Choose plastic steel doors and windows for a refreshing summer

   It’s summer, and the heat and rain will follow. Many people plan to change the form at home, so that the room can meet the challenge of slamming in the summer when the sun is hot. Compared with wooden doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows have become the choice of people because of their heat preservation, heat insulation, dustproof, flame retardant, non-deformation and corrosion resistance.

   At present, the plastic steel door and window market is mixed, and many inferior materials are mixed in, so that consumers do not know how to choose. To this end, I have summarized some methods for selecting and identifying the advantages and disadvantages of plastic steel windows.

   I. Quality Assurance Choose a regular business First, when choosing a business, you must not Because of the cheapness of the map, the plastic steel window produced by the small workshops on the street was purchased. Be sure to check whether the manufacturer has a production license, and check whether the manufacturer has a perfect after-sales guarantee indicator. In addition, excellent installation technology and perfect after-sales service are also very important. In the process of using plastic steel doors and windows, glass damage and hardware damage are inevitable. It is difficult for users to solve it themselves. This requires manufacturers to provide long-term perfect after-sales service. Therefore, choosing a regular manufacturer is definitely much more reliable than choosing a small workshop.

  Second, excellent material selection ensures the service life is learned from plastic steel enterprises. The selected profiles for plastic steel doors and windows are polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is contained in high-grade PVC formulations. Anti-aging, anti-UV additives, so the color of the profile should be white-green, this color of plastic steel window anti-aging performance is good, not easy to aging, discoloration, deformation. The mid-range profiles containing too much calcium carbonate and yellowing in the white will be deformed and brittle after a few years of use. You must carefully select the profiles, you can ask the manufacturers to compare the profiles of different profiles, or you can try them by hand. The inferior products are crisp and thin, and the quality products are very tough.

   Third, the steel lining reinforcement plays a role in the light and heavy plastic profiles. The steel lining in the plastic window plays a very important role. The sash four-sided plastic profile is embedded in the steel. The lining can enhance the compression and tensile strength of the window and strengthen the steel lining. Therefore, the steel lining must be treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, and the thickness should not be less than 1.2 mm.

   Fourth, the assembly quality glass should not be neglected. The surface of the glass should be smooth and free of water marks. It should be installed flat on the rubber lining when it is installed, and should not be in direct contact with the profile. The gap between the glass and the steel profile should be tightly sealed with a sealing bead. The interface part must be tight and there must be no grooving. The gap between the corners of the sealing strips should not be too large. It is necessary to ensure the watertightness and airtightness of the steel doors and windows. If it is double-glazed, there should be no dust and moisture in the interlayer. If tempered glass is used, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the tempered glass has passed the national 3C mandatory safety certification.

  The above is the way to let you live a refreshing summer. It seems that it is necessary to choose the right plastic steel doors and windows. of.


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Misunderstanding of kitchen decoration, how to avoid kitchen renovation?

  Many owners tend to focus on the living room and bedroom when they decorate the house. The kitchen is not enough attention, but the kitchen is very easy to go wrong. The misunderstanding of the decoration is enough to make people collapse. So, what are the common mistakes in the process of kitchen renovation?

  1, the kitchen is finished and then buy the cabinet
  Because the cabinet and kitchen decoration is a whole, the correct way of the kitchen during the decoration process should be to measure first, after determining the cabinet style and model, the pipeline interface and corresponding Space is reserved and the cabinets are placed.

   To look good on slip
  The uneven surface of the tile needs to be scrubbed. Once the grease is not cleaned in time, it is easy to adhere to the wall and floor tiles. In the gaps or micro-holes, the overall beauty and cleanliness of the kitchen is greatly reduced.

  When choosing kitchen tiles, aluminum gusset ceilings, and art style doors, it is best to choose a flat surface Smooth product model.

   Third, the closer the hood is to the stove, the better
   Many people think that the closer the range hood is to the stove, the better the effect of cooking fumes. In fact, the effective distance of the range hood is generally 80 cm, as long as it is within this range, the effect is basically not much different. Therefore, the range hood should be set mainly with reference to the height of the owner to avoid too high or too low.

  4, don’t pay attention to the quality of cabinet panels
   When selecting cabinet panels, not only should we pay attention to the waterproof and scratch resistance of the panel surface, but also the density of the panels. The quality of the cabinet panels is critical to the overall quality of the cabinets.

  Five, the more useful the cabinets
   Some people are afraid that the storage space of the kitchen will not be enough, so they like to choose cabinets with more cabinets. The choice of cabinets is not to be more good, but should be reasonable and effective.

   Too many cabinets not only take up some of the activity area, but also make the kitchen look heavy and depressed. The number of cabinets should be based on the actual situation in your home.

  6, don’t pay attention to the quality of hardware accessories
   In all kinds of furniture, cabinets are used very frequently. The quality of hardware accessories plays a decisive role in the quality and service life of cabinets. Therefore, when choosing a cabinet, you must first look at the hardware brand.

  Seven, do your best to store
  Many young people pursue a simple, avant-garde style, but also in order to give full play to the storage function of the cabinet, used to “hidden” all the items.

   In fact, the concept of simplicity is not the same as nothing. The use of pendants and partitions will make the operation more convenient and more life-like.

  8. The cabinets are all open to the door
   Some people choose the form of opening the door in order to pursue the formalization of the cabinet or reduce the cost.This also brings a lot of inconvenience to the user.

   For example, when the side of the cabinet door is open, the operator should take the items in the side operation area, if not pay attention It is easy to hit the head, and the items placed on the lower floor of the base cabinet can only be obtained by kneeling down.

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2017 Carpoly’s “Go, Micro Love” Volunteer Volunteer Graduation Ceremony was successfully held in Yunnan Normal University

——Love your peers, gather for your dreams

“ Love is nowhere.” On November 25th, “Let’s go to micro-love”, 2017 Carrefour Volunteer Volunteer Graduation Ceremony was held in Yunnan Normal University. More than 30 volunteers from Yunnan Normal University, Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology and other universities gathered at Yunnan Normal University to draw a successful conclusion for the 2017 “Micro Love” tour.

Participate in graduation All the volunteers of the ceremony

On the day of the graduation ceremony, the temperature in the morning was only 3 °C. The volunteers braved the cold and rushed to the venue early, and worked together to arrange the venue for the graduation ceremony. The postcards with the volunteers’ visits were printed on the wall, and the memories of the past were vivid. The volunteers held the creative three-dimensional photo frames, which were full of smiles and youthful flutters. They were all sentimental at the graduation ceremony.

Volunteers We visited the postcard of the clip

Volunteers take photos with creative stereo photo frames

Every year, in addition to the hard work of volunteers, they are also inseparable from Carpoly dealers and regions. With the help of the manager, the volunteers’ visit was successfully completed. Mr. Zhou Bao, Manager of Yunnan Province, has been assisting volunteers since 2009. He has been in the business for 9 years. As a solid backing, he was also invited to participate in the graduation ceremony. With his own experience and experience, he shared with you the philosophy of Carboly’s support for more than ten years —— funding more than donations, let the volunteers and participating guests present “Let’s go in love” Have a deeper understanding.

Week Manager Doing sharing

Yunnan Normal University is a caring singer. “Let’s go to the micro-love”, the old friend of the project for many years, has used the practical action to convey the foundation’s concept of helping students for five years. Yunnan is the province with the largest number of students and the largest number of students. If you say “go away, micro-love”, this project has blossomed all over the country, then Yunnan is “go away. Love”, the most splendid place in bloom. At the graduation ceremony, Zhao Jiulong, the chairman of the Youth Volunteers Association of Yunnan Normal University, also explained the Yunnan Normal University and “Leave a little love” on behalf of this old friend.

Yunnan Normal Zhao Jiulong, President of the University Youth Volunteers Association, has shared it.

Carpoly has been helping students for 14 years. The advanced deeds, touching stories, and outstanding achievements are countless, as “Go.” Micro-love & rdquo; project leader Xia Juan to ensure that the entire project is perfect, they are all in person. At the graduation ceremony, Xia Juan gave a project completion report for the annual “Let’s go to the micro-love”, and reported the results of this “Let’s go to the micro-love”, the report process, the excellent experience and perfection Insufficient places were extracted, and the volunteers were deeply explored to sum up a better visit plan for future volunteers to refer to during the visit.

Volunteers Doing sharing

In the team sharing session, each volunteer described his story on the road in a different way, sometimes laughing and laughing, sometimes affectionate, &ldquo Micro-love & rdquo; On the road, in addition to giving help, but also gaining growth, firm belief, becoming more mature and stable.

Volunteers to share one by one

At the graduation ceremony, 12 outstanding volunteers were commended 4 excellent teams, 4 excellent team leaders and 2 outstanding team leaders, and issued a service certificate for all volunteers. Carrefour has helped students for 14 years, and more than 740 college students participated in volunteer visits. During the activity, the aid program covered 50 ethnic groups in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and established 372 project sites, with a total of 8330 person-times, which played an active role in promoting the education of mountainous areas.

Award Ceremony

The success of this graduation ceremony is a summary of this year’s “Let’s go for a little love” The development of the activities in the coming year has paved the way, and the paper has come to an end. I know that this matter must be carried out. I will never practice it. You will never know that micro love can also be merged into a lovelessness. May every volunteer even Each People see charity as a career, and use your love to warm up those who need to be warm.

“Let’s love micro-love& volunteers


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The rise of the smart home industry has become a slogan

Starting in 2017, home furnishing products represented by smart speakers and smart door locks began to explode, and Guide large capital and technology giants to enter. Take smart speakers as an example. There are Amazon Echo, Microsoft Invoke, Ali’s Tmall Elf and Xiaomi AI speakers. In the field of smart door locks, there are giant companies such as Samsung, Haier and Xiaomi.

In fact, the concept of smart home has existed since the end of the last century. It has gradually formed an industry since the beginning of the 21st century, but the development has been bleak. Why is it experiencing exponential growth in these two years? Xiaobian thinks that the reason is as follows:

One, the phone encounters the ceiling , often need incremental alternatives

In fact, things The growth is an “S” curve. In 2011, the growth rate of the mobile phone market reached its peak, and then the growth rate continued to decrease. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the bottleneck in the growth of China’s mobile phone market is a problem to be faced sooner or later, even if the short-term growth in 2016 is not changeable for the whole trend. Because the performance and quality of mobile phones are getting better and better, technological innovations encounter bottlenecks, which will lead to an increase in the replacement cycle of consumers. China’s market capacity is constant, and the number of replacements tends to be fixed each year. In the vast rural market, mobile phones are generally not replaced.

Even if the four head brands that are now dominated in China, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, vivo have also begun to expand into other categories in the hope of finding new growth points. Such as Huawei, Xiaomi, in addition to getting involved in laptops, the layout of the smart home product line is also huge, sweeping robots, smart desk lamps, routers, etc.; oppo, vivo also began to get involved in the peripheral services outside the mobile phone. In the case of the development bottleneck in the mobile phone market, expanding other categories is the best way for enterprises to develop.

In the next two years, the mobile phone market capacity will be further reduced, while the head four The concentration ratio of brands will be further improved, and those manufacturers that are compressed in the mobile phone field will inevitably turn their attention to the smart home field, in order to survive and look forward to the rise of the next seal.

Second, Xiaomi’s eco-chain model is for the development of smart homes Great promotion

In the second half of 2013, Lei Jun was After realizing the two outlets of “Internet of Everything” and “Intelligent Hardware”, Xiaomi Company began to deploy plans to build the Xiaomi Ecological Circle. In the next five years, Xiaomi will invest 100 start-up companies or medium-sized companies in the form of “shares without holding” and establish a carrier team around Xiaomi. In addition, considering that there is no brand advantage in the smart home market, it is easy to be changed or subverted. Because Xiaomi uses smart home as an entry point for the ecosystem.

On March 29, 2016, Xiaomi launched a new eco-chain brand – rice At home, all the Xiaomi eco-chain products except mobile phones, TVs and routers will be installed to open a new chapter in brand operation.

As of now, Xiaomi has invested nearly 200 eco-chain companies, almost all The ecological chain products are all explosions. Every brand invested by Xiaomi makes the traditional home appliance manufacturers restless. Xiaomi’s IoT platform currently has more than 100 million connections, making it the world’s largest Internet of Things platform.

The core of the Xiaomi ecological chain is: 1 mode is light, providing ecological chain enterprises Intangible financial support, technical support and standard support; 2 open, open to the ability, open interest;

Affected by Xiaomi, some technology companies have begun to establish a similar ecological chain model: Haier establishes a single category partner internally, and Haier empowers it;Huawei has cooperated with traditional big-name manufacturers to promote Huawei’s smart home management platform Huawei hilink.

The giants take the lead in setting standards, and small and medium-sized players are actively involved, to be more open and more Smart and more integrated trends will be the main direction of smart home development in the next two years. In addition, the diversified service content will be the further goal of smart home manufacturers after the smart home landing.

Third, domestic consumption upgrades bring opportunities for the development of smart homes

At present, China is undergoing a structural upgrade of consumption that can drive The growth of some related industries, such as education, entertainment, etc. The related IT industry is growing most rapidly.

Consumption upgrade means that the national consumption level is improved, and the basis is Facilities will also be upgraded to meet people’s daily needs. In family life, more household items are needed to be humanized and intelligent, which provides innate advantages for the development of smart homes.

The shape and style of smart home driven by the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology The function is rapidly evolving and you can imagine more application scenarios. Although most of the smart home products currently on the market are implemented in a certain part or link, the user hopes to realize the ideal intelligent scene in a simple way. In China, as the high-net-worth group grows, consumption upgrades or boosting the popularity of smart homes bring huge opportunities.

At the same time, the government has also issued important policies to support the development of smart homes: 2017 In August, the State Council issued the “Guiding Opinions on Further Expanding and Upgrading the Potential of Domestic Consumption Demand for Information Consumption”, which proposed key areas and policy measures for information consumption development in the future; in December 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Promoting a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Industry”. The Development Three-Year Action Plan (2018-2020) pointed out that it is necessary to increase the intensity of cultivating smart products and give priority to promoting breakthroughs in products such as smart homes.


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What are the bath materials? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the distribution?

  Many families are now slowly choosing baths for bathing, and the heat of the bathtub is also year after year. So, today we will analyze the choice of bathtub from the material above.

 1, cast iron bathtub: long life and high price

  advantages: cast iron manufacturing, The surface is covered with enamel. It is not easy to produce noise when water is injected, and it is durable. Smooth and smooth, bright color, anti-fouling, easy to clean, long life.

  Disadvantages: The price is the highest, the insulation is not as good as the acrylic cylinder, the color and shape are limited by the process, relatively single, heavy weight, difficult to install and transport.

 2 Wooden bathtub: short life and easy cracking

  Advantages: Use wood hard, high density, anti-corrosion material, the market is generally fragrant Cypress is the most common. The solid wood bathtub gives a refreshing feeling, while it is also easier to clean, without static electricity, and environmentally friendly.

   Disadvantages: high price, limited shape, simple lines, unable to make complex products; surface and panel seams are not easy to clean; wood needs maintenance If it is not handled properly, it will be deformed and leaking.

  3, Acrylic Bathtub: Insulation is easy to clean

  Advantages: Slow heat transfer, good heat preservation, smooth surface, easy to clean and decontaminate, good reworkability The style is diverse, the style is rich, the price is moderate, and the finish is good. When the purchaser thinks that the frequency of use of the bathtub is relatively low, or the house has to be renovated within a few years, the acrylic bathtub is more suitable because of its good cost performance.

   Disadvantages: The high temperature resistance is relatively poor, the pressure resistance is not very good, it is not wearable, and the surface is easily broken by hard objects.

 4, Pearl plate bathtub: easy to clean and easy to repair

  advantages: In addition to the high-quality acrylic, the pearl plate bathtub has the characteristics of white acrylic sheet, which has better finish, higher hardness and better insulation performance. Self-cleaning function, strength, toughness and wear resistance are significantly higher than other similar plates, easy to clean, easy to repair, anti-aging.

  Disadvantages: The price is higher.

 5, Steel bathtub: long life and low price

  The traditional material for making bathtub is special steel plate stamping Molded, the surface is made by enamel treatment. Wear-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, between the cast iron bathtub and the acrylic bathtub.

  Advantages: long service life, cheaper price, overall cost-effective, many consumers prefer steel plate during renovation Cylinder.

   Disadvantages: The insulation effect is not very good, the noise is also relatively large when filling the water. The shape is not as rich as acrylic, more monotonous.

   Ok, what kind of bathtub is used, I believe you should have your own judgment, about bathtub purchase I hope to help you.


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General lighting “fallen”, commercial lighting on the stage, smart high-end business photos are not far behind?

LED fixtures are moving in two directions, one is smart and the other is customization. The same is true for commercial lighting, which is already standing on the vent of high-end smart commercial lighting.

  The global economy is weak in 2017 Recovery, a new round of technology and industry changes are creating historic opportunities. With China’s in-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, industrial development is also facing new forms, such as new technologies, new economies, and new formats such as intelligence, Internet of Things, and shared economy, accelerating the progress of LED lighting technology and the expansion of application fields.

   With the continuous technology upgrade and cost reduction, the competitiveness of Chinese LED lighting companies in the world has increased, and overseas customer orders have gradually tilted toward the Chinese market. At present, global LED manufacturing is showing a trend of shifting to the Chinese market.

   Although China’s LED lighting companies are in a good period of national policy support and international economic recovery, due to the development of technology and the acceleration of industrial integration, competition in the domestic market is becoming increasingly fierce.

   Nowadays, the general lighting market has been “fallen”, and the commercial lighting market with large profit margin has become the next blue ocean that lighting companies are chasing. At the same time, with the gradual stabilization of the LED general lighting market, LED product efficiency is also increasing, coupled with the significant improvement in color tolerance (SDCM) control and color rendering, LED manufacturers are more optimistic about the high-end commercial lighting market.

   Up to now, Osram, Philips Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora, Op Lighting, NVC Lighting, Tailong Lighting, Guoxing Optoelectronics and other domestic and foreign lighting manufacturers have been laid out.

   Dr. Li Cheng, deputy general manager of Guoxing Optoelectronics, said, “At present, the overall market for high-end commercial photos is growing at a faster rate. We clearly feel that the market is working hard. In residential lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, In several major fields such as industrial and mining lighting, commercial lighting is an application field with relatively large market demand, especially with the improvement of light efficiency, light color and light quality, the market will grow more rapidly.”

   After nearly two years of continuous increase in layout, Guoxing Optoelectronics has achieved in the field of Shangchao lighting.

   According to Xu Zhenfeng, general manager of Guoxing Optoelectronics Lighting Division, “Shangchao Lighting mainly has two parts of the market, part of which is the lighting project of the new supermarket, and the other part is the lighting replacement project of the original supermarket. With the adjustment and upgrade of Guoxing Lighting, under the escort of the ‘National Star’ brand, relying on the channel network covering the whole country, it has gradually established a cooperative relationship with large supermarket chains such as Yonghui Supermarket, Renhe Spring, Daxing Traffic, etc.”

    When it comes to business photos, you have to say that Sanxiong Aurora. As the leader of domestic commercial lighting, Sanxiong Aurora has been continuously increasing R&D investment and improving its rapid response capability. It is understood that Sanxiong Aurora plans to complete the R&D center expansion and upgrade project within three years, which is used to continuously improve the technical content and design novelty of the product to adapt to changes in market demand.

   At the beginning of 2018, Sanxiong Aurora launched the long-preserved high-end hotel lighting products – the platinum engraving series. In order to meet the needs of high-end hotels for all-round lighting, the “Platinum Engraving” series also includes LED ceiling downlights, LED line lights, LED soft light strips, LED mirror headlights, and LED footlights.

   In addition, Tailong Lighting locates the commercial lighting market and provides customers with a one-stop lighting system overall solution for designing, manufacturing and distribution services. At present, the top five customers of Tailong Lighting are mainly Adidas (DE.ADSGn), Qizhi Fashion (one of the largest fashion groups in Europe), Lilang (HK.01234), Xtep (HK.01368), Anta (HK.02020), La Chapelle (HK.06116).

   Tailong Lighting Board of Directors suggested that “Tailong Lighting will seize the opportunity to actively expand other segments and deepen the concept of commercial lighting solutions in more business areas.” Span>

   In fact, the professionalism of commercial lighting is very strong, and there are clear requirements for the durability and stability of lighting products. At the same time, in the aesthetic design of the lighting scene, the brightness adjustment of the lighting environment, the effective cost of lighting, etc., all put forward higher requirements on the product.

   LED light efficiency and quality continue to improve, people’s demand for lighting has also risen to another level, more and more attention to create a comfortable, healthy light environment. Personalized requirements for different light color effects for different illumination products, and even humanized functions such as dimming and color adjustment realized by smart systems.

   LED industry veteran Tang Guoqing believes that “to create a harmonious business atmosphere, the role of lighting is often crucial. From a business perspective, how many ideas may bring in how much business. In other words, commercial lighting is a framework, everything can be installed inside, such as stereo, 3D, display, projection, laser, etc. can be combined.”

  It’s undeniable that LED fixtures are moving in two directions Development, one is intelligent and the other is customization. The same is true for commercial lighting, which is already standing on the vent of high-end smart commercial lighting.

   As we all know, the commercial lighting field with more emphasis on energy conservation and social benefits, especially commercial building lighting, has a lighting time of more than 12 hours a day, and the power consumption is very serious. Therefore, intelligent control can be used to achieve energy saving. .

   At the same time, a large number of lighting needs also bring another commercial application that combines intelligent functions. For example, LED luminaires, combined with visible light communication technology, enable precise positioning and assist commercial applications such as product launch services. Commercial lighting is currently undergoing large-scale intelligent replacement.

   Last year, global lighting leader Philips Lighting successfully launched the “Shopping Navigation” app for the MediaMarkt flagship store in downtown Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The application relies on the innovative LED indoor positioning system of Philips Lighting to help customers quickly locate product locations and provide guided services with their smartphones.

   In addition, with the adoption of smart lighting and the Internet of Things, lighting features such as color, intensity and time can be automatically adjusted to meet people’s needs. It must be said that intelligence will become commercial lighting in 2018 One of the development trends.
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8 kinds of tile paving solutions, the living room tiles are so beautiful, so beautiful!

How should the living room tiles be laid? Have not withstand the years of polishing, but also a good performance of a family’s life taste? These 8 sets of living room tile laying schemes, the friends should choose according to the actual situation!

resistant Dirty wear and care

Applicable to: families with more people and higher frequency of living room use.

Whole body polished brick: anti-slip brick made by pressing high pressure rock debris. Compared with stone, it has lower water absorption and better wear resistance.

wood grain brick: it has the characteristics of natural wood grain, natural and simple, and has the characteristics of ceramic tiles. The product has long service life, wear resistance and easy cleaning. It is a green and environmentally friendly building material.

Waterproof and non-slip security

Applicable to: families with elderly and children.

Antique Tile: In the general sense, the antique floor tiles refer to glazed tiles. The quality indexes such as anti-slip property, wear resistance and water absorption rate of the tiles are all tested and put into the market, waterproof and non-slip, and the safety is high. .

The space is brighter

Applicable to: living space with poor lighting and small floor space.

stone tile: The polished surface is smooth and smooth, and the light color makes the space brighter and cleaner, which creates a visual expansion.

Gloss glazed tiles: matte glazed tiles In comparison, it is more suitable for making clean effects.

Enhance spatial hierarchy

Applicable to: families who are fashionable and pursuing individuality.

Tiles: As the name implies, it is a tile with patterns. It has bright colors and a variety of patterns, which can make the entire plain space instantly exquisite.

Cloth brick: classic and stylish, delicate and soft, the cloth brick gives a comfortable and warm feeling, and conveys an elegant life concept.

Leather brick: it is a symbol of fashion and fashion. It can increase the level of space. Whether it is visual or touch, it breaks through the inherent concept of ceramic tile, real and warm. The unique texture is shocking.

In addition to making multiple choices on the material The design of the living room tile also has a lot of auxiliary elements. The unique decoration makes the living room look gorgeous and the charm doubles!

ground flower, horn flower



In addition, the decoration style, size and economic budget of the house are also important factors influencing the choice of tiles.

You want to be alone, but you want to Considering various factors, don’t ask the actual situation, and bring trouble to the future use, cleaning or maintenance.

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Paint color common problems and solutions

  Question 1: The color palette has not changed, the color difference Very large


  1) Color paste batch difference (coloring force control range 100±5%)

  2) Coating raw material batch Second difference (opacity, achromatic power, gloss)

  3) Color paste and paint Differences in compatibility (different compatibility, different colors and hue)


  Try to use the same batch of color paste from the same manufacturer

  The raw materials of the paint are replaced as little as possible

  Compatibility testing of color paste and coating when replacing color paste

  Make a sample experiment before each adjustment

 Question 2: Color paste is added to the paint, the color floats on the surface


  1) Surface between the paste and the paint The tension difference is too large

   the coating generally uses an anionic or ionic polyelectrolyte dispersant, while the color paste is generally The non-ionic or partial anionic dispersant is used in combination to adsorb different wetting and dispersing agents on the surface of the white pigment and the colored pigment, and have different surface tensions.

  2) The color paste is not compatible with the coating

  The emulsifier outside the emulsion particles is not compatible with the surfactants other than the pigment and filler particles, causing flocculation of the pigment

  3) The hydrophilic-lipophilic balance between the color paste and the coating does not match

   lipophilic substance has a small surface tension on the lipophilic end and is relatively easy to float to the surface

  4)The effect of thickeners

   some pseudoplastic strong The thickener has a great affinity with the surfactant with a larger HLB value, so that it desorbs on the surface of the pigment, causing aggregation and flocculation of the pigment, and producing a floating color.


  Select a suitable wetting and dispersing agent to adjust the granulesSub-surface properties, adjusting its motion balance, is the best way to control floating color

   no matter what The reason is that the colored pigments flocculate, float white, and the pigment flocculates and floats. Both can use the wetting and dispersing agent to defoam and improve the surface properties of the particles to prevent or control the floating color. In the process of controlling the floating color, several floating colors can be mutually transformed. Control the floating color. If it is floating, it is the color of the color paste, indicating that the HLB value of the coating is larger and more hydrophilic. Adding a lipophilic low-polarity additive during the preparation of the base paint reduces the HLB value of the coating. If the floating color is white, It shows that the HLB value of the coating is relatively small, relatively oleophilic, and hydrophilic additives are added during the preparation of the base paint to increase the hydrophilicity of the coating.

  In some systems, it can resist the floating color of the film, and add anionic wetting and dispersing agent to the finished paint. Adsorbed on the surface of carbon black or organic violet pigment particles, improving the surface properties of the pigment particles and enhancing the polarity. These non-polar and weakly polar particles have the same polarity as the white particles and have the same degree of adsorption flocculation as the polymer. Therefore, the movement ability is equivalent in the drying of the coating film, and the floating color is controlled. Surfactants with strong surface tension reduction are commonly used. Silicone surfactants are commonly used to migrate to the surface to form a single molecular film during the drying process of the coating film, balance the surface tension and control the flowering; however, the floating color may still exist.

  Add some additives that produce thixotropic structures, such as kaolin, or silica, in the paint film Forms a network structure that prevents pigment separation, controls pigment flocculation, sedimentation, and Bernard’s swirling flow, and reduces floating and fading to prevent floating or blooming.

 Question 3: Appearance of the paint on the wall during the roll coating Roller Print


  1) uneven thickness during brushing operation

 &emsp 2) Construction is not wet

  3) Compatibility issues

  4) Insufficient amount of additive in latex paint

  5) Insufficient amount of emulsion in latex paint

  6) The wall is not finished once


  Mainly for the resolution of compatibility issues

  1)Mechanical dispersion (paint)

 &emsp The color of the paint can be displayed in the case of a certain mechanical force dispersion.

  2) Adding wetting Agent (paint)

   After adding the wetting agent, the color becomes darker and the color difference is smaller. No obvious brush marks after brushing

  3)Adjusting the paint formula (base paint)

  Change the wetting and dispersing thickening system of the coating to solve the compatibility problem between paint and paste

  Question 4: There are obvious rain marks on the surface of the paint after the rain


  1 The base paint has poor water resistance (the emulsion is too hydrophilic, the wetting agent is excessive or the amount of hydrophilic additives is too large)

  2) The substrate contains too much water or the ambient humidity is too large

  3) Sealing primer , not achieving results

  4) The film is not completely dry and is washed with water

  5) Too much additive residue in dark paint

  Preventive method:

  1) Minimize the use of surfactants , try to use silicones to reduce hygroscopicity

  2) using fluorine-modified resins or additives Enhanced Water and stain resistance.

  3)Use a good water-resistant lotion

  4)Surface finish varnish

  Question 5: The surface of the paint has a noticeable color after the rain.


  1) Insufficient drying time for paint film construction, not after construction Rainwater in 2 hours

  2) The PVC concentration of the coating is too high, that is, the emulsion is too low or the filling amount is too high. High

  3) The film is extremely poor in water resistance


  1) Improve Emulsion content

  2)Select a good water-resistant lotion

&emsp Question 6: After a period of time, the wall has obvious fading (floating)


  1)The paint has a low emulsion content

  2) The water resistance of the coating is not good

 &emsp3) Inappropriate color paste

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Analysis of the status quo of global ceramic industry development

After decades of development, the division of labor in the global ceramic industry is relatively clear. Most foreign ceramic manufacturers are engaged in a certain link or process of the ceramic industry according to their core competence and superior resources, and the ceramic production center is gradually shifting. Due to the restrictions on energy and raw materials, and the rising labor costs, developed countries and regions gradually transfer technology and production capacity to developing countries.

In recent years, due to the rise of emerging ceramic producing countries and the substantial increase in the output of ceramics in developing countries, the total output of world ceramics has increased significantly, and the international ceramic market has presented The market demand is artistic, diversified, individualized, the market competition is fierce, and the market sales are matched.

At the same time as the market scale is expanding, the global ceramic market demand is diversified and personalized, based on the living standards, cultural background, and artistic appreciation of different countries and regions in the world. Differences, single ceramic varieties on the market are difficult to meet the needs of different regions.

Analysis of the development status of global ceramic industry

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Export to South Korea melamine meal kitchen utensils to prevent melamine dissolution

Recently, KFDA of Korea issued the administrative notice for the revision of “Appliances and Containers, Packaging Standards and Specifications”, and the dissolution limit of melamine in food contact materials based on melamine was changed from 30mg/L to 2mg/L, limited value. 15 times lower than the original.

Food contact materials based on melamine are also called melamine kitchen utensils, commonly known as porcelain-like kitchen utensils. Due to their smooth surface, beautiful appearance and resistance to falling, they are loved by consumers. Children’s tableware is also made of imitation porcelain. However, the imitation porcelain material is affected by factors such as heating of raw materials and tableware, and harmful substances such as formaldehyde and melamine are released during use, which have an impact on human health. The quality requirements of this kind of products abroad are relatively high, and the sampling rate is also large. This time, South Korea has significantly reduced the limit of melamine migration, which is more stringent.

Zhejiang Taizhou is a major exporter of plastic food contact materials, with an annual export value of nearly US$400 million. Among them, melamine meal kitchen utensils are also the main product category. In order to smoothly export the company and reduce the risk of being notified abroad, Zhejiang Taizhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds relevant enterprises: First, it is necessary to use better raw materials, and whether the raw materials are good or bad is an important factor in whether the melamine migration in the product exceeds the standard; It is necessary to strengthen the quality control of products. Enterprises should increase the proportion of factory inspections of finished products and leave unqualified products in the factory as much as possible.

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