Middle East LED lighting market “rich oil”

The Middle East, with a population of more than 300 million and an area of ​​more than 6.5 million square kilometers, has a total GDP of over US$300 million. It is rich in resources and has a high level of economic development. In recent years, the investment in infrastructure construction in the Middle East has been hot, and the market demand for LED products has exploded.

& ldquo;Fully, “The country with money and willfulness

Middle East includes Iran, UAE, Kuwait, Countries such as Israel, with abundant oil resources, strong capital, and strong demand for infrastructure investment, have created huge purchasing power. Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Israel, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries have far more GDP per capita than China. For example, Qatar ranks third in the world in terms of per capita GDP in 2014, Kuwait ranks 12th in the world, and UAE ranks in the world. 19th, etc., this part of the country is indeed called “rich” oil. Often referred to as a variety of “壕 Middle Eastern princes, it is indeed in the eyes of the public with a money and willful attitude.

In 2014, China’s LED products exported to the Middle East grew by 106.68% year-on-year.

2014 China’s top ten LED products in key areas The export volume of the Middle East market was US$273.7 million, an increase of 106.68% year-on-year. The export volume in 2015 is expected to exceed US$570 million. LED main products exported to the Middle East market include LED lighting, LED display, LED, lighting, and spare parts.

From the perspective of the markets in the Middle East, the largest export of LED products in China is the Iranian market, with an export volume of US$103 million, a year-on-year increase of 178.88%. The second place is In the UAE market, the export value was US$0.8 billion, up 100.77% year-on-year; the export market to Saudi Arabia was US$34 million, up 54.77% year-on-year. From the perspective of the growth of LED products exported to countries in the Middle East, the growth rate of Iran, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria and other countries has remained above 100%, and the growth rate is rapid.

In 2014, China’s exports of LED lighting products in the Middle East increased by 210.67%

China’s LED lighting products exported to the Middle East in 2014 It reached 139 million US dollars, a year-on-year growth rate of 210.67%. The top three exporting countries are Iran ($0.44 billion), United Arab Emirates ($43 million), and Saudi Arabia ($19 million). In terms of growth rate, China’s LED lighting products have experienced explosive growth in exports to the Middle East, with Iran (510.73%) and Syria (470.23%) having the highest growth rate. Except for Israel, the growth rate is above 200%.

Iran & mdash, the largest market in the Middle East; only 11% of LED lighting products come from China

From the Iranian LED lighting market in 2014 In view of the fact that although Iran is the largest export market for LED lighting products in the Middle East, China’s LED lighting products account for only 11.02% of the Iranian market. German products account for the largest share of the Iranian market, accounting for 66.14%, followed by the UAE. China is only the third largest importer of Iran, and its import scale is relatively small. The size of the Iranian market is so large, where are the Chinese partners?

The future demand for LED products in the Middle East continues to expand

The infrastructure investment in the Middle East market is strong. International cooperation and national development plans involve infrastructure construction. World-class activities and major events have a strong driving force for LED development. For example, Dubai, UAE will host the World Expo in 2020. In 2022, Qatar will host the World Cup, which will bring about a growing and large-scale demand for the development of the LED industry.

The most eye-catching event was the move to Egypt. In order to alleviate the squeezing power of Cairo, the Egyptian government decided to build a new administrative capital near the road between Cairo and Suez, and various government departments will move from Cairo to there. The new administrative capital of Egypt will open 4 million Fedan (Egypt area units, 1 Feidan about 42 acres) land, repair 3,200 kilometers of roads, there are lights on the road, the most ideal, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, durable products LED lighting, China’s LED companies have rich experience in infrastructure construction, street lighting renovation, new construction, take this opportunity to enter the Egyptian market, will bring great development opportunities for enterprise development.

The relationship between China and the Middle East countries is getting closer and closer, and more and more cooperation is being made in infrastructure, such as China will expand its energy and infrastructure with Iran. Cooperation in construction; China is helping to build the Silk Road, and Palestine is also involved. Next, Egypt plans to build a power station, 500 MW photovoltaic power station; Jordan spent 120 million US dollars to build a solar charging network; Iraq threatened by war is still committed to the construction of the southern airport. The rise of infrastructure has driven the growth in demand for LED lighting, and this effect has continued to spread, creating a new round of market demand. Oman plans to invest 2.5 billion yuan to develop rural power infrastructure in 2015-2017, and the infrastructure construction project has also received funding from Saudi Arabia 180 million.

GSC is working hard to help the LED industry > Going out

GSC is making unremitting efforts to promote the development of the LED industry Actively open up new paths for the development of the LED industry, and hope to bring more and better LED products to the international market, bringing opportunities for more LED companies. GSC is working hard to truly consider the company, to establish a corporate brand and expandThe influence of large local enterprises in the international market, organized the development of TOP10 selection activities for China’s LED enterprises’ international competitiveness, and promoted the further implementation of LED enterprises. “Going out of development strategy, the selection activities have attracted more than 200 leading LED companies and listed companies. And LED large companies are involved.

In terms of channel expansion, GSC has successfully developed LED channel for North American lighting market, market channels for Russia and CIS countries. Next, GSC will launch the Middle East market, the Belt and Road countries and emerging market channels, and push more LED companies and better LED products to the local market for common development.

In promoting international cooperation and exchange, GSC cooperates with LED International Cooperation Promotion Alliance, with China Guangdong as its headquarters, and multiple layouts in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other emerging markets. The target center has extensively carried out friendly exchange activities, strengthened LED companies’ external understanding and learning, and promoted the global LED market prosperity.

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China and Qatar jointly promote “2015 Qatar China Manufacturing Exhibition”


To deepen exchanges and cooperation between Qatar and China, the Qatari government will On December 14-16 this year, in Doha, Qatar, the first large-scale professional procurement exhibition with the theme of “Architecture and Technology” was held. All the exhibitors were Chinese enterprises, including the leading enterprises in the construction industry in China and high-quality building materials and supporting facilities. The company, which is mainly for the Middle East and African countries, exhibits top products and services in the fields of architecture and technology. The exhibition is hosted by the Qatar government and will therefore be the first major exhibition in the history of the Arab countries to focus on a certain country, mainly on boutiques and high-end exhibits.

In order to successfully host the exhibition, the organizer Qatar Chamber of Commerce has developed a wealth of measures. The exhibition is expected to have more than 300 Chinese exhibitors to negotiate with more than 800 enterprise buyers from nearly 1,000 projects in 30 countries in the Middle East and Africa. 800 corporate buyers focus on Middle Eastern and African buyers, including regional trade associations in the Middle East and Africa, regional government buyers in the Middle East and Africa, corporate buyers, and four high-quality buyers seeking product agency companies in the Middle East and Africa. Among them, Qatar buyers will reach 60%, including Qatar J&P Co., Ltd., HBK Engineering Contracting Company, Saudi Bin Laden Group, PORR Group and other companies that have won a lot of bids in Qatar urban construction projects, according to the arrangements of Qatar government and trade unions; Other Middle East and African buyers will account for 40%, which is conducive to Chinese companies actively exploring the huge market in the Middle East infrastructure and construction sector.

Secondly, the 2015 China Manufacturing Exhibition introduced the “Intelligent Business Matching System” independently developed by the organizer for the first time, which helps the buyers and sellers to target and greatly increase the chances of signing. After the exhibitor has reserved the booth, he will be able to log in to the matching system through the official website of the exhibition and upload the company’s information in an unlimited amount, including product videos and company profiles. Buyers can understand the company information on the website in advance through intelligent matching, and communicate with the company in advance. In addition, exhibitors can regularly receive statistical reports provided by the system to understand the page views of the uploaded materials and the detailed information of the viewers. Exhibitors can arrange the trips in advance.

While ensuring a sufficient number of buyers, the organizers will match the exhibitors and buyers in the early stage, and the effective ratio of pairing will reach 1:3.

In addition, in order to ensure the success of the exhibition, the Qatar government will use the power of mainstream media in various countries to vigorously promote the essence of the exhibition, so that more people can truly understand the quality and height of China manufacturing. It will also hold a variety of business negotiation activities, such as business banquets, tea exchanges, on-site visits, brand promotion meetings, etc., so that more potential customers face to face, through the offline interaction to reach a cooperative trade.

The exhibition will be held at the Doha Convention Center with an exhibition area of ​​15,000 square meters. The ceramic products will be exhibited in the same exhibition hall as the stone, with a total exhibition area of ​​4,000 square meters. The reporter learned from the organizer that as of August, 16 domestic ceramics companies including Guangdong Mona Lisa Trading Co., Ltd. and Guangdong New Landscape Ceramics Co., Ltd. have signed up for the exhibition.

In addition to the conveniences provided by the Qatar exhibition organizers, ceramic companies can also enjoy different amounts of participation subsidies provided by the Chinese government during the exhibition. Shi Chunping, Marketing Director of Foshan Haohao Business Information Co., Ltd. confirmed that the SMEs can enjoy subsidies, and said that according to the policies of various provinces, such as Guangdong Province, the notice on the management of the use of funds for the development of SMEs in Guangdong Province For emerging markets such as Qatar, exhibitors can enjoy up to 70% subsidy, that is, if the participation fee is 100,000 yuan, the company can enjoy the participation rights of 30,000 yuan.

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In 2015, the EU notified China’s food contact products 110

The EU is the most complete international legal and regulatory system for food contact materials and the main market for the export of food contact materials and products in China.

At present, the EU has gradually established a unified and complete food contact material control regulation system. The EU usually conducts inspections and tests on food contact products at the port and market. If the test results are unsatisfactory, the relevant measures are taken immediately and the 32 member states participating in the system are notified through the EU Food and Feed Rapid Alert System (RASFF). And exporters of substandard products. As of week 50 (December 18), China’s exports of EU food contact materials were notified of 110 articles from January to December 2015, of which 61 were prohibited.

Analysis of product category distribution: EU food and feed rapid warning system notification case products are mainly divided into plastic meal kitchen utensils, metal kitchen utensils, glass kitchen utensils, paper tableware, ceramic meal kitchen utensils, wooden kitchen, cooking The spare parts of electromechanical products, among which the notifications are concentrated are plastic kitchen utensils and metal kitchen utensils. The notification of these two types of products accounts for more than 90% of the total number of notifications. The distribution of the notified countries has not changed much compared with previous years, including 56 in Italy, 8 in Poland and the Czech Republic, and 8 in Germany. The product safety and hygiene projects are mainly unqualified and unsatisfactory for sensory testing. The unqualified projects mainly focus on heavy metals, formaldehyde migration, total migration, melamine migration, and primary aromatic amine migration.

For the notification situation, foreign trade enterprises can start from three aspects: First, we should focus on strengthening risk assessment. The EU member states’ supervision of food contact products is not limited to the published laws and regulations. It may also be based on relevant assessment reports to determine whether there are any potential safety hazards in the products and to adopt mandatory means such as withdrawal of the market; The metal element migration exceeds the standard and the specified limit requirements. Second, there is a need to strengthen technical communication. The AC test method is used to better assess whether the product has met the requirements of the EU regulations; to study the applicability and universality of the content of laws and regulations. Furthermore, strengthen the dynamic analysis of high-risk products and high-risk market notifications, focus on analyzing early warning information, and continuously improve product quality.

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渝味晓宇Join the Black Pearl Nutrition Lunch Charity Project to help poor children grow up healthily

Today, China is increasingly paying attention to early nutrition interventions, and China has promoted the "nutrition package" program for the first 1000 days of life. On June 28th, the US Mission team joined hands with the United Nations World Food Program and some black pearl restaurants to jointly implement the “Black Pearl Nutrition Luncheon” public welfare project, committed to “let the children eat better” It fills the gap in the nutrition improvement plan for preschool children aged 3-5 in poverty-stricken mountainous areas in China.

The “Black Pearl Nutrition Luncheon” is the main poverty alleviation area of ​​the public welfare project – Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, The only minority autonomous prefecture in Hunan Province. Long-term poverty leads to nutritional deficiencies in preschool children in remote and impoverished areas of the two counties. A total of 32 kindergartens were selected for the project, with a total of 1940 people (including 80% of left-behind children).

On the afternoon of June 26, Yan Weixiaoyu and his group departed from Chongqing and drove to Hunan Xiangxi Autonomous Region. Before coming, Yan Weixiaoyu and his entourage had developed a nutritious and delicious lunch plan for the children. Special recipes have been written for the local climate and the ingredients that can be purchased. At the same time, Yan Wei Xiaoyu produced a science popularization brochure related to diet, in order to let these children have a little knowledge of diet nutrition. The brochure explains the details, the words are simpler, easy for children to understand, and in order to make them more interested, they have painted a lot of cute cartoon patterns.

On June 26, I just got off and went to Tongxing Kindergarten in Luota Township, Longshan County. The group was attracted by the pure and lovely smiles of the children. But what caught the eye was the empty classroom and the broken walls.

In addition, the children’s daily growing meal types and patterns are single, always A few dishes. Zhang Ping thinks that this is very unfavorable to the health of the child. In addition, the staff of the US Mission introduced him to the current situation. Zhang Ping was very sorry and saddened that the children in poverty-stricken areas had not been able to enjoy the national nutrition improvement plan.

On the day before the charity event, Yan Wei Xiaoyu and his party went to the county town to buy ingredients in disregard of the heat and hardship of summer. The purpose was to make healthy and nutritious lunch for the children.

On the day of the June 28th event, Zhang Ping, the founder of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, saw this group of lovely children in front of him, first indicating the purpose of his trip and his determination to adhere to public welfare. Although the speech is short, the words and sentences are full of sincerity.

After a brief speech, the loving Zhang Ping couple also accompanied the children to draw and dance. ,play games. The couple’s love for these cute children is beyond words. This scene not only makes the staff of the accompanying staff feel, but also touches the staff of the kindergarten.

as In the eyes of outsiders, “big boss”, Zhang Ping and his wife not only have no shelf at all, but have a full love for this charity event. Whether it’s playing with the kids or preparing lunch for the kids, they do everything they can.

Before the end of the event, Yan Weixiao and his party also prepared a lot of gifts for the lovely children. Seeing their smiling faces, Zhang Ping and his wife also felt very satisfied.

Yan Weixiao’s support for this charity event has filled 3-5 years of schooling in China’s impoverished mountainous areas. The blank of the former children’s nutrition improvement plan reflects their great concern as a foodie and trader for the health of Chinese people. What is important is that Zhang Ping’s love for public welfare can be seen in their full love and unrequited love. And this is very rare in today’s society.

Zhang Ping’s couple’s scent Xiaoyu is also made from a small storefront. Those who were born in the grassroots, after the reputation, never abandoned the initial heart of giving back to the society. In the face of the children who are still in dire straits, the two are not only committed to the public welfare, but also promise that in the future, Xiaoyu will contribute to building a harmonious society through more and more public welfare activities, and the public welfare has become a A core content of long-term development in the future, Yan Wei Xiaoyu will not only participate in more public welfare activities, but also actively join the ranks of more public welfare actions. Do not forget the initial heart, always have to, this is the spirit of Xiaowei Xiaoyu on the road of public welfare, but also Zhang Ping’s own belief.

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Zhang Ping and Yan Wei Xiaoyu’s 23 years of hot pot See the miniature of Chongqing people

From the banks of the Jialing River in Chongqing and the Chaotianmen Pier in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, to the modern streets. With its long history and unique flavor, Chongqing Old Hot Pot has conquered the diners in the north and south of the Yangtze River. For many Chongqing people, the hot pot is not only the spicy taste of the tongue, but also a heartfelt complex, a symbol of Chongqing’s food culture.

As a representative of Chongqing authentic hot pot, Yan Wei Xiaoyu has a history of 23 years. And its founder Zhang Ping and hot pot also have a lot of intriguing stories. We had the opportunity to interview Mr. Zhang Ping and his neighbors in the past, and learned about Zhang Ping’s 23 years of experience. In 1995, laid-off Zhang Ping and his wife Xiong Xiaoyu opened a simple spicy shop at No. 86, Lushan Street. The husband and wife know very little about this, and the enthusiastic neighbors come to give advice and help, and the business has slowly improved. Later, with the efforts of Zhang Ping, Mala Tang became a hot pot shop with only four tables. In the name of the hot pot restaurant, Zhang Ping used the homonym of his wife’s name ——“ Xiaoyu. The birth of Xiaoyu Hot Pot has become the economic source of Zhang Ping’s husband and wife’s life, and has also become their spiritual sustenance.

According to neighbors’ memories, Xiaoyu Hot Pot was originally their “unique nightingale, because of the guests at the door” Rarely, most of the old neighbors were eating at that time. After eating, Zhang Ping would give advice and Zhang Ping would adjust the taste. Because of this diligent and rigorous craftsmanship, Xiaoyu Hot Pot finally broke out in Chongqing and was welcomed and recognized by more and more Chongqing people. For neighbors, this is the hot pot restaurant they watched as they grew up, representing the old hot pot in Chongqing. In the face of such success, Zhang Ping is not proud and complacent. In order to give his wife a better life and bring better material and spiritual enjoyment to the family, Zhang Ping, who is striving to change, decided to go to Beijing. So he took a little more than ten years and his wife’s savings, went to Beijing to open a shop, originally thought that the classic taste of Chongqing old hot pot can be recognized in Beijing, but this time the adventure made Zhang Ping lose his blood. . The loss of the new store and the dispersion of the employees made Zhang Ping taste the warmth of the people and the ruthlessness of the mall. Fortunately, his wife Xiong Xiaoyu, as always, accompanied and supported Zhang Ping to spend the most lost and dark time in his life.

The failure of the north made Zhang Ping aware of the quality of raw materials and the importance of the craftsmanship. Since then, he has taken roots in the Laoshan old store in Chongqing, insisting on his all-night cooking, only for the taste of the pot to the diners. Slowly, Zhang Ping’s Xiaoyu hot pot has been recognized by more people, and Chongqing’s old hot pot has been affirmed by “China 2 on the tip of the tongue.” Xiaoyu hot pot on the tip of the tongue 2 is still the same delicious, but at this time there is a thing that makes Zhang Ping couple very headache — — someone used the name “xiaoyu hot pot”, opened a hot pot restaurant . Not only the use of his wife’s name, but also the credibility of his years of accumulation. After painstaking thoughts, Zhang Ping decided to rename his own Xiaoyu Hot Pot to “Xiaowei Xiaoyu” and continue to do the old hot pot in Chongqing.

Although the taste of Xiaoyu on the tip of the tongue is greatly increased. However, Zhang Ping did not forget his initial heart. Like other people, he did not use his means for profit. Instead, he continued to use good raw materials, and he personally speculated and continued to pass on the delicious food. Zhang Ping also said in the interview that the change from the artisan to the brand manager does make him feel powerless, but in order to provide his wife with a better life, and to make Xiaoyu better, he will not be easy. give up. His goal is to make Xiaowei Xiaoyu a century-old store, not for profit, but for the heart of a craftsman who will never change. Zhang Ping’s Xiaowei Xiaoyu is not only the cause he built with youth and sweat, but also the epitome of Chongqing’s old hot pot culture. It is the epitome of Chongqing people’s tenacity and courage. In 23 years, Zhang Ping accompanied Xiaowei Xiaoyu and experienced countless ups and downs. It is these hardships and hardships that made Zhang Ping more and more determined on the road of insisting on authentic Chongqing hot pot.

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Fujian’s furniture export data from January to August is released. The United States and the European Union are still the main markets.

Fujian’s furniture export data from January to August is released in the US and the EU is still the main market

<p According to Xiamen Customs statistics, from January to August this year, Fujian exported furniture and parts of 14.33 billion yuan, an increase of 4.1%. Among them, the export in August was 1.86 billion yuan, an increase of 5%.

The data shows that the United States and the European Union are the main export markets for Fujian furniture. From January to August, Fujian Province exported 5.28 billion yuan of furniture to the United States, an increase of 18.9%; the EU reached 3.26 billion yuan, down 4.7%, which together accounted for 59.6% of the total value of furniture exports in Fujian Province during the same period.

In terms of business categories, private enterprise exports dominate. From January to August, private enterprises in Fujian Province exported 9.25 billion yuan of furniture, an increase of 11.2%, accounting for 64.6% of the total value of furniture exports in Fujian Province in the same period; foreign-invested enterprises exported 4.32 billion yuan, down 5.5%, accounting for 30.1%; state-owned enterprises exported 760 million yuan, down 13.1%, accounting for 5.3%.

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Jiangsu Nantong Rugao Port imported foreign stone for the first time

On August 15, the shipment of more than 10,000 tons of granite blocks from the port of Kakinada, India, was held at the No. 2 berth of Jiangsu Rugao Port Group, the first granite trade to reach Rugao Port. Bulk carrier.

Granite is widely used in high-grade construction projects because of its high hardness, wear resistance, weather resistance, beautiful color and long-lasting color. It can also be used as an open-air engraving. Granite is widely distributed and has many types. The type of imported materials is “British brown”.

As a major support project in Jiangsu Province in 2015, Rugao City will gradually build a large-scale international stone industrial city that can accommodate 1,500 various types of stone processing and supporting operations in Rugao Port. Strive to build one of the three major stone distribution centers in the country. In the future, more foreign imported stone freighters will enter Rugao Port from Brazil, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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The global architectural coatings market will exceed 33 million tons in 2019

Recently, IRL released the global architectural coatings market trend forecast report for the first time. The architectural coatings market will continue to maintain steady growth. It is expected to exceed 33 million tons in 2019, with an average annual compound growth rate of around 4%, twice the global economy. Forecast of total growth prospects. The global market capacity of architectural coatings will increase from 49 billion euros in 2014 to 61 billion euros in 2019.

Although the use of coatings is still low compared to developed countries, the Asian market is still the first to trade in the architectural coatings market. Among them, China’s architectural coatings market is more important. By comparing the forecast report of China’s coatings market released by IRL at the beginning of the year, it is roughly estimated that China’s architectural coatings market accounts for about 19% of the global architectural coatings market capacity.

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2016 China’s top ten wooden doors brand freshly baked

Recently, the China Wooden Door Brand Research Center and China Wooden Door Top Ten Brand Organizing Committee hosted the “2016 China Most Influential Wooden Door Enterprise Annual Meeting” held in Beijing. The theme of this annual meeting is “Brand Enterprise” Better, the annual meeting also announced the “Top Ten Chinese Wooden Door Brands in 2016”. The selection committee based on the market share, production data, quality status, after-sales service system, product market price and brand image and reputation of the wooden door enterprise products in the domestic market. In terms of degree, etc., the top ten brands of China’s wooden doors in 2016 were selected.

1. Jinfeng Wooden Door, Jinfeng Wooden Door Factory, Wujiang City

Reasons for selection: White House original wood door manufacturer —— Jinfeng Wooden Door is the only wooden door industry in Jiangsu Province<;China Well-known trademarks, the first door of Jiangsu, the outstanding contribution enterprise of the 26th World University Games, the sponsor of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games, the designated door of the Shanghai World Expo, the famous brand of Jiangsu, the top ten brand of the door, Wujiang Jinfeng Wooden Door Factory.

2, Zhejiang Mengtian Wood Co., Ltd. Mengtianmumen

Reason for selection: 2015 Mengtianmumen invited Andy Lau to endorse the brand image, which is currently the only wood door industry in Zhejiang Province. China famous brand, Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang Mengtian Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

3, TATA wooden door of Beijing Yujiajia Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Reason for selection: TATA wooden door is China’s top ten suit door brand, Bird Nest construction supplier, National Engineering Luban Award. Beijing Weiweiye Doors and Windows Co., Ltd.

4, Wanjiayuan Wooden Door of Zibo Wanjiayuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Reason for selection: Wanjiayuan Wooden Door is the vice president unit of the China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association. China Wooden Door Demonstration Brand, Shandong Famous Brand, Shandong Famous Brand, National Forestry Industry Outstanding Contribution Award, Zibo Wanjiayuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

5, Huahe Group Co., Ltd. Huahe Wooden Door

Reasons for selection: Huahe Wooden Door is China’s well-known trademark, China famous brand, top ten suit door brand, Huahe Group.

6. Zhejiang Jindi Door Industry Co., Ltd. Jindi Wooden Door

Reason for selection: Jindi Wooden Door is a famous trademark of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Famous Brand, Hangzhou Zhejiang Jindi Holding Group.

7, Chongqing Meixin Jiamei Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Maxim’s Wooden Door

Reason for selection: Maxim’s Wooden Door is China’s well-known trademark, Chongqing Top Ten Sets, Chongqing Maxim group.

8. Yichang Panpan Wood Products Co., Ltd. Panpan Wood Door

Reason for selection: Panpan Wooden Door is a well-known trademark in China, a famous brand in China, and a top ten brand, Panpan Group.

9, Chongqing Star Set Door Co., Ltd. Star Set Door

Reason for selection: Star Set Door is the top ten set door brand, Chongqing famous brand, Chongqing Star Set Door Co., Ltd.

10, Dongguan Hongli Wood Products Co., Ltd. East Weili Wood Door

Reasons for selection: Dongweili Wooden Door is the top ten brand door brand, Dongguan Hongli Wood Products Factory Co., Ltd.

With their excellent quality and perfect service, they are popular in the north and south. Their marketing network covers all parts of the country and is exported to Asia, Europe and America, and is favored by customers. They have contributed to the sustainable development of China’s wooden door industry. They are the top ten brands of China’s wooden doors in 2016 and the leading brands in the Chinese wooden door industry.

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Guge Dynasty focuses on special product brands to help Bairui source move towards the brand transformation of agricultural products!

In 2017, it was the promotion year of local agricultural products. At the National Brand Agriculture Creation Recommendation Conference held last year, Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said: Under the guidance of agricultural brands, the new kinetic energy of modern agricultural transformation and upgrading in China has been obtained. fully reflect. In 2018, it is a rich year for local agricultural products to strengthen the brand and transform and upgrade. When people began to pay attention to the branding of agricultural products, the Guge Dynasty, which focused on special product brands, had for the first time in more than a decade, and foreseeably joined hands with Bairuiyuan to launch the first shot of the transformation of agricultural products.

In 2005, the Guge Dynasty joined the brand strategy of Ningxia Bairuiyuan for ten years. Brand-building services, let Bairui source not out of Ningxia, the annual output value has increased from 800,000 to 300 million. Helping Bairuiyuan become a classic case in the industry, let us wonder, what did the Guge Dynasty do?

Reshaping the brand image

Ningxia, a natural geographical advantage, breeds high-quality cockroaches. However, such high-quality resources were at the time because they did not have a special product brand and succumbed to the low-end market, which devalued the product. The pioneering brand of Bairuiyuan and the Guge Dynasty teamed up for ten years of tacit cooperation, step by step to let low-value agricultural products scatter “set the charm of the red treasure, and let the Bairuiyuan brand become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. A brand.

In order to get rid of the unity of the product, the Guge Dynasty made a very detailed product breakdown for Bairuiyuan. Starting from the craft, the first generation of no-washing urns was born, and from the seasonal function division, there was a red head in the March Spring of March. After establishing consumer awareness, the product diversity and high-end construction will be easier. The Guge Dynasty will use the treasure as its origin to help Bairuiyuan develop more categories and create new categories. Black enamel, the process of extracting natural oyster sauce, using tea making technology to produce bud tea and leaf tea, etc., is not only a high-end gift, but also a deep into leisure products, this upgrade not only makes Bairui source rich in products, but also The audience has been expanded and the value of the company has been improved.

The Guge Dynasty is a deep culture And product mining reinvented Bairuiyuan’s brand positioning ——“枸杞 health experts, from the low-end market to the mid-to-high-end market. The Chinese-style post-modern design is used to create a classic brand memory symbol, and to dig deep into the rich product category with culture. Under the layout of more than ten years, the brand positioning of the Guge Dynasty for Bairuiyuan—— the health experts gradually stabilized the first place in China, not only recognized by the industry and customers, but also It has brought immeasurable commercial value to the enterprise, and it is also a new slogan that can be given a new slogan for the upgrade of Bairuiyuan for the consumer side.

Build a cultural and cultural sacred place

Reinventing the brand image is only the first step in the transformation of the Guge dynasty, and proposes to build a 枸杞 culture museum to bring the tourism industry and brand culture. Combined, this is the key to truly creating 3 billion worth.

In 2009, Guge Dynasty teamed up with Bairuiyuan to prepare for the design and construction of the industry museum. It was completed and opened in 2011. During the construction period, it was highly concerned and supported by the local government and awarded “China Pavilion”. Title. As the first museum built in the industry in China, “China Pavilion” has also been designated as a AAA-level cultural attraction, and has become a sacred place for Chinese and Chinese culture to spread to the health and rapid development of the Ningxia 枸杞 industry and tourism industry. Far-reaching influence and significant significance.

It is reported that Bairuiyuan Health and Wellness Museum has completed sales of 3 million yuan a day, e-commerce The sales of the platform double 11 exceeded 10 million yuan on the same day, refreshing the new record of the industry. The international trade is exported to 18 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East.

The success of Bairuiyuan once again proves the operability of the Guge Dynasty special product brand, from the product The image reshaping from packaging design to cultural tourism has helped the success of Bairuiyuan’s branding transformation of agricultural products. Not only did we not only see the professionalism of the Guge Dynasty in the specialty market, but also let us see this team. Leading the industry’s strength!

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