Tianjin Xiaomi Life Electric Vehicle Joined – Invited Partners

Tianjin Xiaomi Life Electric Vehicle Joined – Invited Partner, Xiaomi Life Circle Public Platform is a mobile internet platform under the umbrella of Shanghaikouyi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. It is an online O2O sharing economic function operation platform developed by Shanghaikou Yiye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Through the sharing of users in Xiaomi Life Circle, we can create big data and graft it in many fields such as shared bicycles, shared cars and functional O2O food fields. The company is responsible for the complete operation management and technical support of Xiaomi Life Circle, and is committed to creating a green and convenient O2O sharing Xiaomi life circle. Team Leader WeChat: QQ9968134

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, June 2, 2017 The Singapore Science and Technology Park in Jianggan District was established with a registered capital of 80 million and the legal representative Lin Tongbing. Under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Mouth Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., responsible for the operation and promotion of Xiaomi Life Circle and shared motorcycles “Dangdang Travel” APP, as well as the first phase of market launch of vehicles and maintenance equipment, the second phase of shared cars, the third phase of intelligent farms

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection car development, production, sales, service, logistics, operation and Maintenance in one integrated frontier technology company. Starting from the National Operation Management Center established in Hangzhou, it recruits regional agents nationwide and is responsible for the promotion, management and maintenance of the offline market for O2O shared motorcycles. Since the establishment of the National Operations Management Center, it has signed hundreds of regional agents. Thereby achieving the linkage of the sharing economy era, and the triple play of the Internet, regional network and sales network. The use of Internet technology to achieve the accurate delivery of O2O shared trams, create your own Xiaomi ecosystem, and share the mobile client through O2O, so that more people can benefit from < shared economy & rsquo; Create, share, and win together

Entrepreneurial spirit: Concentrate on innovation and innovation

Corporate tenet: technology, environmental protection, co-creation, and win-win

Corporate values: adult self-interest, self-learning

 Corporate Vision: Let all participating consumers truly enjoy the corporate dividend, achieve sharing, win-win, and realize the partnership of all people

Project Profile

The hottest word at the moment is “Share” p>

The most appropriate thing to do with people’s lives is "share bicycles

Xiaomi Life opens&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& The first wave of the circle

Recruiting the horse to open the land dividend period

880 yuan to become a VIP member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Rights one: You can push Members, for example, you can enjoy the benefits of recommendation A 15 day volume of venture capital for 365 days, you can get 5475 Venture volumes. If A recommends B, you can get 2 / day of income. Then get a total of 6205 venture capital volumes

Equity 2: If you invest 11 orders, you will get 168 venture capital/day income, total income 61,320 venture capital volumes

Equity 3: You will get the subscription rights for motorcycles and get a 70% share split. For example, an electric car purchased at home is used for 10 days in a month, so 2/3 of the time is idle. Today in the Xiaomi Life Circle, you can share resources to earn wealth. By ordering a motorcycle for 3,880 yuan, you can get 70% of the income. For example, if you earn 50 yuan a day, you can get 35 yuan. Continue to take 3 years, how much do you calculate? You certainly have not thought that a motorcycle can bring you so much wealth!

Benefit 4: No parking deposit, your venture capital Not only can you use it in this car when you are traveling, but your vouchers can also be cashed in 1:1, and you can also share all the GM’s life in the future shared car, smart market, etc.

(Note: 1 venture capital volume = 1 yuan, the receipt of goods on the 8th day after becoming VIP, your referee will start from the next day, the 9th day. Cash withdrawal every Tuesday, Wednesday Until Friday, the system deducts 5% of the handling fee & #10133; 5 yuan / pen bank fee)

(missing the first wave, will miss the opportunity below)

Xiaomi Life Circle ️ Second Wave

[Shared Motorcycle]

From the end of August to the beginning of September 2017, the bicycle was put on the market

On July 14th, Xiaomi Life Circle and Jiangsu Green Coffee Electric Vehicle Factory reached a strategic cooperation, the first batch has been put into operation 5,000 units, and it is expected to be from the end of August to 9 Launched at the beginning of the month

July 18 Xiaomi living area and flew Group (Tianjin) factory contract, entered into a collaboration! Group flew electric car was named the national environment-friendly vehicles. With 300 sets of production per day, it is expected to produce 50,000-50,000 units in the national market.

VIP can have the right to subscribe, 3980 yuan/set, you can hold 70% of the shares. For 3 years, you can get the income every day, see and get it.

Xiaomi Life Motorcycle meets the national 4 standards:

1. The speed limit is 20 km/h; /p>

2, can not carry people;

3, with pedals;/p>

4, each motorcycle is equipped with insurance;

The third wave of Xiaomi Life Circle

Sharing car jingle travel

From the countryside, The town surrounds the city, making up for the blank space of the drip, the special car

The fourth wave of the Xiaomi life circle

[Smart Farm]

The characteristic of the shared smart farm is : Farm dishes, green leaves, from the farm to the farm to your kitchen. The intelligent farms distinguish between dirty, stinky and chaotic phenomena. You can enjoy the food in the market without smelling mixed smells. In many high-end residential areas nowadays, after 80s, 90s and 00s, I hope that I can enjoy the success without going to the market. Then, in the smart market, you only need to open your mobile phone to place an order and send it directly to your home within five kilometers.

Planning and Vision

In 2019, 1 million motorcycles and 100,000 shared cars will be launched, and 500 smart farms will be transformed and cooperated. In 2020, we will fully realize the smart food market in second-tier and third-tier cities. A round of B rounds C round D round E round financing will be realized and will be listed on the domestic main board and the Australian Stock Exchange. Team leader WeChat: QQ9968134

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Mousse: betting on the trend, gamble the future

In the business world, there has always been such a question: “What happens in the next decade?”

Such a seemingly illusory question explains why Mousse has withdrawn from all competitors. At that time, I still go forward. The new model was born, the old strategy was abandoned, and everything was reborn in the ruins of the past.

You can’t build a business model that can be tested over time but always solid, which is impossible.

In the past, customers always wanted lower prices and faster delivery methods. But in the era of consumption upgrades, such calls are clearly lost. The prosperity of consumerism has made everything objective. Have a better life experience, pay the price of the price you deserve, and become a consumer concept that you are unaware of.

Under such an upgrade trend, as a pioneer in the bedding industry, Mousse pioneered the concept of “sleep resource integrators” in an effort to improve the declining quality of sleep of Chinese people in terms of service quality and product advantages. Sleeping experience.

From “bed to “bedroom”

In any field, “greening” is not an easy task, especially for the bedding industry. Moore’s Law has forced all practitioners to tighten their clockwork, always maintaining a sense of tension, and being left indifferent will be thrown away by Moore’s Law.

When it comes to sleep, most people only think of bed, which is also the area that the bedding industry once ploughed. . As the main carrier of mass sleep, the bed has always occupied a very important weight in the bedding industry.

But with the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, more and more factors have begun to enter the sleep quality assessment standards. From the core material to the height of the pillow, the public’s attention to detail far exceeds the bed itself. This is not a fateful life, but a higher demand for sleep quality.

This trend change is also in line with Mose’s own positioning for “sleep resource integrators”. Sleep has never been a simple behavior, and any objective factor in the bedroom can have an impact on people falling asleep.

Whether it’s sleep monitoring software or the so-called sports bracelet, you can only stay in the “problem stage,” but no one can really “solve the problem”. Doing something is far more practical than spreading the insomnia panic, which is also the promise that Musi made for the public.

As early as the founding of 2004, Mousse made an innovative proposal to “tailor-made health”. The business model of the sleep system subverts the traditional bedding industry with tailor-made personal health sleep systems. Mousse achieves product innovation and rapid iteration by integrating excellent healthy sleep resources.

Mousse hired the famous French designer Moris as the chief designer to creatively integrate ergonomics and sleep environment into bedding design with European design philosophy. At the same time, the three research and development bases of the Humanities Engineering Research Center of the University of Leuven, the Asia-Pacific Sleep Research Center, and the Industrial Design and Research Center of Milan, Italy, together with dozens of international bedding suppliers such as Swiss DOC and German Miller, work together to create a fit for the human body. Intelligent and healthy sleep system.

The imitation and follow-up of the latecomers also verified the success of the positioning of the mousse. It is not an easy task to create a new model based on the original model, just as Henry · Ford describes the user. The famous saying of demand: “If you ask the user what you really need, they will probably answer the need for a faster carriage.

From “Resale to “Re-experience

Whether it’s the bedding market or the previous home textile market, service and experience are always a poor link.

Based on the low frequency and endurance of bedding products, no merchants are willing to pay for experiences and services. “The characteristics of a hammer sale, so that this industry almost lost hope of life after the emergence of e-commerce.

The unsatisfactory practitioners hinder the healthy development of the industrial ecology. Speculators will not hesitate to confuse the water for the sake of self-interest. In the form of bad money to drive out good money, the market will be degraded, and the user experience will be hurt. The market bubble began to flood. This is why, for a long time, we will hear negative news from the bedding industry.

Just as many of the contestants were unable to do anything, Mousse chose the layout of the asset industry —— hotel.

As an important experience scene for mousse bedding, Mousse Sleep Experience Hotel plays a very important role. Many reasons, such as high unit price and low frequency, make it impossible for consumers to make purchasing decisions through simple observation or touch.

And because of the unique service features, the hotel can perfectly integrate the experience process of the mousse products into the hotel service, enabling consumers to complete the mousse products without any knowledge. “Evaluation & " Feeling, it has become another unconventional service method in the bedding industry.

The offline experience of the offline display store can not convince potential consumers, so they can choose to spend the price of ordinary star hotels to experience the quality sleep feeling brought by the top mattresses, which is very extreme for them. easyAccepted.

At the 9th floor of every Mousse Sleep Hotel, there is a sleep experience layer. After entering the hotel, customers can go to the floor to measure their physical data and customize the type of mattress and pillow type that they are suitable for. The interior of the hotel is also categorized according to different mattress types. Customers can choose different floors to stay according to their physical condition and sleep habits.

Unlike the general singer of the outside world, Mousse has given great expectations to the hotel for sleep experience, and the final data confirms the result —— every mousse sleep hotel The annual sales of bedding products amounted to 10 million yuan, and the vast majority of the majority of buyers were placed directly on the second day after the experience.

This is not a one-step process. Mousse needs to build a complete experience service process, as well as the product advantages that can attract users, and ultimately generate a relationship with the user, which in turn triggers payment behavior. This is clearly beyond the reach of competitors.

Written at the end

The wind is moving, the wise man is moving.

No one can guarantee that the Mousse model will succeed, but the industry always needs the courage of the ruin. The arrogance of the Internet is that self-confidence based on progress makes it dismissive of other business models. However, whether it is as a sleep integration industry or a former home textile industry, it has been difficult to operate under the Internet model.

But there are some unchanging truths: as long as the user’s needs are met, there will be users paying the bill, and the market behavior is always so rational and equivalent.

Since its inception in 2004, Mousse’s philosophy of healthy sleep integrators continues to lead The direction of the industry. In return, the industry is also giving Musi the industry leader to release the dividend. Whether it is experiencing the baptism of the Internet or the transformation of consumption upgrades, for more than ten years, Mousse has successfully passed through one trend after another.

As for how to proceed in the next decade, Mousse has given the first answer. Business is like this, it is not a popular operating system, all tasks and levels can be completed unimpeded with just one program instruction. You need to constantly build new environmental models and make every decision independently after listening to all the clutter and even the advice of the South.

The times are like torrents.

Author: Wang Siyu

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The 3rd Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum ended successfully

In 2017, Trump officially took office, the Brexit negotiations started, the French and German elections, the South Korean government changed, and once again changed the global situation; the uncertainties of the world economy, the risks of unpredictability and the challenges of diversification are more complicated and severe. The contradiction between domestic overcapacity and demand structure upgrading is still outstanding, and the momentum within economic growth is not strong.

How should social enterprises turn to safety and “take the wind and waves?”

The Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum attracts 5000 entrepreneurs to participate

From September 9th to September 11th, the 3rd “Global Society” with the theme of “Establishing the Age Mission · Building an Ecosystem” The Entrepreneur Ecology Forum was successfully held in Beijing. Political, business, media, and well-known scholars have gathered together to discuss topics such as social responsibility of entrepreneurs and provide ideas for building an ecological and civilized economy.

&ltquo;The Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum was jointly initiated by Beijing Huaxia Management College, Business Media Group, Hangmei Media Group, Yiyang Group, Lutie Media, Sunshine Media Group and other enterprises. The forum provided a fully open communication platform for the guests with keynote speeches, roundtable forums and question and answer.

The forum has received wide attention from people from all walks of life. Several domestic and foreign guests attended the forum. Jingdong Liu Qiangdong and Hurun Baifu founder Hu Run also participated in this forum. Congratulations were held, and former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, former German President Wulff, famous investor Jim &middot, Rogers and other heavyweights attended and delivered keynote speeches and roundtable forums.

Mr. Zhou Zhonghua, President of Business Media Group and Editor-in-Chief of Business Magazine, gave a keynote speech

Forum sponsor, President of the Business Media Group, and Editor-in-Chief of Business Magazine, Zhou Zhonghua, said in the speech entitled “What kind of business reading is needed in this era?” Only institutional media can continuously provide the most valuable value for our time. Premium content. Today’s business environment has become so complicated, we need to really enter the enterprise to get first-hand resources. At the same time, only those institutional media like our business media can continue to invest in the deep processing of these true materials. In fact, the business community has been in business for 23 years!

Forum sponsor, founder and chairman of the Shihua Group Mr. Jiang Yan gave an opening speech

Jiang Yan, the founder of the forum and the founder and chairman of the Shihua Group, said: I hope that a company can fulfill its mission of achieving social mission, social responsibility, social value and social ecology. In other words, it is able to solve social problems and realize the value of society in a business enterprise, and it can form a cause of social significance. I can raise my personal career to social undertakings, personal values ​​rise to social values, and personal values ​​rise to social significance.

The famous cultural scholar Ms. Yu Dan gave a keynote speech

Well-known scholar Yu Dan said at the forum Chinese people want to find peace and have to start from home. When they return home, they must know that their home is well-regulated. The days at home are also suitable for bringing teams.

There are also bad words in the family, such as “What is the meaning of the three-horizontal and vertical in the middle of the treasure cover? It is a description of the family’s attitude is particularly mean, especially selfish, anything hurts others The three horizontals are people with kindness in the family, people who care about the overall situation and tolerance, but there are people who can’t stand up and down, a sharp attitude. When a mean talk, this state is “bad.” A family may have a daughter-in-law who is awkward. A few grandfathers have an angry temper. The senior management and middle-level management in the team often have self-interest and self-interest, and they do not hesitate to hurt others. It is a curse to speak.

It’s a big deal to have a good mouth under the roof. If the mouth is not good, it is “caused from the mouth, the disease is from the mouth, less sick and less trouble, this family has no harm.”

What is more noteworthy is that on the first day of the forum, the former French President Sarkozy, the second day of the former German President Woolf, delivered a keynote speech, and also participated in the participation of Chinese entrepreneurs. The round-table dialogue was held on issues such as social entrepreneurs, enterprise reform, and business ecology, and the response was enthusiastic.

The global economic situation is complex and changeable. Under the tremendous help of the Internet+, new variables and new formats are rapidly emerging, rewriting the business ecology and economic structure, and business relationships are taking place at an unprecedented rate. change.

The Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum invisibly sets up a bridge between the past, the present and the future, redefines the social attributes of entrepreneurs, and points to the maze. All entrepreneurs should work together to fulfill their mission. Responsible and responsible, awe and maintain the nature, society and environment on which we depend, and connect forces to make more enterprises pay attention to social responsibility and ecological civilization.

As President Xi Jinping pointed out at the Belt and Road Summit, “Today, when countries are interdependent and global challenges are one after another, it is difficult to solve the problems facing the world by the power of a single country. Only by connecting the policies of each other and integrating economic factors and developing resources on a larger scale in the world can we form a synergy and promote the world and peace and common development. The same is true for companies, which requires cooperation and win-win.

Former French President Sarkozy talks with Chinese entrepreneurs

Former French President Sarkozy

Chinese entrepreneurs are key players in China’s economic success. China is able to achieve world-renowned achievements precisely because of your work, because you dare to take risks.

We understand Chinese big companies very well and know a lot about China’s large groups, but we don’t know much about you SMEs. You are the key to the Chinese economy.

The three visions of the landscape, innovation, and leadership position can sum up the mission that a Chinese entrepreneur should undertake.

& ldquo; The Belt and Road is not a simple project. It is a vision, a vision of China, and China views the vision of globalization.

China is one of the most important economies in the world. You all appreciate your wisdom, your ability to work, your unremitting persistence, your love for the motherland, and the economic development you have built.

Former German President Wulff

The younger generation of European entrepreneurs wants to give China And Europeans, create a true win-win situation.

To be successful, you don’t have to be very academically educated. Looking at the origins of some German celebrities, you will find that many very successful people are originally from the workers. Education is not necessarily the education of famous universities and famous universities. For example, Schroeder (former German Chancellor) began to be a business apprentice at the age of 14.

Why do we like Chinese people? Because we like the Chinese people’s very optimistic spirit, when you come to China, you will see a lot of smiles and see that Chinese people are very passionate about innovation.

I know that China’s now famous entrepreneurs are also from ordinary families. These entrepreneurs have a characteristic, very responsible, and have a very responsible sense of customers, employees, products, partners, so they are also very willing to train some talents to give back to the community.

American investor Rogers

The 19th century is the century of the United Kingdom, the 20th century It is the century of the United States, and the 21st century will be the century of China. Many Western countries are reluctant to see China’s rise, but they can’t do anything, and China is bound to rise.

When Chinese stocks fall, I will invest more Chinese stocks in these areas, and there will be more investment opportunities in these areas. Especially in the field of clean pollution and tourism. In the past 35 years, many urban populations have earned income. I think that in the next 35 years, many rural people will earn income, and I will invest more in health and medical fields.

I hope my children can see that we have so many Chinese stocks, so we are very rich. If Chinese stocks fall again, I will buy more Chinese stocks.

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Internet lone ranger: 15 years of no operation, selling old books sold 500 million yuan

In this awkward world, Sun Yutian is an alternative existence.

In 2002, Sun Yutian created the Confucius Old Book Network (hereinafter referred to as Kong.com). At that time, Taobao and Jingdong Online Mall had not been created. Since then, Kongnet has maintained a growth rate of 30% per year. The number of transactions per day exceeds 40,000, and the annual transaction volume reaches 500 million yuan, becoming the world’s largest Chinese old book trading platform.

However, inconsistent with the rapid development of the business, Sun Yutian, who has been in business for 15 years, does not have a set of his own house. There is no independent office. The company does not recruit and promote operators, and does not integrate into any Internet. Circles, basically do not participate in commercial activities, it is difficult to search for a few of his news &mdash on Baidu; — he may be the most independent of thousands of Internet entrepreneurs.

Our interview was conducted in a narrow room. In front of a small round table, Sun Yutian said lightly about his dream of promoting Chinese traditional culture and his understanding of the Internet.

As Sun Yutian said, this is not a business story.

Questions and Answers

On November 27, 2015, Sun Yutian sent the first WeChat circle of friends:

In front of the gray-walled library Gao Xiaosong, Yu Dan and Zhang Dachun and other cultural circles are lined up in a row, Sun Yutian wearing a down jacket, standing on the far left.

On this day, the library opened.

The corner of the library

In 15 years, Sun Yutian met many collectors and friends. In order not to bury their vast collection of books, in order to turn the rigid book into a vivid cultural value, several collectors and the famous Chinese musician Gao Xiaosong hit it off and established a large private public welfare library —— Gao Xiaosong served as curator.

The library, covering an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters, contains nearly a million old books, such as celebrity manuscripts, late Qing Dynasty journals, and Ming and Qing Dynasties. The collections are rich in content and have immeasurable document value. You can buy one or two suites in the Imperial City with a set of old treasures.

Subsequently, the library was a hit with the filming of “Xiao Shuo” and “Xiao Shuo Qi Tan”. The towering black bookshelf, rich ancient books, and the simple reading atmosphere make many Wenqing and The researchers came here. Despite the remote location and inconvenient transportation, it still welcomes 70,000 readers in one year.

Looking at the endless stream of readers, Sun Yutian was happy, but the people around him were anxious for him.

The volume of ancient books in the library is huge, which means that the restoration project is huge. Sun Yutian deliberately recruited ancient books and library students from Beijing to carry out restoration work, 30% of which belong to graduate students and above, high labor costs, plus water and electricity and rent, the library has no income every year. The net loss is about 3 million yuan.

Friends know that Sun Yutian is very “slamming.” In the 5 years of starting a business, the company did not recruit any employees. The office was previously housed in a residential building. Nowadays, it is also chosen to be in a remote area outside Beijing’s Fifth Ring Road, but it is too willing to invest so much in the library, which surprised them a bit.

“ Qian Zhongshu’s letters received for so many years, there are more than a dozen sacks. In Yang Lan’s later years, the babysitters were all torn off and thrown into the garbage dump, so that the smashed smashed Thousands of pieces have been pieced together in the pieces, which is of great value to the study of Qian Zhongshu. Sun Yutian said excitedly.

As a trading platform for old books, Kongnet has gathered a large number of ancient books, and Sun Yutian has also made a lot of collectors with rich collections, and has gained popularity and influence in the old book trading circle. He hopes that in his lifetime, he will collect the rare books scattered by the people, form the essence of Chinese ancient culture, and fill the gap in ancient culture research as much as possible.

& ldquo; In the future, everyone wants to study Chinese culture, where to find books? Sun Yutian throws questions to reporters, but it seems that this is more like an answer.

Essays, big wealth

This answer, Sun Yutian explored for 15 years.

Compared with Internet elites such as Li Yanhong and Zhang Chaoyang, Sun Yutian’s entrepreneurship is very grassroots. He was born in Shanxi University of Finance and Economics. The original idea of ​​starting a business was to create a website to help seniors sell old books to freshmen through the Internet. Prior to this, the old books of graduates were traded through street vendors.

It is conceivable that the traffic on this campus website is very low, which makes Sun Yutian feel frustrated and turn his attention to the social group.

At that time, many old books happened to be in the hands of the ruined people. They didn’t have the channels to sell books, and they didn’t even know who to sell them. The real collectors and intellectuals did not have the purchase channels of old books. There is a serious information asymmetry between the two sides.

Old book trading market

Sun Yutian immediately It is decided that Kongnet only serves as a C2C user platform, allowing people in need to trade independently. Based on the user’s needs to develop the website framework and positioning, he unconsciously practiced the Internet’s user thinking and used it throughout the website operation process.

At that time, China’s C2C e-commerce began to sprout. International giant eBay just entered China through the acquisition of eBay. Alibaba, which focuses on B2B, will start its Taobao business only one year later.

Sun Yutian did not know that he had inadvertently entered a blue ocean in a vertical field. In the early days, he was like a headlessFly, can’t find direction. Fortunately, I met some like-minded friends on the Internet. He calls his friends every day to talk about the old book market and the needs of users, usually lasting more than an hour. Gradually, Sun Yutian figured out the general situation of the old book trading market.

The proportion of reprinted books in the annual book distribution is large, which means that the book that was just bought today may become an old book on the second day, but it can be circulated repeatedly. The old book market is divided into four categories: rare books with high value of collections, out-of-print old books that are no longer published by publishers, special books with higher stocks, and second-hand books.

What caused Sun Yutian to pay attention is that with the improvement of economic level and cultural demand, people have a strong interest in the collection and research of ancient culture books, and the rare books of ancient books have risen in the market. However, the value of antique calligraphy and painting, the rare books of ancient books is difficult to determine, the price definition is vague, and the way of open auction is popular.

So, Sun Yutian began to redesign the website, introducing the online auction trading area, which is divided into two parts: “Rare Auction” and “Popular Auction”, which is convenient for the majority of book friends to auction rare books or higher value. The old books, and the auction information are all publicized, realizing the transparency of the transaction, and introducing an evaluation mechanism to achieve supervision transactions.

The first method of introducing auction means, the hole network spread in the circle. More and more small bookstores have entered the network, and many collectors and scholars have heard of Taobao. Ancient books accounted for 20-40% of the platform, nearly one million books could not be bought in other channels, and the number of users of Kongnet increased.

After 15 years of development, there are 12,877 large bookstores on the Kongnet platform, 42,049 private book stalls and 88,788,839 books. The number of transactions per day exceeds 40,000, and the annual transaction volume reaches 500 million yuan. The country’s largest old book trading platform.

Collectors said that before buying old books, they went to Panjiayuan. Now they will buy old books and search for them on the hole network. It has become an irreplaceable trading channel and even the pricing standard for old book transactions in the country.

Internet world lone ranger

The Internet is a fast-fishing world of fast fish, companies frantically financing, staking, and then continue to expand, continue to expand, valuation geometric multiple growth, office The office building that moved into the Internet center, the founders frequently appeared in various conference forums and media, expanding to create personal IP, and the company is expanding at a high speed.

Of course, the capital side is also actively involved in this capital movement. The nature of bloodthirsty allows them to spread the net, force the project to expand rapidly, create beautiful business data, and then go out of price and turn to the next prey. . The profit-seeking nature of capital has accelerated the speed of the Internet.

As the earliest C2C project, the nation’s largest old book trading platform, Jingdong, Dangdang and Sequoia, have expressed their favor. Regardless of how the capital lobbied, Sun Yutian never dared to let go.

Looking at the Internet’s intensive capital operation and rapid development, Sun Yutian reveals envy. However, the nature of capital gains makes him worry that once the capital is introduced, the company will be kidnapped by the operating data and lose the original intention of the company. The bleakness of Vanke and Jumeiyou is the lack of physical strength and rapid expansion.

He has repeatedly mentioned to employees that capital profit and entrepreneurial intentions are often difficult to balance, and ideal entrepreneurs are afraid to introduce capital.

Looking back at Sun Yutian’s experience, he was born in engineering, but he has a special liking for literature. He tried to write an article, and he has a dream of editing the article. The establishment of the hole network is also deeply rooted in the heart. A recognition of culture. In the first five years, the salary of the website was subsidized by wages. However, as a migrant worker in North China, the low wages were unsustainable, and he returned to his hometown in Shanxi to open a computer training school to back up the website.

Sun Yutian

The user was charged any fees until the end of 2006, the number of platform users soared, and the operating costs increased. Sun Yutian only thought about the profitability of the website and introduced the charging mechanism:

Two-way charging for the auction sector, the sellers extracted 3.5% of the turnover. The buyer draws a turnover of 3%; the platform bookstore extracts 4% of the turnover of the old book, and receives a service fee of 100-600 yuan per year.

Sun Yutian has always been satisfied with the charging mechanism designed by himself. He does not use the auction ranking to charge extra service fees, which increases the additional burden on the business. Only when they successfully trade, will they draw commissions and increase the merchants. Psychological acceptance.

It is worth mentioning that the company had its first employee and first office in 2006, and the office was hidden in the residential building. Since then, he has been working in the residential building until he moved to the creative industry base outside Beijing’s Fifth Ring Road three years ago. He has not recruited any promotion staff for 15 years, and Sun Yutian himself does not have an independent office or even buy a residential house. .

Fortunately, as an early vertical subdivision platform, Kongnet has absorbed a large number of book stall sellers, and more and more scholars and book lovers have entered the network to form a benign growth. Maintain a natural growth rate of 30% every year.

In 2008, Kongnet visited an average of 1.2 million visitors per day, making it the fourth largest traffic portal in the C2C industry. In Internet Weekly, it was ranked fifth in the China Business Internet Ten-Year Leadership Summit and Top 100 Business Websites, second only to Taobao, Amazon, Paipai.com and Dangdang.

Unexpectedly, Sun Yutian did not know the selection and never attended any awards ceremony. He has very little contact with the outside world. The outside world knows the existence of the hole network, but rarely sees Sun Yutian, the low-key boss.

When the number of Internet business users and the turnover of a family rises year by year, they can make resources, build the founder IP, and preachThe company’s feelings and ingenuity stories are so busy that Sun Yutian lives in his own business world and plays the role of a lone ranger.

Catchers in the field

Living in a rented house, when they are in trouble, they go home to start a business and make up the website. For many years, Sun Yutian is in a stretched position. What is the power? Support him to the present?

Sun Yutian said that he liked literature from an early age, and his desire for money has not been strong. In the early years, a person raised a website for a long time, and later he was hired to recruit employees. His staff also said that Sun Yutian is not a professional, happy every day, traveling, reading, reading, eating, and living a life away from the dust.

On a large scale, Sun Yutian was pushed away by fate and inadvertently entered a blue ocean market. As the market continued to expand, he became the most important beneficiary, and this was the success of the library. As can be seen. However, Sun Yutian, who has been casual and sloppy for a long time, plans to speed up this year.

& ldquo;Why is this time?

In the face of reporters’ questions, Sun Yutian explained that after 15 years of precipitation, all aspects of resources are sufficient to support the rapid development of the network. After the rapid development of the Internet and the disillusionment of the bubble, the cost of recruiting talent will be reduced. More importantly, he hopes to build Kongnet and the Library into a business card of traditional culture, and organize a more comprehensive database of ancient books, so that more people can feel, learn and study Chinese traditional culture.

Sun Yutian said that his picture has always appeared in his mind: he is holding a grandson in his sorrowful years, and telling the story of the past emotionally, may not be thrilling, but every step is solid enough.

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Ren Huai wine, fragrant wine, Yu Cong, continued to write a new chapter of the small program platform

Ren Huai, a mellow Chinese national wine culture capital, a world card full of wine. Because of its rich wine country, it is well-known in China and foreign countries. Because of its main production of sauce-flavored white wine, it is fragrant and fragrant, and the liquor industry occupies half of the wine. In the face of the deep adjustment period and transformation and upgrading period of the National Liquor Department, Renhuai Sauce Liquor still occupies a good position with excellent quality and stable consumer market. The market recognition and reputation are continuously improved, production and sales are growing steadily, and industrial development is all the way. Good songs rush.

There is such a sauce fragrant wine company in Maotai Town. It does not make money by selling wine, but it earns a lot of profits. It sounds like a fantasy, but when you understand the mystery, you will be convinced to praise the head of the company. He is Yu Cong, general manager of Mengyu Sauce Wine Trading Co., Ltd., Renhuai City, Guizhou Province.

Yu Cong is a native of Renhuai, starting in 2005, “making wine, according to popular practices at the time.” The Yuyu sauce wine industry that Yu Cong is in charge is also a way of group purchase and customization, and the benefits have been good. However, in 2013, with the deep adjustment of the Chinese liquor industry, the market for the entire liquor industry entered a period of weakness. As a result, the sales of many liquor companies in Maotai Town began to decline. Yu Cong was keenly aware of the changes in the market. He realized that he could survive if he really entered the market. Therefore, he did not miss any opportunity to learn Internet e-commerce marketing.

How to make more consumers truly understand and accept the sauce? This is a problem that is faced by many companies in the sauce. In fact, who can take the lead in solving problems, who can take the lead in occupying the market high ground. By chance, Yu Cong came into contact with the WeChat small program platform. His eyes suddenly brightened: Can his own sauce and wine use this model? If he does it, he immediately set up his own marketing team and marketing network to build. It has a small program platform for the wine and wine, and the wine products on the platform are affordable and have a wide variety. Consumers only need to pay the corresponding postage, and a bottle of authentic Moutai sauce will be delivered to his hand. Some people have questioned that this is a loss of money. You can use Yu Cong’s words to say, “It’s very simple. I’m doing this by cutting off all the intermediate links and letting the sauce from the place of production directly to the consumer’s hands, so that they really understand and Accepting the savory wine, when is there no profit to earn?

In the downturn of the liquor industry, Yu Cong The wine-drinking fragrant wine platform was quickly recognized by consumers across the country, and the sauce liqueur under his name has continuously updated the history of corporate partners and product shipments, and is a small and medium-sized town in Maotai Town. The enterprise entered the “Internet era” and played a positive demonstration effect. Nothing is profitable, just when others are still staring at the cost of serving wine in the sauce wine industry, Yu Cong is using the Internet platform to seize the people’s table, from passive marketing to active marketing, integrating and sharing the data resources behind it. In Yu Cong’s opinion, he is not selling wine, but a model, service, spirit and culture. This may be the reason why he can seize the opportunity in a crucial period!

The wine industry is a traditional industry. In recent years, due to the limitations of traditional potential energy, there have been many conflicts with the Internet format, but the enthusiasm for embracing the Internet has been rising. However, the Internet+ of any industry has to go through the process from channel, to product, to marketing system, and then to the mainstream enterprise’s self-change. From the perspective of enterprise Internet+, there are no successful cases in which enterprises fully realize self-change; but from the consumer audience, more than 60% of the people have become accustomed to understanding alcohol knowledge and consumption information from the Internet. Yu Cong’s Renhe Liquor Sauce Liquor WeChat small program platform wants consumers to think and do it for the people. In the future, it will follow the party’s guidelines and go further and further under the Internet policy of the Internet. Synchronization of the times, adhering to the history and culture of the sauce wine, publicizing and explaining the culture of the sauce wine, so that more customers can drink the jade sauce and fragrant wine that is cheap and coveted, and write a new chapter of traditional culture.

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Why are the prices of water purifiers on the market so different?

When many families go to the mall to buy a water purifier, they find that the price difference is so big. Their working principle and material composition are similar, but the price is different by several thousand. Which price is better? What is the reason for this price difference?

First, horizontal contrast, different types of net The price of water is obviously different

Water purifier is also called water purifier, including pure water machine. According to the structure of filter element, it is divided into reverse osmosis water purifier and ultrafiltration water purifier, nanofiltration water. And so on. Commonly used in the market are reverse osmosis water purifiers and ultrafiltration water purifiers.

The biggest difference between the functions of the two water purifiers is:

1: The purified water from the reverse osmosis water purifier can reach the standard of pure water, while the ultrafiltration water purification The device can only filter and remove large molecules such as sediment in the water;

2: The reverse osmosis water purifier consumes electricity and produces waste water. Ultrafiltration water purifiers do not produce wastewater and do not require electrical energy.

Second, why the price difference between reverse osmosis water purifier and ultrafiltration water purifier is so large

For reverse osmosis water purifiers and ultrafiltration water purifiers, the price is not Comparability, because it belongs to two types of water purifiers, the price ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Therefore, when choosing a water purifier, we must first distinguish which kind of water purifier we need to purchase. Do not compare the price of the reverse osmosis water purifier with the ultrafiltration water purifier. The function of the water purifier is compared. According to the condition of the raw water, it is determined whether you want to drink pure water or want to drink mineral water.

Third, vertical contrast, the same type of water purifier, design and material differences also affect the price of water purifiers

In terms of design, the traditional water purifier The general volume is relatively large, relatively bulky, and is generally used directly in the kitchen and installed under the stage, so it is not very elegant in appearance. The middle and high-end consumers are more concerned about the appearance and volume, and the internal materials, all the water-related parts need to use food-grade materials. Therefore, the fully enclosed hot and cold machine and the vertical multi-purpose machine gradually become the mainstream products in the market. The price difference has also widened further.

IV. Brand comparison, comparison of technological innovation capabilities, the price difference of water purifiers is greatly enlarged

The technical ability of brand manufacturers is also the main reason for price differences. Manufacturers with strong technical capabilities, the products produced are of good performance, stable quality, perfect after-sales service, good reputation of users, and the price is naturally not the same.

Different brands of water purifiers use different materials and designs, which also determines the difference in price. The water purifier brand must be different from other brands and must shape its own product image. Therefore, it is generally more important in materials and design. It looks like the material is the same. In fact, the materials are very different.

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Mr. Xiong Zhonghui founded the education and training e-commerce platform to create a new benchmark for Internet education

Internet + education is a new form of education that combines the technology of the Internet with the field of education with the continuous development of science and technology. Informatization technology has penetrated into all aspects of society. In the field of education, a subversive change in informationization is happening quietly. In the modern information society, the Internet is characterized by efficient, fast and convenient dissemination. It plays an irreplaceable role in the study and life of primary and secondary school students, and has become a good helper for primary and secondary school students. This will not only help improve the ability of primary and secondary school students to learn and communicate online, but also help children to increase their knowledge, broaden their horizons, enlighten their wisdom, and stimulate their children’s curiosity and curiosity more effectively, and effectively develop the independence of primary and secondary school students. Good behavior habits of thinking and courage to explore. It is based on the characteristics of this era that the education and training e-commerce platform founded by Xiong Zhonghui came into being under such a large environment!

Information technology has penetrated into every aspect of society. In the field of education, a subversive change in informationization is happening quietly. The famous economist Tang Min had the idea that if the courses of Harvard University and Stanford University were mastered by most Indian young people, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of Indian young people would graduate from Harvard or Stanford 10 years later. And the young talents in China are still taught by traditional education. How do you compete with others?

The Internet has gradually become an indispensable means for primary and secondary school students to learn and live. Downloading assignments on the school website, discussing homework in the QQ group, and searching for information on the Internet have become the habits of primary and secondary school students to learn and live. It can be said that with the changes of the times and the development of high technology, as well as the increasing popularity of home computers and networks, the Internet has become a good helper for primary and secondary school students in their study and life. Through the education and training e-commerce platform founded by Mr. Xiong Zhonghui, it is not only conducive to mutual discussion and mutual learning and mutual exchanges between students and classmates, learning from each other’s strengths, learning together and making progress together. At the same time, we can further enhance understanding, communication and communication with teachers and parents, so that they can grow up healthily and vigorously.

The education and training e-commerce platform founded by Mr. Xiong Zhonghui is efficient, fast and convenient. It plays an irreplaceable role in learning and life, and has become a good helper for primary and secondary school students. Through education and training e-commerce platform app, it not only helps to improve the ability of primary and secondary school students to learn and communicate online, but also helps children to increase their knowledge, broaden their horizons, enlighten their wisdom, and more effectively stimulate children’s curiosity and curiosity. Effectively develop good behavior habits for primary and secondary school students to think independently and explore.

<;Internet+Education holds the future and hope. The majority of primary and secondary school students are the future of the motherland, the hope of the nation, and the expectations of the family. The education and training e-commerce platform established by Mr. Xiong Zhonghui will also help the country to realize the sharing of quality education resources through modern scientific and technological means, thus achieving educational equity. To develop smart education, give full play to the positive impact of the network, and enhance the child’s ability to control the network and learn and communicate through the network. Educate them to gradually acquire the ability to acquire, transmit, process and process all kinds of useful information from the Internet, acquire new knowledge from the Internet, continuously enhance children’s self-esteem, self-confidence and competitiveness, and fully mobilize the children’s enthusiasm, consciousness and initiative. Sex, exchange learning and methods to improve the quality and effectiveness of learning. In order to achieve the purpose of learning and education, we will truly let the network be used by our children, promote the healthy growth of primary and secondary school students, and comprehensively train the builders and successors of the future of the motherland!

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Aluminum alloy doors and windows to join, how can the situation of depression be saved?

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are not as easy to join as other industries, because they are hardware industry, so it will be difficult to see results quickly, so many people will choose to give up in the continuous wait and see. So how do we save this situation?

The signature products of Aichen doors and windows are security doors and windows, At the time, we should increase the propaganda in this area, which can greatly reduce the concerns of franchisees. This product is relatively rare on the market and is unique to us. Such words and descriptions will give franchisees a lot of confidence in our products.

The profitability of the security door and window system is higher than that of a single door and window, and it is a promising project, so we can vigorously promote the development of this piece and steadily ensure that the basic profit is achieved. development of.

The state has also issued a number of support policies in the door and window industry. At this time, the door and window manufacturers should pay attention to the implementation of the policy and must be properly implemented. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you are successful, you can go along this momentum and slowly consider the training of the franchisees, the location of the store and the mastery of the skills.

Do you know the joining situation of aluminum alloy doors and windows? For more related consultations, please go to the home page of Aichen. Ai Chen doors and windows, the most solid guardian of your home.

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What is the prospect of joining the project with smart doors and windows? Is it worth investing?

Many people are interested in the comparison of smart doors and windows, attracting many entrepreneurs who want to join the smart doors and windows to join this market. However, due to the fact that the prospect of joining the smart door and window joining this project is not very well understood, next, we will “what is the prospect of joining the project with smart doors and windows? Is it worth investing? Do a detailed analysis:

Technology, energy saving is the development concept of smart door and window franchise stores. Building materials have always advocated the harmonious combination of technology and art, people and the environment. The brand building materials investment brand through the unique development mode of one-stop home building materials supermarket, unique in the industry Competitive advantages. The combination of product charm and market demand of smart door and window franchise stores form a one-stop shopping platform; the products are diversified in form and quality is guaranteed, which is very popular with consumers.

The resurgence of the housing market means that the building materials market is booming again. Therefore, as a visionary entrepreneur, you should quickly grasp the good projects such as brand building materials joining! Home life To be colorful, there must be colorful home decorations. The bathroom is no longer monotonous white. With the brand building materials, you can choose the colorful smart door and window franchise products. Brand building materials, leading brands of home building materials, leading the new fashion, is willing to work with you to create a better future.

Each brand’s smart door and window franchise store makes it easier to create water. When the store is opened, the entrepreneurs understand the problem and maintain the strong entrepreneurship of the smart door and window franchise in the market. Strength, so that the advantages of smart door and window franchise stores in the market is more prominent, such smart door and window franchise stores attract people is important!

So, what about the products of Aisen’s doors and windows, is it worth investing?

Achen has set up two R&D centers, sales centers and two large production bases in Melbourne, Australia and Foshan, Guangdong, China. city. It integrates R&D, production, sales, installation, commissioning and after-sales service. It is a professional door and window manufacturing enterprise with high starting point and strong R&D capability. The company’s design content has won hundreds of national authorized patents. The production base of Aichen has been continuously upgraded and upgraded, and the production line has been fully developed in the direction of automation. At present, it has the production capacity of 90,000 square meters of safety doors and windows.

Our door and window products are all developed and manufactured to ensure family safety. This is our most prominent highlight. In addition, we use software and hardware to make our customers get a safe home. Aichen is a way to create a combination of Internet smart technology and traditional doors and windows to promote the market. In the next three years, high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows will develop towards smart doors and windows. Once again, Aichen has led the market in the door and window industry with products, plus industry. Mature market operation team, advanced terminal operation mode and perfect service system.

After joining Aichen Doors and Windows, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Free full storefront Decoration design (including floor plan, construction drawing)

2, free advertising graphic design and active material design template

3, loading support

4, Renovation subsidy support

5, training support

6, staff support

7, advertising support

8, activity support

9, special support

10, technical support

Ai Chen deeply understands that in the era of impetuous loss of self-seeking, this is a necessary condition for a brand to become a major Ai Chen is not only producing products, but also operating products. He is not only operating products, but the soul of trading creation. Joining Ai Chen, you understand the truth of doing things, join Ai Chen, and bring you to experience the real Ingenuity, joining Aichen, you will not only get wealth, join Aichen, you will get the pursuit of self-worth.

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Xiaomi Life shares a hot ticket in the hot agent, a good project chosen by entrepreneurs

Xiaomi Life, Dangdang Travel, Sharing Trolley, High Policy, Recruiting City Partners

Recruiting Partner WeChat: QQ9349146

Tel: QQ934914

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