How to earn commissions for chain city billions? How to act as a chain city billion

Sichuan New Retail Era in the Chain City How to use the Internet to open new markets. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, cross-border sales of products have become a norm. The vast number of enterprises have entered the foreign market. However, in terms of entering the new market, how to close the new market by application channels has become the biggest difficulty for enterprises.

How to detonate consumers during the new wholesale period?

Sichuan Chengdu New Retail Times Chain How to use the Internet to open new markets. Why should we take the lead in online power, not the traditional media, and the beginning of the line?

In terms of dealing with products into a new market, the later planning is commensurate and the most critical. Many companies have neglected the line and focused on setting up online. And the method of closing the channel through the process, the cost required is extremely large, and the channel of information circulation is relatively narrow. However, at the end of the day, the cost was huge and the results were minimal.

The reason why the chain city billion shopping mall chooses online is the way to close the channel. It is because the online has an absolute advantage over the offline. The channel for information dissemination is unusually wide, and more importantly, it is not limited by the region and lasts for a long time. The mobile terminal is the largest traffic import, and the upper hand is applied on the line, which can often have extraordinary consequences.

Sichuan New Retail Era in the Chain City How to use the Internet to open new markets. Compared with traditional media, online network implementation also has multi-dimensional talents. It combines ink, image and sound inorganically to inform multi-sensory information, allowing customers to feel infected or work as if they were there. This is something that traditional media can’t do. More importantly, 70.54% of Internet users meet in an economically prosperous way, and the group is also a young consumer group that can stop branding and product sales at the same time!

How to use the Internet to open new markets in Chengdu’s new retail era chain city billion shopping mall. In terms of online implementation, there are many channels. Many companies are at a loss when they choose to close the market. They don’t know what to choose. The thoughts of the chain city billion shopping mall are very clear, and the network platform is chosen as the starting point for closing the market.

This method of cutting into the market not only diligently mobilizes a large number of implementation costs, but also can quickly find the entry point of the market. In a short period of time, you can control the consumers who need it. At the moment when many companies enter new markets, the blind goal is stopped, because it is impossible to find the group of products that need to be accurate, and the results are minimal. The chain city billion shopping mall is a good application of the advantages of big data, with good data as a product escort.

Sichuan New Retail Era in the Chain City How to use the Internet to open new markets. For many companies, the most frequently scored results are not the results of the products, but the results of the sales channels, to deal with the new market, but do not know how to close, the chain city billion shopping mall to give these companies a lesson! The channels for selling are not only based on the money, but also have a clear thought, to find out which group of products to be conveyed, what kind of online channels can handle this achievement quickly and accurately! In this way, you can reach the best consequences with the lowest cost.

What are the results of the campaign through this process? Not only the activities of the campaign launched by the single-chain city, but also the appetite of these consumers, the two thousand Consumers have also become the best circulated group, thus swiping the activity of the acquaintance circle!

Sichuan Chengdu new retail era chain city billion shopping mall how to leverage the Internet to open new markets. It is the strategic overbearing to understand the real needs of the consumers!

The implementation of the chain city billion shopping mall, Just let the user familiar with the brand of the chain city billion shopping mall, but it can cause the accomplices circle to clarify that Michelin has been recognized by the consumers.

The brand is the bond that connects the feelings of the company and the consumers. It is a tangible but lethal weapon against the rivals. Each brand should have an intrinsic brand identity and the emotional identity and preferences it brings to the consumer, so that the consumer can feel the emotional cost of the brand while enjoying the product.

Although a good marketing strategy can make your sales double, but what really can detonate the market is the real need of the consumer’s heart!

Sichuan Chengdu New Retail Times Chain City How to buy a new market by leveraging the Internet. O2O new tricks for online diversion and offline experience!

Future pure and pure lines Both will dissipate! The online and offline double alliance is the big winner in the future. Just relying on pure online channels is far from enough. In fact, you can’t reach the best results!

Sichuan Chengdu New Retail Era Chain City Billion Mall can leverage the Internet to open new markets. The reason is that the online is only the best traffic channel, but compared with the offline, the user experience is very short, and the good interaction results.

Similarly, the chain city billion shopping mall is also on the structural line, but also launched several offline activities with unusual interaction. Chengdu, Chengdu, the new retail era Chain City billion shopping mall how to leverage the Internet to open new markets.

Investing 998 yuan to become a consumer, you have to set a gift (imported red wine + tea gift box) to promote a consumer company to return 16 yuan per day coupon (equivalent to 16 yuan in cash) over 100 cash withdrawals, the same day On the same day, you can get more! The unmanned supermarket plus online mall! New retail, new economy, new era, you are free to stay in our online store! Let your products sell well all over the country! There are more Bonus system!

Chain city billion share sharing ecosystem

The trend of the Internet is coming, no one can avoid it. It is better to put the mentality into peace and take advantage of the trend. The chain city billion purchase is aimed at the characteristics of the enterprise itself, organically combines the sharing economy with the new retail, finds its own survival opportunities, and realizes differentiated operations. In addition to the traditional convenience store category, the unmanned convenience store purchased by Chain City has to adjust the category structure according to customer needs. The unmanned convenience store is paid by mobile phone, so the young people after the 1980s and 1990s are their main consumer groups. As long as we grasp the current consumption hotspots, we have a greater chance of survival.

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321 International Designers Festival brings together thousands of creative minds designed for the city

Human beings transform the world and create civilization, and the most basic and important creative activity is creation. The design is a pre-planning of the creation activity. Designers are a group of people who dare to use this imagination and creativity to advance the civilization process.

Continued last year’s carnival and last week’s Beijing field, March 31, a shared design platform & ldquo; Luo Ke Technology (hereinafter referred to as “Luo Ke”) created a designer-only festival & mdash ;— 321 set · international designer Shenzhen field & mdash; & mdash; held in Shenzhen Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center, the site gathered tens of thousands of people and more than a thousand designer groups, once again “everyone is a designer “Creator culture and “dare culture” passed to the whole society.

“Building the City of Creators in the name of design

Main line, divided into “Dare to play the city,” “Dare to city and” “Dare to build three major cities, a “design” mainland airborne Shenzhen, to activate the imagination and passion of everyone. This time, Luoke ( combined with Beiqi New Energy LITE, Tan Carpenter, Nai Xue’s tea, Elvis Presley, Tuo Creator, Poster Network and other partners to awaken the heart with creative interactive theme exhibition and experience equipment. Immersive experience; there are more than 600 square meters of independent designer brands and black technology’s Luo Ke future & middot; the market, and the energy supply station supported by the two brands, Vitacoco, let people from the brain to Physical strength has been greatly rewarded.

& ldquo;Dare to design

Designed to advance the process of historical civilization, both past and present Ability can never be underestimated. A “dragon word” is like a designer who has a heartfelt mission and call, and has the courage to solve problems and promote innovation. On the evening of March 31, thousands of designers, design industry workers, media and so on gathered “Design Night, once again set off a new wave of “Dare to play, dare to think, dare to create.”

Jia Wei, Chairman of Rococo Design Group and Founder of Logan Shared Design Platform, with Dare Design The theme, did the opening and sharing. He said in his speech: “From the age of 14 to learn design, it has been decades since today, I still love this industry, why? Because I think I am a creator, I think I have created a beautiful life and found Problem solving, so dare to design, today I hope that every designer will use his own best clothes, a pair of shoes, a pair of glasses, a mobile phone, a space, a poster, a flash expression, dare to express his heart Looking forward to the future, Dare Design, I hope that every designer will touch the most fundamental human process in the era of change.

Zhou Zhipeng, co-founder of Luo Ke Platform, shared the “100 Design Partners” keynote speech to open the design chapter of the night of design, hope that more people become design partners, let more people in the whole The world’s different occasions show how great Chinese design is. Being a changer in the world can release the heart and warm the heart with design. There are also 9 different designers on the stage of the design night, using a bold, innovative design to awaken everyone’s imagination.

“Designed for the city, everyone is the creator

In the process of human civilization, the city is always the leader of the era, the design of every detail of the city, about Everyone, more about the future of the times. This time, the designer’s festival Shenzhen Station will carry out the design + public welfare to the end.

In addition to the entire designer festival of the event, all the tickets are donated to the Beijing Chenguang Cerebral Rehabilitation Children’s Rehabilitation Center. The theme of the World Environment Day in 2018 is “The War of the World”, Luo Ke United Duckling A number of organizations have jointly launched the “2018” Green Warfare Green Challenge Dare to Make a Declaration, aimed at promoting environmentally friendly design and lifestyle, reducing the pollution of plastics to the environment; in the design of the mainland site is more integrated with the Shenzhen Urban Design Promotion Center “Crowing in the city, promoting the power of design, calling for more people to propose more creative solutions to the common social management drawbacks.

On the night of design, Li Yichao, president of Rococo Innovation Design Group (, gave a speech on “Design for the City”. He mentioned that the city is no longer a high-rise reinforced concrete. Cement, but full of one with wisdom, has a soul, has everyone who is related to life, and we pay attention to life, pay attention to urban development, and even strive for the urban environment. Everyone is the creator of the city. In the coming year, Rococo Innovation Design Group will bring together 100 designers and 100,000+ creators to promote urban public welfare innovation.

Li Yichao, President of Rococo Innovation Design Group, Zhang Qi, Chairman of Guanghua Design and Development Foundation, Feng Xiao, Founder of Xiaoyayu Public Welfare Fund, Ishikawa, famous designer, and Xu Qingqiu, General Manager of Sina Home Shenzhen, Media Representative Design night scene, jointly launched “for the city design & mdash; & mdash; the most beautiful toilet public welfare project. In 2018, Rococo Innovation Group joined the Guanghua Design Foundation, Sina Home, Ishikawa Design, and Xiaoyao Public Welfare Cultural Organization in the Luoke Platform to open a toilet for the life, the city, and the Chinese civilization for our survival and civilization.Dquo; The most beautiful toilet public welfare plan will bring together more designers and creators in 5 cities, 5 landmarks, 5 events, and promote the “toilet revolution” to create the most beautiful toilet.

321 sets · Loker International Designers’ Festival is a cultural movement in the design world and an exclusive The designer’s annual carnival is a grand event for the creators. Design has never been a small group of people, it is a public “cultural movement”, a process of creation that everyone can participate in. In 2018, I hope to call on a large number of people who are interested in “creating, “imagining,” to come to the designer festival to experience and experience the power of creativity. At the same time, they can also participate as “creators” in the future design. Come, design for the city, everyone is the creator. It is reported that 321 set · International Designers Day will also be held in Jingdezhen on April 21, let us wait and see more innovative ideas.

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How about the Chu Chu push? Is it good to push it?

(Chu Chu push invitation code: 3139Gn4w) After the customer service WeChat: QQ9968134 plus your training and learning.

Open a new era of WeChat, both correct, a social and business community of a — & mdash; Chu Chu push heavyweight on the line. Pushed by the strategic investment, the hard power demonstrated once launched.

Chu Chutui is a global social e-commerce public entrepreneurship platform, which is invested by strategy and is also invested by Softbank in the e-commerce field.

Through the Chu Chu push, I buy and save money, others buy, exquisite promotion materials are all good, moving, monthly income is over 10,000.

Tens of thousands of high-quality brands, millions of selected products, the world’s top buyers, first-hand supply, security, commodity commissions as high as 20%-80%, truly self-buy, save money, promote.

Core executives are all from well-known Internet companies and brand traders, and 2,000 professional teams are escorting your business. The sales director is one-on-one, with the hands to get you started, and the business school to help you grow quickly.

VIP shopping guide and the company directly signed, the basic salary, five insurance and one gold and rich bonus, annual million is not a dream.

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The trend of the times: social + e-commerce, leading the new consumer

At the conference, the development of e-commerce in 2017 has far exceeded In the United States, e-commerce is gradually becoming a consumer of fashion. The trend of mass consumer behavior is becoming more and more fragmented, making social e-commerce gradually become a new trend in the future. Social e-commerce is not a new concept, but the integration of e-commerce and social media. 10 years ago, relying on platform e-commerce, relying on 5 years ago, now depends on social e-commerce. Every year, the market scale of trillions of dollars has become an important driving force for online shopping. It is also a new opportunity for the Internet entrepreneurs and social media in the next 10 years. The vinegar technology has formed many years of business, Chu Chu Street, Chu Chu Tonghe Chuchu promoted the platform business group and began to demonstrate its profound strength. Http://

Chuchu Street is a powerful e-commerce platform APP. After years of accumulation and accumulation, it is well-known among users. The installation volume exceeds 100 million, and the annual budget exceeds 200 million. From the city to the countryside, users of all ages and ages have formed a wide range of popularity and user groups, and accumulated tens of thousands of brands and direct factory suppliers, which is a unique advantage that the emerging platform in the past two years does not have.

Based on the massive goods on Chuchu Street, Chu Chutong selects the advantageous products that benefit from social communication, forms a platform for social e-commerce goods, and relies on Chuchu Street to accumulate years of customer service, after-sales, quality assurance. And other industry service capabilities, to protect the user’s promotion and purchase.

Chu Chu Push is a social e-commerce platform that promotes Chu Chutong’s goods. Through strong technology research and development capabilities, community capabilities and convenient WeChat purchase and promotion, it creates a community by promoting products and creating communities. A lucrative business platform.

Chu Chu pushes the advantage show: six advantages to escort!

1. Capital The crocodile joint attack: strategic investment, following the softbank investment, investment in e-commerce, Lenovo, GGV, new Tianyu, and the C-round valuation of tens of billions.

2.Commercial innovation, mass entrepreneurship and profitable platform: no need to stock, no need to ship, no after-sales, ultra-low threshold, super high income, truly realize consumption, share is profit, move, The monthly income is over 10,000. Http://

3. Intelligent platform domestic: strong support, convenience, and product promotion in the industry.

4. A wide range of products: 5,000 high-quality brands, 300,000 selected products, top-selling buyers all over the world, first-hand sources, guarantees, sales commissions as high as 20%-80%.

5. Imagine seven-star shopping protection: all goods support 9 days no reason to return, to achieve the protection left to you, the risk left to me. This shopping concept.

6. Industry team trading: professional team, rich, core executives, and other well-known Internet companies and brand traders.

Fans will be able to realize their dreams at the touch of a button

Global Social E-Commerce Volkswagen Venture Platform & mdash; Chu Chutong is an opportunity to earn a bucket of gold on your entrepreneurial road. Chu Chu pushes strategic investment, moves in WeChat, can do business, there is no more reliable endorsement than this. You can spend money to buy, spokespersons can spend money, fame can spend money to speculate, these are all right, only investment relations, is the real hard power.

Chu Chu pushes the National Operations Center to recruit and recruit partners WeChat: QQ9968134

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What projects are good for investment in 2018? Join the whole house custom furniture as the boss

In 2018, it has already passed one-third of the time. I don’t know if you are an investor, whether you are still struggling to choose what to invest in. In fact, if you want to invest in 2018, you should choose to join the whole house custom furniture. Why?

Joining the whole house of custom furniture, the consumer demand is high.

With the increasing consumption level of people, many people have begun to have personalized needs for furniture, and there is also a need for tailor-made furniture. And the whole house custom furniture, just to meet the needs of consumers. According to the data, the whole house custom furniture will exceed the market share of 300 billion, showing how fast this market is developing.

2, join the whole house custom furniture, profits up to 50%

As far as the current whole house custom furniture market, such a first-line brand like Canoa, in terms of profit is Very impressive, up to 50%. Moreover, franchisees do not need to accumulate inventory, but only need to invest a certain amount of store rent and sample fee at the beginning of the store opening.

3, join the whole house custom furniture, choose Canoya

As the leader in the domestic custom furniture industry, Canoya has already in the custom furniture market After 17 years of history, it has developed rapidly. For 17 years, the furniture that belongs to them has been tailored to consumers and won the favor of consumers. At present, there are more than 1,000 specialty stores in the country, with a production area of ​​up to 200,000 square meters, and it has won the honorary title of the top ten brands of custom furniture.

After reading it, I believe that you have a good understanding of what projects to invest in 2018. In 2018, if you want to invest in a project, you will choose the whole house custom furniture. The whole house custom furniture brand will be selected on the Shangbao Building Materials Network, so that you can make big money! (Articles and pictures from the network, if there is any infringement, please contact delete!)

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What is the push in the end? What can we benefit from in the end?

How do you still know what the Chu Chu push is? Then you are really OUT! In fact, it is very simple, directly scan the code below, download the Chu Chu push APP, free to experience the powerful features of the Chu Push APP, you can also directly in the APP In the upgrade, it becomes the VIP shopping guide of Chuchu. After the upgrade, you will get the permission to recommend others to become VIP shopping guides. After others register with your invitation code to become a VIP shopping guide, you will receive a reward of 100 yuan.

In addition, the products that are pushed in the Chu have a commission of 20%-80%, that is to say, You recommend the product to other people. After the other person purchases, you can get 20%-80% of the product price.

As long as the user downloads the Chu Chu push app through the link you share, any product that he purchases through the APP in the future will give you a settlement commission, which is a once-and-for-all business.

You don’t have to worry about pushing a single item, tens of thousands of high-quality brands, and millions of selected items, all of which are the daily necessities of the general public. In terms of price, we cut down agents at all levels and remove intermediate links, which is cheaper than offline supermarkets and other platforms.

Let’s make a profit calculation.

A product of 100 yuan, commission 20% & mdash; 80%, if you promote 10 items every day. Then:

Earn 100 yuan*50% commission=50 yuan for one item;

Earn 50 yuan*10 pieces=500 yuan a day;

one month Earn 500 yuan * 30 days = 15,000 yuan

In addition, if you recommend 60 friends per month, you will receive 6,000 yuan, so that you earn more than 20,000 per month.

This is not finished. If you recommend 60 friends to become a VIP shopping guide within 3 months and in-depth counseling at least 10 of them, you can formally sign a contract with Chu Chu Pushing Company to become the sales director. Enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold, and earn millions of annual salary!

These are all cultivated by our team. The income of general manager and director

The project is so hot, then can you quickly join the VIP of Chu Chu push? Is there a way to come in the army? Directly scan the core QR code registration below, you can save 299 yuan to join the Chu Chu push VIP!

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Still hesitating?

A little 299, your meal, one of your clothes, your set of cosmetics

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What is the Xiaomi Tao platform? What is the role of Xiaomi Tao?

The role of Xiaomi Tao:

1 Dividend attribute: Participate in the profit distribution of the platform according to the proportion of peaches held.

2 Equity attributes: Peach holders will become shareholders written on the blockchain.

3 value-added attributes: Peach can enjoy the appreciation space brought by the development of the platform.

4 Property rights: The company cannot tamper with, cannot be revoked, and cannot be recovered.

5 Circulation attributes: Users can choose to transfer to the company at 1:0.1 yuan, or freely circulate each other

How to make money with Xiaotaotao

The mode of making money with Xiaotao is very simple: Xiaotaotao Mall is the place where we spend shopping, just like Taobao and Jingdong, everyone should understand it! /p>

In Taobao and Jingdong, we finished the consumption, there is nothing else, the transaction is over.

But in the Xiaomi Tao Mall, the same consumption, the company will give you a certain percentage of the ‘#8; Token, also known as the peach mic (MITAO), the peach coin is the meaning of electronic equity, As long as you hold this peach coin (the company’s electronic equity), you can increase the price of your peach coins as the company’s market value grows. Now it is 0.1 yuan (1 cent) and will rise to three hairs in the future. , five hairs, one piece, five pieces, ten pieces … … then you can see at which price you want to sell (selling in the trading market), selling small coins is your profit

This peach candy can’t be bought. There are 2 ways to source it: ️ Consumers donate electronic equity peaches ️ Give marketing gifts to peaches

Xiaomi What is Amoy doing? Blockchain social e-commerce new retail, online platform + offline store

What is Xiaomitao doing? Innovating traditional social e-commerce + blockchain, consumer blockchain Building and applying blockchain technology to create a new retail model with digital economy.

Grasp the development of the times, open a new era of consumption, seize the new heights of social retail, apply the open and transparent ledger of the blockchain, and build together to achieve a win-win situation!

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Guangzhou Xiaomi Tao National Hot Recruitment Shopkeeper – Docking Bogo

If you are a migrant worker who wants to change your destiny, join Xiaotaotao to make yourself a color, Xiaomi Tao is a new opportunity for your counterattack

If you are a young person who wants to start your own business Join Xiaotaotao to make yourself a color. Xiaomi Tao is a good project for your successful business.

If you are a baby with a baby at home, join Xiaotaotao to make yourself, Xiaomi Amoy is the beginning of your destiny.

If you are just getting started, join the little honey to make yourself, Xiaotaotao is the cradle of your rapid growth

You are a big coffee with team strength, join the little honey to make yourself, Xiaomi Tao lets you start a new era of social new retail,

If you are a showcase for the micro-business bottleneck , join the small honey Tao to make their own color, Xiaomi Tao is your quick-acting rescue pills

Xiaomi Tao firmly believes that as long as the pay is always rewarded.

We work hard because we look forward to tomorrow will be better;

We accept our opinions humbly because we need too much success;

398 a set of spree, Nuts, toiletries, skin care products, you can pick, spend the money, earn unexpected income, small investment, big return, no one because 398 yuan dumped!! Oh, but someone changed because of the fate of 398 yuan!! ️

& ldquo;Small honey scouring entity new retail ➕ blockchain ➕ social new mode 4.8 day beta Launched by three big billion-level enterprises Longliqi Group, China Scene Technology Valley, and Bendao Group to jointly build a huge amount of money, endorsement of the brand, strength protection, selection of global quality products, to provide global consumers with true “easy to use, high quality, high Cost-effective products!

Consumption is a partner, peaches & ldquo; Amoy, the income is inexhaustible, share the blockchain era trillion e-commerce dividends, 2018 steady earn, win step by step !! ️


Consumption is a partner

100% peach reward for your consumer goods

Get a shareholder 50% of the peach rewards for consumer goods

Venture Partners

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Dream Partners

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Directly launch a business Partners receive 2,000 (200 yuan) peach rewards

The team of entrepreneurial partners recommended by them will recommend entrepreneurial partners, each of which will receive 1,000 (100 yuan) peach rewards

Self-recommended dream partners recommend entrepreneurial partners Each can get 200 (20 yuan) peach rewards

Hold the peach coins to participate in the platform profit dividend, become a small honey Tao shareholders written on the blockchain, peach coins In the early stage, according to 0.1 yuan / piece replacement, the later 100 times times the value-added space, into the group to understand the reply 1 / Xiao Tao Tao official website national market report center micro-signal: QQ9968134

On April 11th, the World WeChat Conference Xiaotaotao announced the Xiaomitao project

Xiaomi Tao on the international trading market at the end of June

Launching the conference on May 20

The second legal digital currency trading center in China was listed in Hangzhou in July. Honey Tao became the first company to stay

The global partnership meeting was held at the end of July

In October, Xiaomi Tao 2.0 was officially released, and the new retail plan officially set sail,

December Xiaomi Tao Commendation Conference, Tourism Conference

Xiaomi Tao New Project, Registration No. 17 , May 20 officially launched

on the unilateral market Next,

Xiaomi Tao blockchain new gameplay, global experts

WeChat: QQ9968134

Three big billion groups join hands to create + direct sales brand + 360 degree smart scene high-tech technology + e-commerce (Super Jingdong Taobao) + APP mobile search direct download

Government support (subsidy 1 billion) + block Chain clothing, food and shelter application + entity landing (100,000 square meters of luxury exhibition area)

Great strength, megatrends, Small investment earns tens of millions of long-term pipeline benefits,

Static no loss (only 398 million), dynamic various income, next hundred times coin … … “Honey Money” !

Beyond the Red Man’s Wear

Chu Chu Push

Dry stocks

Global Catcher, all funds…


New Retail


The new social mode 4.8 days of internal testing, by the three billion-level enterprises Longliqi Group, China Scene Technology Valley, Bendao Group invested heavily to build, brand endorsement, strength protection, Selecting global quality products to provide consumers worldwide with “easy to use, high quality and cost-effective products!”

Consumption is a partner, peach “ Amoy, the income is inexhaustible, common Sharing the blockchain era trillion e-commerce dividends, 2018 steady earning, step Win


Consumption is a partner

100% peach reward for your own consumer goods

Get a peach reward of 50% of the consumer goods

Venture Partners

Promotion Conditions: You can become a business partner by spending 398 yuan People

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Dream Partner

Promotion Conditions: Direct push 5 people + team 30 people

Get 100% honey for your own consumer goods Peach Reward

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Directly Promote a Venture Partner to Receive 2000 (200 RMB) Peach Rewards

Self-recommended venture partnership The team then recommends entrepreneurial partners, each of which can receive 1,000 (100 yuan) peach rewards

The recommended dream partners recommend entrepreneurial partners, each can get 200 (20 yuan) A peach reward

Holding a peach can participate in the platform profit dividend, becoming a Xiaomitao shareholder written on the blockchain, the peach is replaced by 0.1 yuan/piece in the early stage, and the value is increased by a hundred times in the later stage. Space!

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What is the key reason for the kitchen industry under the new pattern to occupy the market?

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China With the implementation of different policies and changes in consumer demand, the kitchen electricity market has entered an accelerated transition period. The huge GDP growth and the continuous expansion of social wealth accumulation have ushered in a big era of consumption upgrading. The huge commercial blue ocean in the kitchen electricity market has already appeared, and the recognition of hoods and dishwashers is a good proof. At the same time, intelligence has opened up a new world for the kitchen appliance market.

At present, the Chinese kitchen appliance market is in an accelerated transition period. On the macro level, under the continuous control of the real estate market, the situation of the large increase in the sales area of ​​commercial housing is gone forever. In the basic position that the house is used for living, not for speculation, the real estate market will maintain a stable and healthy development. . For the kitchen appliance industry, the growth dividend brought by the rise of real estate has passed, and the market demand has slowed down noticeably. In terms of policies, in the past two years, “coal to gas,” “coal to electricity policy has gradually landed, so that the gas fireplace market has achieved rapid growth. In addition, there seems to be no policy to help the growth of the home appliance industry, but the cost pressures of the entire industry, such as environmental pollution control policies.

On the other hand, with the 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s constant-price GDP has grown to more than 30 times that of 1978, and the average annual compound growth rate has reached 9% or more. The rapid development of the economy has not only achieved China’s current global status, while making people’s lives have undergone earth-shaking changes. The accumulation of wealth and changes in demographic structure have spawned the world’s largest middle class, and this class has already reached the market in terms of purchasing power for high-end products. A huge change is taking place in China’s social consumption sector, and China is welcoming the era of consumption upgrading.

Inside the kitchen appliance industry, there is also a cruel transformation process. The high-pressure policy of environmental protection has allowed marginal brands to withdraw from competition. The upgrading of the consumer market and the demand for self-development of the enterprise have forced the company to continuously innovate itself, and will not fall behind or even be eliminated in the reshuffle pattern. When the big reshuffle inside the kitchen appliance subsided, the companies that had the chance to survive did not get a chance to breathe, and a more difficult market competition followed.

The kitchen appliance industry continues to rise and is welcoming the golden period of market development

The kitchen appliance sector is a high-profit area in the home appliance sector. The siphon effect makes the first giants such as Haier and others Foot, foreign high-end brands are also strongly entering the domestic market, and even the Internet company Yunmi has already laid out all-house connected appliances. This year, the predator Foxconn has demonstrated the ambition of the home appliance map at the Home Appliances Summit Forum. Up to 24 home appliance sectors. According to the data analysis of Zhongyikang, the kitchen appliance market will break through the 100 billion mark in 2018, and the kitchen appliance industry is welcoming the golden period of market development.

The impact of the external environment on the industry is fair to the participants in the kitchen and electric appliance industry. The competition in the kitchen and electric appliance market has also returned to the essence. Brands, products, fight channels, and fights service.

Although foreign brands have always had a high status in people’s minds, Chinese kitchen appliances brands are not afraid. Especially in the case of hoods, the hoods that are imported and exported are not well adapted to Chinese families. The kitchen environment of heavy oil and heavy smoke has gradually been overtaken by Chinese brands. Chinese brand hoods have always seized the core point of “oil fume” and localized innovation. He Yadong, vice president of Boss Electric, said: “The hood is a well-localized product in the home appliance industry, with a market share of over 80%. .

Another example is the popular dishwasher in the past two years. The dishwasher is also imported from the West. It has flowed into China in the 1980s. It is obviously at the economic and living level of the time, and it has not been able to open the wash. Dish machine market. In Europe and the United States, the penetration rate of dishwashers is 60%, while that in China is less than 3%. Now, the time is right, under the leadership of China’s kitchen electric appliance brand Taitai, Midea, etc., this saline-alkali land has been cleaned, more and more consumers began to let go, accept washing dishes in the dishwasher. As for why the dishwasher is suddenly hot, life and economic level are improved. On the one hand, localization innovation is another help that cannot be ignored. In the beginning, the dishwasher was usually embedded or free-standing, and the Chinese kitchen that entered the inch of gold was somewhat unacceptable. Therefore, the versatile one-piece sink or the beautiful desktop dishwasher, which is versatile or small in size and easy to place, provides consumers with more choice. According to the data of Avi Cloud (AVC), the original Siemens in the dishwasher market has suffered from the Chinese brand in the dual channel, and it has been overtaken. Online, in 2017, the gap between Siemens and Fangtai’s market share was less than two percentage points. At the same time, Siemens’s decline was very large, while domestic dishwashers grew collectively. Online Siemens market share is also falling sharply.

Internet Under the wave, intelligence has become the market darling

Let’s talk about the current intelligence. As early as a few years ago, the Internet wave swept across the country, and Internet entrepreneurship flourished, and the seemingly devastating trend seemed to subvert all industries. Internet companies want + everything, to turn the Internet into infrastructure, and become a ubiquitous mindset in society. In the manufacturing industry, the Internet is the Internet as a tool, and it is rejuvenated with the operation of the online real economy. All industries are spiraling forward in the process of exploration. At the beginning, the intelligence of the kitchen appliance industry has some rushing and following the trend, and it is considered that it is intelligent when connected to the network. In the 2018 AWE show, the products of the kitchen giants pay more attention to the operating experience of the products.Application-oriented micro-innovation solves the pain points of kitchen appliances and makes products more intelligent.

Now we find that the Internet entrepreneurial enthusiasm has cooled down a lot. Well-known financial writer Wu Xiaobo said: “The wave of innovation in the use of Internet tools is over. In 2018, all entrepreneurships will return to the commodity itself, back. To the manufacturing industry itself. However, the new retail generated by the integration of the Internet and the real economy has also subtly influenced the way of social consumption. The kitchen electric industry’s landing on new retail is to build high-end experience stores and flagship stores, and promote user experience with user thinking. With the upgrade of consumption, consumers are not satisfied with products that cannot be touched by online. The kitchen ecological reform focusing on the scene has begun. The new consumption concept focusing on experience is being formed. The after-sales service focusing on efficiency has become the basic requirement for the current users to test the business. The flagship store not only meets the different experience needs of consumers, but also establishes a good brand image.

Chen Yu, deputy general manager and marketing general manager of Sakura Snow Group, told the trend home network that in the observation of the market, the original wholesale-oriented agent model has touched the ceiling of development. The agents of the new type of service providers have a much better state of survival because they focus on efficiency and after-sales service. Therefore, at this stage, service has become an important part of the market and the brand to highlight the market. Just like foreign high-end kitchen appliances entering the Chinese market, although the top of the ring, looking at such a huge consumer market in an attempt to share a piece of cake, but in the end they have a bleak exit situation. On the one hand, the above mentioned products are not localized, and the lack of channels and services. In the case of Electrolux, this Swedish brand has entered the Chinese market for nearly 30 years, but has never been able to break into the ranks of first-line brands. In the view of Liang Zhenpeng, a home appliance analyst, although Electrolux has developed in China for 30 years, it is ultimately a floating management system. There is neither a strong product line, a technology research and development organization, nor a product sales channel. There is no effective system for marketing. The rise of the high-end consumer market has made it impossible for foreign high-end kitchen appliances brands to give up this cake. For example, in May last year, the two giants Midea Group and Electrolux Group signed an agreement to set up a cooperative company to promote the high-end brand AEG in the Chinese market. After ten months of research preparation, this year’s AWE premiere caused a sensation in the industry. Through a joint venture, AEG takes advantage of the strong promotion capabilities and channel power of local brand beauty and expects to occupy a place in the Chinese kitchen appliance market.

In the face of the rise of the kitchen appliance market and the trend of consumption upgrades, the boundaries between manufacturing and service industries have been thoroughly penetrated. In the new pattern of multi-party entry, consumption scenarios and experience transformation changes, major brands are seeking their own breakthroughs. The constant is that whether it is doing products or doing services for marketing, we must be user-oriented and continue to develop. Quality products, distributors and brand owners work together to create a new user-centric retail model. It is unclear who the kitchen and the rivers and lakes are ups and downs, but there is no doubt that the competition in the kitchen electricity market will be more exciting. (Articles and images are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact delete!)

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Tianan Digital City T5: Building a high-quality development demonstration zone for industrial cooperation in Dawan District

Yu Anding, Managing Director of Fenggang Tianan Digital City

Building a high-quality development accelerator in Dongguan

In 2018, the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Dawan District took a substantial step. Dongguan, which is located in the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, is fast-paced to promote high-quality development.

The recent work conference on deepening innovation drive and promoting high-quality development in the city proposed that the city must further strengthen its confidence in promoting high-quality development, seize the historical opportunity period, enhance its sense of mission and sense of responsibility, and firmly Remove the path of high quality development.

At the same time, with the deepening of the integration of the Dawan District, the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration will also usher in a special window period for the adjustment and optimization of the industrial layout. Under the tide of the times, how can Dongguan take the lead in the new era of high-quality development and win the initiative?

As a major project in the city, the Tianan Digital City T5, which is located in the unique location of the Wanshen Fair, is also thinking about this grand Proposition. This year, Tianan Digital City T5 put forward the strategic goal of building a high-quality development demonstration zone for the industrial cooperation of Dawan District. The aim is to promote the inter-regional development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District by means of industrial cooperation between cities in the Bay Areas such as Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou. The synergy, complementarity and integration of cross-industry and inter-institutional innovation resources will effectively promote the innovation industry of the urban agglomerations of the Bay Area from “formation” to “God gathers and boosts” Dongguan’s speed to “Dongguan quality jumps”.

“Relying on the advantages of location and resources, the park will build an important support platform for Dongguan to undertake a new round of industrial transfer and take the road of high quality development in Shenzhen. Yu Anding, managing director of Tianan Digital City T5, said that through the high integration and interaction of the five elements of industry, environment, resources, market and service, the park will gather in the emerging industries of high growth, high added value and high-tech content. Innovate the platform and innovative services to accurately meet the development needs of enterprises, cultivate enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency of development, and lead the regional economic development quality change, efficiency change, and power change.

Promote “Dongguan speed jumps” Dongguan quality

Dongguan is the pioneer of national reform and opening up, and is at the forefront of the country and the province in the stage of rapid growth. Nowadays, with Dongguan moving to a high-quality development stage, achieving high-quality development of structural optimization, mode transformation, and kinetic energy conversion is more critical than the expansion of economic aggregate. How did high-quality development work? At the beginning of this year, Dongguan quickly planned to introduce a general path of high-quality development.

In January, Dongguan issued the “Opinions of the CPC Dongguan Committee on Deeply Implementing Xi Jinping’s New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics to Further Accelerate Economic Transformation and Promote High-Quality Development”, and published it as the No. 1 Document of the Municipal Party Committee in 2018. We will strive to explore more successful practices in accelerating transformation and upgrading, and be more proactive in promoting high-quality development.

At the same time as Dongguan has taken a step of high-quality development, with the acceleration of the integration of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Shenzhen-China Passage, the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration will also welcome the industry. Special window period for layout adjustment optimization.

In this context, Dongguan proposed that in the current and future 3-5 years of this window period, we must adhere to the concept of production city interaction and production city integration, and undertake the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District. A new round of industrial transfer in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Manufacturing is the foundation of Dongguan and the foundation of Dongguan’s modern economic system. In the new era, how to promote the agglomeration and fission of innovative industries and resources? How to promote the manufacturing industry to move toward the high-end of the global value chain? Or, what kind of platform and grasp is needed for Dongguan to take the road of high-quality development?

This is the subject that Yu Anding has been thinking about. Combining the regional industrial evolution pattern, Dongguan’s endogenous development needs and the park’s own resource endowment, Yu Anding proposed the strategic goal of building a high-quality development demonstration zone for industrial cooperation in Dawan District. The core of this strategy is to undertake a new round of Shenzhen for Dongguan. Industrial transfer, taking the road of high-quality development to create a model-leading platform, promoting the maximization of urban land value and industrial intensification, and helping Dongguan to form an economic system and development model with innovation as the main leading and supporting model, which is high in Dongguan and even in Dawan District. Quality development explores a viable path.

Creating an Innovation Platform to Connect Shenzhen Resources

Located in Yantian Village, Fenggang Town, Tianan Digital City T5 is an inverted triangle embedded in the Shenzhen map, which is irreplaceable in docking Shenzhen industry and resources. Great advantage. Therefore, in the planning of Yu Anding, Shenzhen-Wanghui industrial cooperation is an important way to promote the high-quality development of regional economy.

 High quality development means that the pursuit of growth rate and quantity is to a lesser extent, and the quality and efficiency of innovation and development of enterprises and industries are emphasized. Yu Anding believes that in the era of the gradual dissolution of the barriers to the flow of factors in the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, the synergy, complementarity and integration of cross-regional, cross-industry and inter-agency innovation resources in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau will be promoted to create policies, capital and talents. The industrial docking point is a feasible path to promote the establishment of a modern economic system and achieve high-quality development goals.

With industrial cooperation as the main focus, Tianan Digital City T5 will build three functional platforms to promote regional economy and develop quality and efficiency from different levels.

The first platform is an important platform for Dongguan to undertake a new round of industrial transfer in Shenzhen. Tianan Digital City T5 will rely on unique location and resource advantages to connect with the innovative node resources of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, such as Dayun New City, Longhua Central District and Pingshan Central District, to promote the accumulation of Shenzhen-Hong Kong innovative industries in the park and help Dongguan in Dawan District. The industrial layout adjustment optimization period will seize the opportunity.

The second platform is the Shenwanhui Innovation Resource Transfer and Transformation Platform. “In the deep Guan Hui & lsquo;3+2& rsquo; Under the background of the deep integration of the economic circle, we will explore a new model of industrial gradient transfer, build a platform for the integration and transformation of innovative resources in Shenzhen and Dongguan, and promote the integration and innovation of the three enterprises and industries in Dongguan. Yu Anding said.

In addition, Tianan Digital City T5 will build a cluster of intelligent manufacturing (artificial intelligence) innovation industry clusters in the southeast group, gather industrial innovation talents, technology and capital, promote the acceleration of industrial chain, and promote Fenggang construction. Artificial intelligence features a small town, building China “ artificial intelligence technology development highland.

Fenggang Tianan Digital City Project Plan

“1+N+X Precision Service Enterprise

Attracting the deep industrialization of Shenzhen and Dongguan, helping enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency of development, and promoting “Dongguan speed to “Dongguan quality jump …… one goal is achieved” A sound operational service system is supported.

According to Yu Anding, Tianan Digital City T5 will build a five-in-one value circulation system with industry, environment, resources, market and service, with innovation, intensive, green and integration as the core concept. Based on the innovative enterprise ecosystem and the “two-wing strategy”, the “1+N+X" operational service system is the starting point, and the “T5 operational theory support” will build a high-quality development of industrial cooperation in Dawan District. The strategic blueprint for the demonstration area became a reality.

What is “1+N+X?” According to Yu Anding, “1” is to build an operational service around an enterprise innovation ecosystem; “N is Nicety, precise, and will be developed by N innovation platforms. Together, they constitute an intelligent incubation system for innovative resources, so that resources and services can be truly implemented. “X means openness. The park will build an open dynamic service system, and continuously update and improve various services around the needs of enterprises. The total number of class services has reached 100.

In fact, industrial parks have sprung up in recent years, and various resource docking and service platforms have emerged one after another. However, the services of many parks are all in the air, and they can’t really connect with the development needs of enterprises. It is precisely this point that Yu Anding put forward the concept of precise incubation and cultivation, so that resources and services can effectively help enterprises.

In the innovation platform built by Tianan Digital City T5, it covers a city park, two major brand activities, three innovation engines and four resource docking platforms. Among them, the two major brand activities are the Enterprise Innovation Ecosphere Conference and the domestic and foreign black technology salons/forums; the three innovation engines include T+SPACE Leading Space, Shenwan Innovation Cooperative Production and Research Base and Tianan Intelligent Manufacturing Venture Capital Fund; The resource docking platform covers the T5 Technology Service Center, Smarter Smart Space, International Express and T5 Think Tank.

“ The construction of all platforms and the introduction of resources are based on a deep understanding of the needs of innovation and development of enterprises. Yu Anding pointed out that in the future, according to the continuous changes in the development needs of enterprises, Tianan Digital City T5 will also introduce more resources to provide enterprises with full life cycle, all-innovation chain and full-space dimension services.

T5 is an iterative work of the Tianan Digital City Deep Pear Pearl River Delta

Link: /p>

230 innovative companies have been introduced

Tianan Digital City T5 is a major project in 2018. As an iterative work of Tianan Digital City in the Pearl River Delta, the total investment is about 10 billion yuan. It covers an area of ​​about 400,000 square meters and has a total construction area of ​​more than 1.5 million square meters. After all of them are put into operation, it is estimated that more than 1,200 companies can be settled, mainly including electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things, information technology, cultural creativity, software development and other industries.

Up to now, a group of the first phase of the project has introduced more than 120 innovative enterprises. The space of the second phase of the second group of about 240,000 square meters has also been customized, and more than 110 enterprises have been introduced. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is expected to gather 50 listed companies with an annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan and a tax revenue of 2 billion yuan per year.

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304 Stainless Steel Sheet 304 Stainless Steel Plate 06Cr18Ni9’s 2018 “Wei Kitchen Brand Annual Appraisal” finalist list released 2018 Annual "Wish Kitchen Brand Annual Selection Finalist List

Event Background

On May 10, 2018, the second “China Brand Day” was ushered in The national brand awareness further provides professional brand guidance for dealers to join. The China Jie Net Data Research Center has carefully planned for several months, and this time to launch the “2018 Kitchen Brand Annual Appraisal Campaign”. The activity is evaluated and verified one by one by the four indicators of brand awareness, brand share, brand contribution and brand reputation. It is evaluated by voting, enterprise application data evaluation and professional organizing committee rating. Award evaluation results.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living and consumption levels, the imbalance between supply and demand has led to the growing market size of the industry. This phenomenon is more obvious in the kitchen industry. In order to meet the growing consumer demand, more and more kitchen brands have emerged. And between the old-fashioned kitchen brand and the new kitchen brand, which brands are consumers more willing to pay? What does the brand mean for the consumer market? What are the potentials of the brand when these domestic and foreign experienced dealers choose to represent the kitchen brand? Which internet channels do they use to get brand information? We live in the data age and are more willing to speak with data. Based on the above aspects, the China Jie Net Data Research Center initiated the annual selection of the 2018 kitchen brand. The event was launched on April 16th, 2018 for the global kitchen enterprises. As of May 8, there were 136 kitchen chefs. Enterprises signed up for the competition and passed the strict finalist standard review. Some enterprises entered the selection list through auditing and became an important participating enterprise in the selection of this event. 2018 & ldquo; The annual brand selection includes “annual influence brand, “annual investment potential brand” and “annual preferred kitchen and bathroom brand”, among which “the annual preferred kitchen and bathroom brand is divided into seven awards according to different categories: “2018 Annual Quanwei Customized Preferred Brand, “2018 Smart Toilet Preferred Brand, “2018 Water Purifier Preferred Brand, “2018 Shower Room Preferred Brand, “2018 Thermostatic Faucet Preferred Brand, “2018 Annual Drying Hanger preferred brand, “ 2018 annual kitchen accessories preferred brand.

“2018 annual influence brand Finalist list

participation“The 2018 annual influence brand selection enterprises must have a certain reputation, reputation and influence in the sanitary industry and consumers, and are keen on public welfare and actively undertake social responsibility. Through the verification of the company’s brand awareness, brand share, brand contribution and brand reputation, the China Jie Net Data Research Center selected the finalists for the 2018 Impact Brand Selection:

Kohler, TOTO, American Standard, Lejia, Hecheng, Hansgrohe, Moen, Delphi , Ina, Jiu Mu, Wrigley, Hengjie, Huida, Berenger, Faenza, Anwar, Whale, Dongpeng, Gaobao, Olusha, Emperor, ideal.

“2018 annual investment potential brand selection shortlist

participation"2018 annual investment potential brand selection Enterprises must have certain market investment potential, high brand awareness, strong brand strength, high product quality, good annual output value and annual sales. Through the verification of the company’s sales growth in the past three years, the number of offline stores, the online sales ranking and the OEM field rankings, the China Clean Network Data Research Center selected the finalists of the 2018 Investment Potential Brand Awards. The list is as follows:

Hecheng, Moen, Huayi, Navigation, Yilai, Gaobao , Shui Mei Le, Shen Quan, Lei Bodun, Kabei, Zhongyu, Xijian, Precision, Anbi, Nalang, Baite, Coburg, Tewei, Weiwei, Basman, Fabian, Chaojie , Tuohuang Industry.

“2018 preferred kitchen and bathroom brand selection shortlist

Participation"2018 The preferred kitchen brand selection company must have certain investment potential and influence in the industry, familiar with the market, high brand awareness Strong brand strength, good product quality, good annual output value and annual sales, recognized by consumers, and have investment potential. Zhongjie Net Data Research Center is customized according to Quanwei, smart toilet, water purifier, shower room, There are 7 categories of thermostatic faucets, drying racks and kitchen accessories. The preferred brands of each category are selected. The list of candidates is as follows:

1. Annual Quanwei Customized Preferred Brand Shortlist #o:p>

Ou Pai, Jiu Mu, Wrigley, Simma, Xinhai Jialan, Diliya, Figobel, Emperor, Navigation, Jin Bai Li Ya, Fa Biao, Shang Dian.

2. Annual smart toilet preferred brand shortlist

TOTO, Kohler, American Standard, Hecheng, Panasonic, Jiu Mu, Heng Jie, Wrigley, Haier, Oulosa, Dongpeng, Whale, Anwar, navigation mark, Jenice, West Malaysia, Jardine, Tegel, Weiwei, Xingjie Jiebao, Capricorn, Chastity, Xilkang, Reiter, Coburg, Hee Arrow, Dahui, Xiaomi .

3. Brand shortlist

Beautiful, Haier, Xiaomi, Angel, Smith, Aihuipu, Dalton, Pu Lemei, KBA, Kohler, Olin, submarine, Moen, Novida.

4. Annual shower room preferred brand shortlist

Deli, Lance, Rose Island, Furui, Kay Li, St. Leah, Lebton, Precision, Yali, Basman.

5. Annual thermostat preferred brand shortlist

Hansgaya, American Standard, Ford Temperature Control, Future I Come, Shu Lima, Xinci Li, Guoren Temperature Control, Xingle, Boston, Prometheus.

6. Annual drying rack preferred brand shortlist

Nine animal husbandry, good wife, sunburn, Jieyang, Kabe, Aopu, Xilang, Yugao, Op Lighting, Yameiji, Panpan, Lianqing.

7. Brand shortlist

Wanhai spool, track, Philippine, submarine, Rielt, Widia, Sakurai, Hunter, General, top. Officially launched on the 10th of the month, the results of the selection will be officially announced on May 25th through China Jie. Welcome to the kitchen distributors, agents and consumers to cast a valuable vote for your brand with investment potential and trustworthiness.

Enter the brand selection:

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