, the above is about Germany imported radiator brandRecommended content is introduced, I hope to provide you with some help, I believe in Later Germany imported radiator brandSelection process In the middle, friends will be more comfortable and buy their own satisfactory products.


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How to design a bookcase partition What are the advantages of a bookcase partition?

In the home space, it is often necessary to use partitions to distinguish spaces, partitions can not only distinguish spaces It can also play a beautiful decorative role, so people also like the partition. Bookcase partition is one of them, so what is the advantage of bookcase partition design and bookcase partition? Interested friends may wish to take a look!

How to design a bookcase partition

In the master bedroom, a small study room is cut off through the bookcase. The bookcase is transparent and does not affect the light of the study. A comfortable tatami sofa is also custom-made under the bookshelf for a comfortable reading corner.

If the balcony space is large enough, you can create a bookcase partition, which can separate the balcony from the living room and satisfy the owner. The reading needs have a comfortable and quiet reading space.

Second bedroom with tatami bed design, and a closet booktop at the end of the bed, forming a feature-rich office learning area with the bay window. The book stand is connected with the bookcase, which cuts off a small office and learning place.

In a small study space can also design a bookcase partition, bookcase design at the corner, storage space is very powerful. And it is separated from the bedroom, which does not affect the owner’s rest, but also can work and study, convenient and practical, especially suitable for small family families.

Large bedroom, you can create a L-shaped study in a “corner” by partitioning the bookcase, which can collect a large number of books. It can also provide a comfortable working environment.

Bookcase What are the advantages of partitioning?

1, since it is a bookcase partition Then, it has more effects. First of all, it has a strong storage function and can collect various types of books. Moreover, some beautifully designed bookcase partitions also have a good decorative effect, and can also become a beautiful landscape in the interior.

2, the current bookcase partition has a variety of shapes and stylish shapes. From the material point of view, it breaks the structure of the wood itself, so its physicality is more stable, it is not easy to be deformed, and its service life is longer.

3, bookcase partition has an advantage that it is widely used. It can be widely used in bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, etc., and it does not occupy space, but also can store items.

4. Finally, from the perspective of cleaning and maintenance, the bookcase is also cleaned. It is relatively simple. When cleaning normally, it is convenient to wipe the dust on the bookcase with a cotton cloth. If the dust in the gap of the bookcase can be removed with a soft brush, do not use a steel ball or the like to avoid surface scratching.

Xiaobian summary: The above is about bookcase partition how to design What are the advantages of the bookcase partition, I believe everyone understands it! The bookcase partition design can be used in different places, and there are many shapes. The parents who need it can also design a good bookcase partition at home.

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Raiders and precautions for selecting sanitary ware

  There are a wide variety of sanitary fixtures, but the common requirements are smooth, impervious, corrosion-resistant, cold-resistant, easy to clean and durable.
   Before decorating the bathroom, first of all, you should understand the dimensions of the various parts of the bathroom. The design and layout should be in place. In addition to the floor tiles, wall tiles and ceilings, the focus is on the bathtub, washbasin and toilet. ‘Three-piece set’). In general, there are the following requirements:

   Price positioning: At present, there are more than 8,000 yuan in the market. The original three-piece suit has a mid-range three-piece suit of 5,000 yuan and a low-grade three-piece suit of 3,000 yuan or less. For the working class, the use of sanitary ware at a price between 1500-3000 yuan is more economical.

  style positioning: ceramic sanitary ware is more traditional and nostalgic; tempered glass sanitary ware is slightly fashionable; artificial marble and Artificial agate is elegant and noble; acrylic ware is beautiful and easy to clean.

  Color positioning and unification: At present, the sanitary ware products on the market are very rich in color and have purple Color, bone color, white, milky white, royal blue, pink, etc., purchase three sets of sanitary ware, it is best to use a manufacturer of the same brand of products to avoid the strong contrast of color.
  The following points should be noted when choosing sanitary ware:

  1. Before choosing the toilet, make sure that the reserved drain of the bathroom is drained or horizontally drained.

  2, whether the toilet is water-saving, can not just look at the size of the water tank. As the toilet, its flushing function is the most important place. Flushing is not only clean, but also good in water saving and low noise. The inspection method is to use table tennis as a flushing test, and at least one should be washed down at least four times. At present, toilets on the market generally have two types of siphon flushing and straight flushing. Generally, high-end products adopt siphon type flushing, and siphoning is a kind of flushing method with low noise and good flushing effect.

  3, generally high-quality sanitary ware glazed smooth, no squatting pond, color difference, pinhole and glaze Phenomenon, the sound of a hard object hitting the ceramic is crisp.

  The toilet should be paid attention to the flushing method and water consumption. There are two types of flushing methods, such as direct flushing and siphoning. In general, flush toilets are more noisy and prone to odors. The siphonic toilet is a silent toilet with a high water seal and is not prone to odor. The bathtub type bathtub is made according to it.

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Common lamp prices, which lamps are cheaper

Whether it is a home improvement space or a public area, it is inseparable from lighting products, at night Come bright lighting. The lamps on the market are endless and the prices are different. The common lighting price is not expensive? Today we will introduce the following content, let’s take a look at Lighting price!

Lighting price

1. Chandeliers are the most common lighting products on the market. According to style, they can be divided into antique Chinese, romantic crystal European style and fashionable atmospheric chandeliers. In addition, different materials, the market price is also different, the price difference is large. The general price ranges from tens of pieces to hundreds of yuan. If the pursuit of grades, the ceiling price is generally not less than 10,000 yuan, and the ceiling price of our popular households is roughly between 500-2500.

2. Ceiling light is also the most common lighting in space, in many In simple decoration, this type of lighting will be chosen. The styling style of the lamps is very rich, and the different shapes of the lampshade bring a distinctive visual experience. The market price is roughly between 60-600 yuan.

3. Wall lamp is more common in the bedroom space, convenient to go to the toilet at night, general wall lamp installation pay attention to symmetry, shape also Constantly enriched, the market is generally priced between 50-500 yuan.

4. Floor lamp is common in the study room, living room, and more in space The corner is convenient for reading and reading newspapers. It can be placed at the corner of the sofa for convenient use. The price on the market is roughly between 50-350 yuan.

The above price is from the network, for reference only, for reference only.

Lighting Brand

1. OpP

Oupu brand has been established for more than 20 years. After years of development, it has achieved good results in many fields. Achievements. The lamps produced have various styles, and the energy-saving lamps occupy a large share in the market, and have a high reputation. The quality of the lighting products is high, the use time is long, and the rich variety meets the different decoration needs of consumers.

2. NVC

NVC created to Now in the past 20 years, it has been in the leading position in the domestic lighting industry, and has been widely used in different spaces. The brand is also committed to creating green lighting, and constantly innovating and launching energy-saving lamps under the premise of ensuring quality. , has a very good energy saving in space.


The Philips brand has been in existence for decades, from the Netherlands, Focus on creating energy-saving and automotive lighting. The light produced by the lamps is softer and does not affect the human vision. The shape is simple, fashionable and positioned in the middle and high-end lamps.

About Lamp Price, Xiaobian is here for temporary introduction, I hope to help you.

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Misunderstanding about the bathtub

In recent years, I have been replying to various questions and answers on the Internet. Bathtub issue. The general answer is that the questions that everyone actually asked are similar. For example, which brand is good? Which quality is good? Which is cost effective? What kind of space can I install a bathtub? The bathtub is good for maintenance and so on. Since everyone rarely touches this field, they are generally concerned with these issues.

Based on the accumulated knowledge of the work, summed up several misunderstandings:

1. Expensive

After more than a decade ago, Maybe we will have the feeling that if there is a bathtub in the house, it must be a big family. More than a decade ago, the bathtub industry was generally accepted by the market as a cast iron enamel bathtub. As shown below.

Bathroom, bathing, shower has always been Mainstream. The reason is that the number of people in the bathtub is not much. On the other hand, the process of cast iron + enamel is not much known at the time. Now, if you look for the kind of cast iron bathtub you have seen before, there are few big brands on the market, and you may rarely see it (unless you can find a manufacturer). And as soon as we inquired about the price, the quotations are amazingly close to 5 digits. These factors have led to the fact that we think the bathtub is very expensive.

For products with brand value, his The price is definitely high. This is beyond doubt. Then, for those non-known brands, their prices will be much lower. Some people will have doubts, no brand, can quality be trusted? This is indeed understandable. There are of course good and bad differences. This will be explained later.

We have many factories in China that do bathroom. Their products are exported abroad all the year round. Most of these factories are also selling their own direct sales products in China, but they have no choice but to have a brand advantage. This situation is believed to exist in any field. The key is to find those factories. Believe me, you are looking for a factory, and the factory also hopes to find direct customers directly.

Secondly, the material of the bathtub is now ten There have been many improvements a few years ago. The cast iron enamel mentioned above still exists, but it no longer occupies the mainstream market of bathtubs. The bathtub made of acrylic material has already taken the lead. The price difference between acrylic and acrylic is obvious. Low is very low, high is high. What I want to point out here is that low-priced acrylic bathtubs exist. There are also steel enamel bathtubs, which are also very cheap.

2. It is especially troublesome to install the bathtub

This trouble is relatively speaking. If you want to compare one Shower room, it is really troublesome. If it is a non-integrated one, it is actually not much worse. For example, a cast iron enamel bathtub, his installation method is the same as before. Install the table.

Bathtub needs to be done one The countertop, then the bathtub is embedded in. Others are similar to acrylic embedded, steel plate embedded, etc. The skirt is also embedded in this method.

Separate bathtub

Acrylic Bathtub: This design is generally proprietary to acrylic bathtubs, and below is sheet metal. The part is supported by a steel plate bracket. If it is installed, it can be carried in and connected to water pipe.

Similar to this type of free-standing bathtub with or without feet, the installation is also very good, and the inlet and outlet pipes can be used.

3.The bathroom space is small and the bathtub cannot be installed

In our impression, the bathtub is a very big one Long rectangles require a lot of area.

Small apartment bathroom

Currently the most common bathtubs on the market Both are about 1.5~1.8 length. However, the bathtub is as small as 0.5, 0.6, the kind used by children, big enough, 2, 3 meters. Big will not talk about, very few households. For adults, the range can be considered 1.0~1.7. For the current domestic market, the length of 1.5 meters is the most commonly used.

4. The bathtub is extremely drained

This misunderstanding, don’t be old on TV, or in a country The MV is misleading. No one will fill a tank full of water and then go in for a bath. Moreover, the current bathtubs are generally filled with overflows and cannot reach that height at all.

And we will not put it in the whole bathtub A tank of hot water, a tank of hot water can not stand. Half and half. And when we take a bath, people have a drainage volume. In the film and television drama, everyone saw that the people were inside, and the water in the bathtub felt full. That was because people drained. The water level has risen.

Water consumption is generally It is bigger than a shower, but it is not as exaggerated as everyone thinks. Secondly, some people like to take a hot bath. It takes a long time to rush. The water that flows out can’t be evaluated. The water in a tank is easy to leave the impression of active water consumption.

5.Bathtub maintenance

Before you saw the netizen say this: take a bath, you have to take the bathtub Wipe it, wipe the bathtub, and wash the shower in white. This may be a paragraph.

However, the problem of scale does exist . The formation of scale is caused by long-term accumulation of water. Therefore, as long as you pay attention to it, there is not much problem. In addition, the difference between good and bad materials has some influence. But not as exaggerated as above.

After all, there are more and more domestic The people began to pay attention to the quality of life, and the bathtub has regained recognition and attention. In the future, the level of consumption in bathing will also rise to a higher level. I hope everyone has to help. Thank you.

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Hey brother di, May 1 special to know about it!

Look at April and leave immediately, May 1 is coming. The circle of friends has recently become inexplicable and popular, and there are still three days to say that you are getting fat!

As the saying goes, no weight loss in April, sadness in May. Fat, I believe that for everyone, this has 10,000 points of crit damage. Just like a white confession circulated on the Internet, a fat regrets all. In this spring and colorful spring day, how can I wear the S-size clothes together with my girlfriends in June, which naturally became the trouble of Xiaotong and some fleshy little friends.

In order to be able to lose weight, Xiaotong first carried out the weight loss One way – pipe your mouth.

Daily dining, Xiaotong insists on dining with monks. In the morning, porridge with rice, lunch, cabbage, and porridge at night. Refusing snacks, rejecting spicy strips, refusing fried chicken, burgers, cola, and rejecting all temptations. However, a month later, watching the electronic number of the amazing three-digit number, Xiaotong shed tears of helplessness.

Seeing the first type is invalid, so Xiaotong started to lose weight The second type – stepping on the legs.

In order to lose weight, Xiaotong insists on daily Walk off work and run at night. You can stand still and never sit, you can sit and never lie down. After insisting on this for one month, the weight has not changed! ! !

So Xiaotong can’t help anymore, just go Finding information online and discovering that the culprit is sleeping too late.

Early sleep, huh, huh! These two words are too difficult for Xiaotong . If you ask Xiaotong why you can’t go to bed early, Xiaotong will tell you, not because of work, not because of socializing. Not because “I wish me to be like a star, like a moon,The night is full of glory. “Because Xiaotong went to a colleague’s home, I saw that the Shentong integrated ceiling in my colleague’s home was too beautiful, and I heard that the May Day is coming, Shentong’s integrated ceiling price concessions are constantly going down, and it will lead to Xiaotong night!”

Application with integrated ceiling activity time from 4 On the 16th of May – May 1st, customers who enter the store will receive 51 gold cards during the event, and customers can enjoy three major gifts with 51 gold cards. In addition, there are special offers for special products, large packages and other purchases. Activity.

Ultra low price, excellent quality, intention Service. What else is worth considering?

Get early and enjoy early, buy and cry at night. Miss one time, wait another year! Spend money to do happy things What else is worth hesitating!

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Villa door and window shopping tips What is good material for villa doors and windows?

In the door and window of the villa, some windows and doors are only slightly stronger than ordinary doors and windows. The aluminum alloy doors and windows do not reach the consumer experience in profile design, glass configuration and hardware configuration. Therefore, many owners now choose to replace the original doors and windows during the villa renovation process to improve the overall home environment. The following small series introduces you to villa door and window shopping skills and villa door and window what material it is good.

Villa Door and window shopping tips

1, choose float glass Better performance

When picking villa doors and windows, choose good glass It is possible to choose low-emission coated glass, which has good heat insulation, good sound insulation, good light transmission and excellent ultraviolet light.

2, the choice of doors and windows should be shop around

can shop around, buy a few building materials market when shopping, compare the brand, price, avoid spending money.

3, choose the products of regular manufacturers

To choose a regular brand product, pay attention to check whether the manufacturer has legal production license qualification, the product has No “QS” logo and environmental label.

4, choose insulation and energy saving doors and windows

the best choice of environmental protection, insulation, energy-saving doors and windows. In this way, in the summer, the outdoor thermal energy can be blocked outdoors, saving the power consumed by the air conditioner, and also saving electricity.

What is the material of the villa door and window

1, aluminum window

Aluminum alloy window is mostly used for ordinary home decoration. This material door and window pulls loud sound and heat conduction is fast. After a long time, the sealing will be reduced, which will affect the later use.

2, plastic steel window

The plastic window material is mainly made of anti-oxidation plastic. The doors and windows of this material have good sealing and heat insulation, the surface is not easy to age and the sound insulation effect is good.

3, wooden window

Wooden windows are mainly used for interior window decoration because of their low corrosion resistance. These doors and windows can create a warm atmosphere and are a popular window in modern home decoration.

Edit summary: About the villa door and window shopping skills and villas and windows, what materials are good to introduce here, I hope to help everyone, want to know more relevant knowledge can pay attention to Qijia network information.

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