CAN sees the introduction of smart TV systems, station and radio and television

On September 27th, the country’s Guangdong CIBN Internet TV’s TV brand CAN is still in Beijing to release the TV UI 2.0-based independent intellectual property CAN UI smart TV system, And the new 55-inch flagship models look at the super TV X55.

As we all know, unlike the Android operating system used by most smart TVs, TVOS 2.0 is a smart TV operating system with national independent intellectual property rights, which was launched by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television in late 2015. In addition to the traditional radio and television organizations, Huawei, Ali, ZTE, LeTV and other Internet TV boxes & lsquo; leader & rsquo; also become TVOS member units. TVOS2.0 has a unified & lsquo; TV rivers & lakes & rsquo; momentum, this CAN is still released based on TVOS 2.0 CAN UI smart TV system, which means that CAN is still smart TV station in the camp of the radio and television department, the future TVOS once To become an industry standard, CAN is no doubt a starting point higher than its competitors.

At the beginning of this month, CAN Watch also launched a new mobile HiFiaudio product CANsolo M, and a set of living room audio and TV The box-in-one product, the CANbar S2 Pro, solves the problem of both thin film and audio-visual effects, as well as the industry’s first home TV DTS zone. In just one year since the entry into the Internet TV market in 2015, it can be seen that CAN has been gradually improving its “wings” and ecological layout through a soft and hard layout. At present, CAN sees that the activation of Internet TV hardware has exceeded 350,000, and the weekly operating rate has exceeded 90%. It is expected to achieve a sales target of 1 million by the end of this year.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the bamboo flooring of the floor entry knowledge!

In the home decoration, the floor is a big horn. The current home floor decoration materials are various. Bamboo flooring has a certain position in the market because of its environmental protection, low price, beautiful appearance and so on. There are some advantages and disadvantages in the decoration of the preferred materials, bamboo flooring, we will go to the details:

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What is bamboo flooring?

Bamboo flooring is bamboo Combined with wood, the recycled products are generally made of high-quality bamboo, and the core layer is mostly fir, eucalyptus and other wood, after a series of anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, high-pressure, high temperature and glue, Nearly 40 complicated processes such as rotary grinding can be made into a new type of composite floor.

Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring:

Advantages of bamboo flooring:

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 1. Superior performance:

Natural and fresh bamboo flooring Delicate and smooth, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, tough, elastic, etc.; at the same time, its surface hardness can be compared with common wood species such as cherry wood, eucalyptus, etc.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 2, not easy to deform

Bamboo flooring Because the floor core material uses wood as raw material, it has excellent stability, durability and good foot feel. , sound insulation performance is good.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 3, warm in winter and cool in summer

Bamboo flooring material makes it so cool in winter and cool in summer Especially suitable for interior decoration such as home environment.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 4, good health

Bamboo flooring surface bamboo texture absorbs ultraviolet rays The function is elegant and soft, which is beneficial to people’s vision; it does not produce heat and heat, and can automatically adjust and maintain the temperature. Living for a long time can reduce the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease in the elderly.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 5, the price is cheaper

Relative to solid wood flooring, the price of bamboo flooring is generally The price of solid wood flooring is cheap, the price of bamboo flooring is generally 110-150 yuan / square meter, and the wooden floor is more expensive.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 6, Easy installation

Bamboo flooring installation is relatively simple, one step in place, no need to paint, saves labor and time, does not pollute the indoor environment; in addition, it can be directly paved without keel, effectively retaining indoor space.

Advantages of bamboo flooring: 7, simple maintenance

Bamboo flooring is relatively simple to maintain, you can use a damp cloth or mop to wring dry Yes, easy to dust, good maintenance.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring:

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring: 1. Adhesive is easy to fall off

Bamboo flooring flooring is essentially a multi-layer composite paste press. Due to the different adhesives chosen by different manufacturers, there is no guarantee that there will be no shedding, depending on the quality of the manufacturer.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring: 2, easy to layer

Bamboo wood flooring is a combination of bamboo and wood, mainly paste, by the day The effects of sun exposure and humidity can cause delamination.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring: 3, not waterproof

Bamboo flooring is the same as solid wood flooring, not waterproof, and will expand and deform after encountering water. Even the paint is foaming, and it has been moldy and rotten for a long time.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring: 4, can not be used for floor heating

Solid wood flooring can be used for floor heating, but ordinary bamboo flooring can not It is also one of the shortcomings of bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly floor decoration material, and it is cheap and easy to install. It is necessary to understand some advantages and disadvantages before choosing. The above is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring, I hope to help everyone.

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The new energy efficiency standard for refrigerators will be implemented, and the new standard products will save 40% of electricity.

From October 1st, the newly revised “Home refrigerator power consumption limit value and energy efficiency rating” mandatory performance national standard will be formally implemented.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the market and saw that the eager merchants have posted the 2015 new standard, and some of the inventory products with lower energy efficiency ratings are ready to be reduced during the National Day.

“The old level rises “The new level of power saving 40%

It is understood that the new version of “Household electricity refrigerator power consumption limit The value and energy efficiency rating have been revised as early as last year and will be officially implemented on October 1 this year. This indicates that the 2008 edition of the energy efficiency standards for more than seven years will be withdrawn from the historical arena.

Introduction to the industry said that the new standard was introduced, the main purpose is to “saving electricity and saving money, low consumption environmental protection, all kinds of home appliances overall To develop in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, the energy efficiency standards of the old version of the refrigerator are slightly lower than the international standards. After this revision, the new national standard has already exceeded the international standard. The new standard still divides the energy efficiency rating into five levels, of which the first-level product is the most energy-efficient, and the old-level power consumption is reduced by 40% to reach the new level. Some analysts predict that after the implementation of the new standard, more than 20% of high-energy-consuming products in the market will be eliminated, and the overall energy efficiency of refrigerators will increase by about 10%. In addition, the new standard has expanded its scope to include traditional products such as refrigerators, freezers and freezers, as well as innovative products such as wine coolers, horizontal refrigerated freezers.

“The new level will increase by about 1,000 yuan

The sales monitoring data for the first half of this year shows that the retail volume of first-class energy-efficient refrigerators has accounted for 96% of all commodities. . However, after the implementation of the new national standard, about 80% of the products will be “from the moment”; the old level is “new”. In order to meet the new first-class standards, many factories need to update their equipment and need technical research and development, which will increase production costs. Therefore, compared with the “old-class products,” Or it will rise by 600 yuan to 1,000 yuan. However, this part of the price will also be recovered in the long-term use of residents by saving electricity. The insiders also suggested that in fact, the new two-level refrigerators are in line with households, and there is no need to pursue a new level.

Yesterday, consumers who are purchasing refrigerators in a home appliance chain store said that refrigerators need to be plugged in 24 hours, which is the electricity used in the home. Large customers will consider purchasing more energy-saving electricity. product.

Inventory products face price cuts

The reporter saw in some appliance stores that some impatient businesses have posted the 2015 new national standard. A brand promoter said that the manufacturer produced new models in accordance with the new standards in the first half of this year. Although it was officially implemented on October 1, it gave consumers a choice.

In addition, in the store, there are also some old models ready to cut prices during the holiday season. Another well-known brand sales staff told reporters that from October 1st to 7th, there will be 7 consecutive days of profit-sharing activities, many products not only directly cut prices, but also give extra gifts. According to the overall deployment of the headquarters, most of the participating activities are old stocks, and new products are also reduced in price, but the magnitude is relatively small.

Industry reminds consumers that even after October 1, the old and new standards will mix and match for a long time, because businesses need to digest inventory. Therefore, when consumers purchase goods, they should pay attention to distinguish between old and new versions. The new version of the refrigerator energy efficiency label also adds a two-dimensional code. Using the mobile phone to scan, you can know the information about the product record and other public information.

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“Modern antique bricks” have become a new favorite in the building materials market

ModernAntique bricks suddenly become a hot word in the end dealers and consumers, and the modern antique bricks of the simple style are gradually becoming stronger. The classic antique bricks that replace the heavy makeup have become the new darling of the market, and the prospects are considerable.

The main sales channels of antique bricks are home improvement, designer and retail; antique bricks have high requirements for service support due to their product characteristics, and plans and renderings are required. , paving maps, but also to the site to put on the guidance, the service is much more complicated than the light products, the requirements for dealers are also relatively high. Despite this, the antique bricks, which are mainly for the middle and high-end groups, still have advantages over the bright products. Many of the renovation cases are villa luxury housesRenovation, its market space is very impressive, and the single value of the transaction is also significantly higher. The average value of ordinary antique bricks is 30,000 yuan, and the single value of more than 100,000 yuan is also quite a lot.

1. Terminal dealers and consumers’ understanding of antique bricks

Antique bricks, as the name implies, are simply tiles with antique effects. Imitate the old style and make it look old. With the unique charm of , it attracts people’s attention. To reflect the vicissitudes of the years and the heavy history, the antique bricks create nostalgia through style, color and pattern. The atmosphere.

Chang Xiaochen, a distributor of Changzhou Bononia ceramics, believes that antique bricks have a historical heritage, and each series can have a story, which can have Chinese, American, European, these styles are all living. Antique bricks are actually not the products of China’s ceramics industry. They were first introduced from abroad. Antique brick itself is a popular product in the European market, and it is one of the main display products in the annual Bologna exhibition in Italy. As a foreign product, the antique brick itself has a strong European court style or American country style. In the early years, the more popular classic antique bricks are the courtesy of the color or the rural style, in recent years, the main style of modern antique bricks with black and white gray tone and simple style has swept, becoming the new favorite of the younger generation of consumers.

At the end, consumers are concerned about the fancy style of the tiles and the overall decorative effect. In terms of product style, the proportion of traditional antique bricks with strong traditional colors is declining. Modern antique bricks with a simple and fresh style are increasingly popular with young consumers.

Since 2015, the concept of “modern antique bricks” has become the new darling of the ceramic industry, holding the “return or “the transformation of the banner to enter the modern antique bricks of the number of enterprises and brands gradually climbed.

Investigative reporters found that “modern antique bricks suddenly became the hot words of the terminal distributors and consumers. The modern antique bricks that are blowing simple style are gradually replacing the classic antique bricks with heavy makeup and re-applied. The new darling of the market.

Modern antique bricks are developed on the basis of traditional antique bricks, but compared with the traditional style of traditional antique bricks, the traditional antique bricks are The freedom of design and application is very large, and it is not limited to the limitations of a certain style. It is designed by mixing and mixing different fashion elements such as cement, wood grain and cloth to present different spatial effects, especially in Modern minimalist style is more obvious. In addition, in terms of specifications, modern antique bricks have also made breakthroughs, and the specifications are diversified. Unlike classic antique bricks, which are mainly small-sized squares, modern antique bricks are mainly made up of large specifications, including 600× 600mm, 800× 800mm, 900× 900mm. , 600 & times; 1200mm, etc., so the application of the product is bold, innovative, diversified, easier to control. Therefore, the consumer groups facing it are also more extensive.

Classic antique bricks emphasize the retro style, darker colors, more complex product applications; modern antique bricks are modern minimalist The style is mainly based on the light color of black and white and gray. It combines modern design elements and focuses on the 80s and 90s consumer groups that pursue fashion, individuality and simplicity.

In the industry, it is predicted that, unlike the breakthrough development of classic antique bricks, the modern antique bricks have a very clear market prospect. The emergence of this category may promote the development of antique bricks. Fast lane.

In fact, the reporter’s survey in many markets also found that with the 80s and 90s becoming the mainstay of household consumption, the simple style that this young generation of consumer groups liked is driving the rapid growth of sales of modern antique bricks. Let the antique bricks that have been tepid, “fire.”

Overall, modern winds are on the market. At 80,Under the fashion, simple and personalized consumer appeal of the post-90s consumer groups, antique bricks provide a new development idea for the ceramics enterprises seeking differentiated management with their diverse and varied product features and spatial style. Warm up quickly.

Zhou Hanming, deputy general manager of Tianjin Aijiahui Trading Co., Ltd., who also represented Samet and Maraz, told reporters that with the rejuvenation of consumer groups, in terms of style, the original popular European style, American style is changing to a minimalist style. Zhou Hanming said that many young people nowadays do not like heavy-duty products, especially those with smaller houses. The color of tiles is too heavy and will be very depressed. The same European and American styles are more popular with lighter colors. This is what everyone said “small Europe,” small beauty style. He believes that style products will be popular in the next 5-10 years. The survey shows that in many markets, the market share of classic antique bricks is declining, while modern minimalist antique bricks are gradually rising.

2, antique brick sales and market share

Antique bricks are still niche products, and the general sales volume will not be very large, comprehensive Wuxi , Changzhou, Danyang, Nanjing, Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Chengdu, Xi’an and other markets, antique brick sales accounted for about 15% of total tile consumption — 20% . Individual cities have a higher market share. In Jinan, antique bricks account for about 30%.

Under the trend of young consumers’ pursuit of fashion, nature and comfortable space decoration, the classic antique bricks are changing with an unimaginable sense of the times, and the product system is no longer limited to old and deep. The color tone, constantly blending into the bright, simple, atmospheric and modern elements has become an irreversible trend in the development of this product.

As a product of the trend of the times, the modern antique bricks with a fresh and simple style have indeed opened the market with antique bricks that have always occupied a limited market share. The modern antique brick texture is more diverse, the surface effect is more abundant, and more elements can be imitated, which can better meet the aesthetic effect of consumers. After several years of development and precipitation, modern antique bricks have produced a qualitative leap in the physical performance standards of products, which can meet the needs of various types of applications. It is foreseeable that modern antique bricks will occupy a more important position in the terminal market, thus driving the market share of glazed antique products.

Xinzhongyuan Ceramics has launched the Tuscan modern antique bricks, and with the opening of the Chinese design star, through the development of designer channels, its Tuscan modern antique bricks have been well received by the market. Recognized, it has become a rising star in the field of antique bricks. Wang Ruijin, a distributor of Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Wuxi, told reporters that this year, relying on the antique brick brand of New Zhongyuan, Tuscany has driven a lot of sales, and this product is currently the most popular. He also expects sales this year to increase by 20% & mdash; 30%.

Wu Guanghua, deputy general manager of Beijing Zhongxin Ceramics Retail Business Department, also told reporters that Tuscan sales growth has been obvious in recent years, and it has doubled in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year. He feels that the market space has further expanded, and more and more people buy antique bricks.

Zhang Guohua, a distributor of Changzhou Dongpeng Tiles, told reporters that the current antique bricks of Changzhou Dongpeng are in their infancy, and it is expected that the market share of antique bricks will account for 30% in the next few years. Dai Jinfang, a distributor of Tianjin Rome Leo, said that in Tianjin, the market space for antique bricks is still very large. He introduced that this year, due to the store upgrade and the continuous product line of the manufacturers, the overall situation is good. The sales in the first half of the year increased by about 20% compared with the same period of last year.

Jinyi, a distributor of Jinan Jinyi Tao, told reporters that Jinyitao launched a new modern antique product this year. The products and exhibition halls are all Italian styles and have been widely recognized by consumers.

Zhou Qiufa, manager of Xinzhongyuan Qingdao Region, is very optimistic about the market prospects of antique bricks. He believes that the market space of antique bricks is very large, because young people pursue modern, simple and fashionable styles. The attitude of consumption is determined. He also said that with the rejuvenation of the consumer groups and the improvement of the cultural level, the market share of antique bricks will gradually increase.

3. The main sales channels of antique bricks

The main sales channels of antique bricks are home improvement, designer and retail. Dealers often cooperate with home improvement companies, and retail sales also account for a large proportion, and there is also some cooperation with designers.

Tianjin Roman Leo dealer Dai Jinfang has represented the antique brick brand for more than 17 years. He said that the antique bricks have high requirements for service, and they must plan, render, and map the map. Guidance, the service is much more complicated than the light products. Despite this, the antique bricks, which are mainly for the middle and high-end groups, still have advantages over the bright products. Its market space is very impressive, and the single value of the transaction is also significantly higher. Dai Jinfang introduced that the average value of antique bricks is 30,000 yuan, and the single value of more than 100,000 yuan is also quite a lot.

This is also recognized by Wang Dahu, general manager of Tianjin Jinyitao Sales Center. Wang Dahu introduced that they have more big orders. In the past, there were more single values ​​below 20,000 yuan, and now many single values ​​reach 100,000 yuan. In Wang Dahu’s view, this not only shows that consumers’ consumption power is enhanced, but also shows that the market has a higher recognition of modern minimalist antique bricks. For this reason, Tianjin Jinyitao’s future development direction is diversified channels, andFocus on developing high-end customers. Wang Dahu said that channel diversification is a trend. The channels are mainly distributed and home improvement, as well as designer channels, and also cooperate with package companies. Going up and going down, there are designers and decoration companies, and there are package companies such as Shichuang and Life.

Li Yufeng, general manager of Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Jinan Marketing Center, told reporters that antique bricks must be assisted by designers, and it is difficult for customers to see the results themselves. To this end, they set up resident designers to help customers choose products and provide them with renderings.

Chang Guodong Peng ceramic tile dealer Zhu Guohua began to adopt a different operating strategy this year, adopting the business model of “direct sales plus distribution”, plans to develop 20&mdash in Changzhou; 30 distributors, they operate independently. Then he can be a lot easier as a general agent, and he can have a fixed net profit income without having to pay too much labor cost and service cost. At present, five stores have opened, and the sixth store is ready to start business.

Changzhou Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Zheng Youhua mainly takes home decoration and retail channels, and the engineering channels are basically not done. He will work with other home improvement brands, such as selling flooring, selling ceiling, selling bathroom, everyone introduces each other Customers, or some alliance promotions, are all good for driving sales.

Wu Junlin, general manager of Beijing Summit Ceramics Marketing Center, said that Summit has three major channels of engineering, distribution and direct sales in Beijing. Its matt bricks are all classic antique bricks, mainly taking engineering channels.

4. The terminal promotion mode of antique bricks

The sales of antique bricks in the market are constantly rising, reflecting that antique bricks are receiving more and more attention from consumers, but how to really make small The antique bricks are popularized in the market, which is the direction that manufacturers and distributors must work hard.

Under the 80s and 90s, the consumer group’s fashionable, simple and personalized consumer appeals, the decoration style of antique bricks, especially modern antique bricks, just caters to the mainstream demand of today’s consumer bodies, and the antique bricks are ushered in. The best time to develop. How to seize the opportunity of the times and truly push the antique bricks of the niche to the public. This is a problem that manufacturers and dealers need to think about and solve.

In the past, the Chinese ceramics industry has been in short supply of products. In the seller’s era, there is a large amount of information opaque between the production and consumption of ceramic tiles at this stage. It directly led the tile manufacturers to completely focus on the self-manufacturing of the products. Even if there is no shortage of innovative products in the industry, the innovation of this product is based on the “manufacturing and “process” and lack of market and consumers. Understanding and satisfying needs.

Tiles are semi-finished products. Consumers will never care how the products are produced. What kind of technology is used? The focus is always on the physical properties of the products and the spatial effects that can be decorated. That is, what kind of space style can be presented. For ceramic tile manufacturers, the sale of ceramic tiles to the sale of space has become the consensus of the whole industry. In the future, “selling space to consumers” will be guided by the concept of providing modern and simple lifestyle. The work that must be done.

In order to guide dealers and consumers to recognize this concept, companies must increase their promotion efforts, organize more diverse activities, build more dealer stores, and let modern antiques The modern, natural and simple lifestyle presented is really coming to the consumer.

The modern antique style of this tile decoration presents the space style. In the future, it must be the advocacy and return of the modern and simple lifestyle.

At the same time, although the modern antique style has gradually become hot, this style is more limited to first- and second-tier cities. Third- and fourth-tier cities also need manufacturers, distributors, designers, etc. With the effort, the formation of the blowout in the country will take some time to settle, and it needs to pass the design-centered marketing system effectively.

In general, modern antique bricks need to establish a complete operating system including products, display design, marketing planning, in order to be truly promoted in the terminal.

5. Analysis of the characteristics of antique brick consumer groups

The survey data shows that among the main force of the current home improvement, wedding room decoration accounted for 40%, improving living Accounted for 28%, and these two markets from the age of the main structure, mostly after 80, 90. The main consumer group has been replaced. After 80 and 90, the younger generation has become the largest ceramic tile consumer group.

The main consumer groups of antique bricks are 80 and 90. With the changes of the times, 80 and 90 have become the main consumer of the family, they have a unique aesthetic, coupled with the atmosphere of the whole society, including fashion magazines, home improvement magazines are introduced by master design, these masters design a lot They are European or American design, or they are a minimalist style route. Nowadays, young people are very fashionable. They are easily attracted by the Internet and have high acceptance of foreign culture. Under the guidance of various factors, the present is young. The main force of a generation of consumers prefers this European or American style or simple style. The decoration effect of antique bricks just caters to the needs of young consumers.

As a new generation that has grown up in the context of rapid improvement in living standards, accelerated global integration, and disruptive development of Internet technologies, most consumers after 1980s and 1990s have a broader perspective than the previous generation. Knowledge and unique values. Coupled with the need to carry heavy life pressures in modern society, the new generation is choosing homeWhen it comes to style, it is often more eager to go to the simple and stylish style. This sense of space is best explained by modern antique bricks. Coupled with high housing prices, small apartment, small apartment has become the main force of real estate development, modern simplicity has become the preferred style for young group decoration.

As the 80s and 90s gradually became the main consumer groups, modern minimalist antique bricks became more and more popular. Zhou Qiufa, manager of Xinzhongyuan Qingdao Region, said that Xinzhongyuan is building antique brick stores in Qingdao, Yantai, Jining and other cities in Shandong.

Samite dealer Wang Yigang said that the consumer group of antique bricks has 70, 80, and some 90. After 70, more traditional antique bricks are chosen, and the traditional and simple styles are used. After 80s and 90s, more modern antique style bricks and fresh personality rustic style antique bricks will be selected.

Wang Xinyi, general manager of Dongpeng Qingdao dealers believes that overall, the modern style is on the market. Qingdao people originally liked the luxurious decoration, which is relatively simple now. Too luxurious will be aesthetically fatigued.

In terms of consumer groups, the Beijing antique brick consumer group is mainly after 80s, and covers some 70s and 90s. In terms of color and style, modern minimalist, European and American styles are most popular with consumers.

It is worth mentioning that with the 80s and 90s becoming the mainstream consumer groups, young people no longer like the pure European and American styles that are too heavy, but prefer modern minimalism, “small European , & ldquo; small beauty style.

6. Forecast of the antique brick market

For a long time, due to the complexity of the use of classic antique bricks and the particularity of the spatial style, its market growth rate is slow, but modern antiques In the brick market, there is a chance to make a big breakthrough in the short term. In the era of personalization and youthfulness, modern antique bricks have an enormous market.

The future is the future of modern antique bricks. The uniqueness of modern antique bricks captures the consumer demand of the younger generation.

The modern antique bricks pursue nature, comfort and elegance. They have already set off a global craze for enthusiasm. They have also been enthusiastic about more elites in China. They believe that modern antique bricks are the future trend. With the rise of the young consumer groups after the 80s and 90s, the rapid improvement of people’s living standards and the growing demand for personalized home decoration, more and more consumer groups like simple, fashionable, and simple antique bricks, The modern style of antique brick market is vast.

In terms of product trends, at this year’s Bologna exhibition in Italy, industrial and antique bricks in black and white and gray tones are popular, and the specifications have also increased. It is expected that antique bricks will continue to be simple, stylish and fresh. Development, product specifications will be greater, as the production process matures, the imitation texture will be more realistic. The future is to sell style rather than simply selling tiles. The development of antique bricks will pay more attention to the overall space and overall style display.

7. Market research summary

This survey of antique bricks, the biggest feeling of the reporter is that, under the driving of modern antique bricks, the status of antique bricks on the market is currently Large changes will occur and the market heat in the future will rise further.

The Chinese ceramic tile industry has gone through more than 20 years of bright and luxurious fashion, and the era of antique bricks is still coming.

Under the market background of the main consumer groups after 80 and 90, the simple, modern, fashionable and natural tile space decoration effect is highly sought after, which greatly strengthens the ceramics to go modern and simple products. Confidence in the route. Modern antique bricks are shaping their charms with their unique space, and they are setting off a popular trend in the ceramics industry and the terminal market.

The current strong antique brick brands in the terminal are Marco Polo tiles, golden ceramic tiles, new Zhongyuan Tuscany, bees (IMOLA ceramics), Roman Leo Tiles, mango tiles, Bononia tiles, Ge Shitao tiles (Chengdu, Wuhan). In the multi-market, antique brick sales accounted for about 15% of total tile consumption — 20%. Driven by modern antique bricks, the market share is expected to increase further.

Modern antique bricks are required for product support, including matching tiles waistline, supporting application design, and supporting terminal sales training. According to the words in the line, “the whole design style is sold, not just bricks. This requires the cumulative improvement of production technology, the accumulation of brand power and the construction of the terminal sales team.

In fact, ceramic tile production design is for end use. With the increasing experience of domestic production, sales and application of modern antique bricks, the development of more and more solid, domestic and modern antique brick products The gap with Italy will be smaller and smaller, even like polished tiles, and will eventually lead the world.

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How can we make the management upgrade process of the floor enterprise fast and secure?

First, identify the cause of the disease

First of all, there must be a profound and ruthless analysis of the floor enterprise management system, accurately know the relationship between various management methods and results And know the interaction between them. Therefore, following the principle that ‘the illness may not be in the pain’, finding out the management reasons that affect the problem, you can know the influence relationship and possible side effects between them, so you will not have a painful footache or a headache. It will not cure the pain of the foot and cause headaches.

Unlike some practices, find the best standard, and the best standard is not the same problem, according to the best to solve the problem.

Second, no revolution, no flight, no crawling

Following the ‘fast improvement on the basis of existing’, It is not completely denying the existing management content. Through the implementation of important management plug-in points on the original basis, the enterprise management will be promoted to achieve leap-forward improvement. This will not cause the company to fall into chaos because of the leap in management, and it will not suffocate because the promotion is too slow to delay the effect of the company. Rather than doing so, take a standard practice that has nothing to do with the company, and the final result is the same as the ‘Hundred Days Reform’.

Third, to build momentum with the law, to guide the potential

Chinese scholars Han Feizi stressed the law, surgery, potential management The comprehensive application has created China’s first unified feudal dynasty. The plug-in approach follows the principle of ‘unity is power’. In the implementation process, we will focus on shaping the success climate of the company, awakening the employees’ awareness, and constantly obtaining the support and recognition of the employees with the effect, so as not to cause excessive resentment and opposition from the employees. Due to the support and participation of the employees, there will be no situation of ‘sandwich rice’ caused by dissatisfaction of the employees, and the company will not be torn apart due to the disputes of the employees, and will not be killed because of the opposition of the employees.

Release date: 2012/5/22 13:16:17

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The small problem that usually occurs when installing anti-static floor, how to decontaminate the floor!

First, the deformation is upturned, the corner of the wall is large.

Cause: The floor is not adapted to the indoor environment, the ground is not dry


(1) Be sure to keep the floor dry before installation. If possible, ask for 24 hours advance floor delivery, and let the floor adapt to the room temperature and humidity before paving.

(2) Confirm that the foundation is flat, the height is less than 3mm / 2000mm, carefully cleaned to ensure that the ground is smooth and clean. No swarf, dust and unevenness are required. If the difference between the height and the height of the space is 20mm, it must be leveled.

(3) the wall should also be straight, so as not to sew the ground line; before installing the baseboard, first drill holes in the wall, the nail spacing is no more than half a meter, otherwise the baseboard is not secure ;

Second, arching

Cause: No seams are left during installation


(1) According to different wood species characteristics Leave 8~12mm clearance around to prevent moisture expansion;

(2) It is recommended that each room be self-contained, and the doors of different rooms are separated by metal buckles, such as large area. Every 8 to 10 meters apart, to alleviate the effects of thermal expansion and contraction.

Other installation tips:

(1) The living room floor of the room should be slightly higher than the kitchen floor to protect it from moisture;

(2)Install the floor Enter furniture and ventilation as soon as possible. Because the entire space only has the lowest moisture content of the floor before there is furniture. All moisture is absorbed by the floor. After entering the furniture, the furniture has low water content, which will separate part of the moisture, which is more conducive to floor maintenance.

Third, there is a sound on the floor.


(1) The uneven keel causes the floor to be uneven or the floor keel to swell after moisture absorption;

(2) The floor is too thin, there is no roughing floor;

(3) the ground keel spacing is too large, the floor support is not strong;

(4) wet season, the floor has passed dry.


(1) the general floor after fumigation moisture content will not exceed the standard, the matching keel must choose a regular product;

(2) laying keel recommendations 4 m keel per flat floor to make the support solid;

(3) Wooden keel and fur floor laying requirements: It should meet the standards of China Engineering Construction Standardization Association: CECS191:2005 “Technical Specifications for Wood Flooring Engineering.”

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Ingenious decontamination:

Use a candle to decontaminate the anti-static floor. Accumulate the remaining candle heads. When collecting a certain amount, cut it off the wick, weigh it, add the same amount of turpentine to the wax. In the pot filled with cold water, boil in water, so that the candle is melted, stirred and poured into a tank for cooling. In order to make the anti-static floor easy and labor-saving, the anti-static floor wax can be slightly heated before use.

Use a self-dosing agent to decontaminate the anti-static floor. In a large pot, add soft soap, bleaching earth, soda 450g and 2270ml of water to mix thoroughly, boil them and simmer them to half of the original volume. Then cool and store in the tank for use. Use a hard brush to wipe the stain on the anti-static floor, usually along the lines of the anti-static floor, then wash it with hot water and dry it.

Salad oil, milk and tea for anti-static Decontamination. When rubbing the anti-static floor, add a few drops of salad oil to the water to make the anti-static floor very bright. Or use sour milk with a little vinegar, not only can be decontaminated, but also can be polished very bright. In addition, paint floor The dirt on it can be wiped off with strong tea juice. Wipe the stain on the kitchen floor with burnt honeycomb ash, then smear the vinegar on the mop to wipe the floor. It is also easy to remove the stain.

Concentrated alkaline water. Anti-static floor with oil traces such as grease, can be washed with boiled concentrated solution of concentrated alkali, then covered with smudged dough mixed with bleaching earth and hot water, and kept for one night. Wash again and repeat if necessary.

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Floor enterprise innovation must be guarded against misunderstanding

‘Competition homogenization’ is a serious problem faced by flooring manufacturers today, and most flooring companies also realize that the current era of profit in the flooring market has long since been far away. As of the current situation of the flooring market, the total market shrinks. With little market gap and fierce competition, under such a situation, flooring companies must continue to innovate to open up the blue ocean, inject special operations, and focus on innovation before they can gain a share in the fierce market and gain a foothold.

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Floor Enterprise Innovation Must Beware of Misunderstandings

It can be said that ‘innovation’ is gradually becoming the main theme of marketing development of flooring companies, but when this kind of thinking goes into Misunderstandings, it is also very easy to sink the trap. So, what are the most likely mistakes for floor companies to enter into marketing innovations?

Miscellaneous, heavy behavioral innovation, light strategic thinking And model innovation

Innovation in Chinese corporate marketing, focusing on the end-to-end melodies and the unpredictable channel price strategy, but in the marketing value proposition In terms of marketing strategy thinking and marketing model, there has been no systematic breakthrough. This has made Chinese enterprise marketing innovation always stay at the level of ‘training and overtaking’, and it is difficult to shake the game rules of the whole industry and form its own strategic core. Expertise and skills to create a continuous differentiation of corporate marketing.

Miscellaneous 2, innovation of competitive factors, neglect Customer Value Innovation

The main force of Chinese enterprise marketing innovation is the competitive factors and competition methods, such as the cost-based, single competition-based price war, and the continuous adjustment of channel policies. Frequent refurbishment of terminal promotion methods, sweeping tactics of people’s sea goods, etc., but neglecting innovation based on customer value, ignoring the elements of marketing, namely the innovation of human capital value and customer capital value:

(1) Ignore the price war is based on the cost-leading price war;

(2) The competition of enterprises should be based on customer value innovation Competition, such as responding quickly to customer needs, focusing on customer core values, reducing prepaid costs, reducing support costs, and saving internal resources to enable customers to gain value, helping customers increase revenue, taking on customer risk and partial relationship responsibilities, reducing customer purchases The total cost of products and services;

(3) focus on the thrust of the terminal, while ignoring the brand’s pull, ignoring the value of the customer by increasing the brand value ;

(4) Focus on extensive human resources in the market Resource investment, while ignoring the capacity development of human resources and the value added of talents.

Mission 3, innovation of the marketing function module, neglecting the collaborative innovation of the marketing value chain


The growth of Chinese companies is mainly driven by marketing, which promotes the professionalization of marketing functions and enhances its position in the management functions of the entire enterprise. But from the entire industrial value chain From the perspective, the innovation of marketing functions is only in the marketing function itself. There is no collaborative innovation based on supply chain and value chain marketing, ignoring the innovation of products and technologies. This makes the innovation of marketing function become an island, which makes the ability of marketing to drive the growth of enterprises to be severely constrained, resulting in the overall reaction speed and overall efficiency of marketing. The economies of scale have not brought about the reduction and leading of total cost, and marketing has lost its continuation. Competitive ability.

Mission 4, re-marketing individual behavioral point innovation, neglecting the overall system innovation of marketing organization

Marketing of Chinese enterprises Behavior is often determined by the individual qualities of the leader, not the quality of the complementary team. It is individual wisdom rather than team strength, resulting in insufficient leadership and execution of innovation. This kind of innovative thinking is mostly opportunistic, embodied in scattered points, rather than strategic innovations in a strategic sense, resulting in innovations that are not compatible with mechanisms, systems, processes, and technologies, and lose their effectiveness.

Misunderstanding 5, re-marketing revolutionary, sports-style innovation, while ignoring accumulated marketing innovation

ignoring accumulation and Precipitation, marketing management knowledge and experience are difficult to replicate quickly and successfully within the organization. Lack of shared information platform makes the cost of each marketing innovation high. Every marketing innovation is also destructive, revolutionary, and innovative. Waste of resources and cost. As a result of this cycle, the benefits of innovation will eventually be lost, and the results of innovation will be difficult to achieve.

Miscellaneous Six, innovation in the form of re-marketing, ignoring the benefits of marketing innovation

reflected in: pioneering and innovation in re-marketing Ignore the re-innovation of existing markets; pay attention to the acquisition of new customers, neglect the sublimation of the maintenance of old customers and the value of customer relationships; one-sided pursuit of the novelty of marketing innovation, while ignoring the innovative customer value and corporate income.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of anti-static flooring? Do you understand?


The anti-static floor adopts the principle of static electricity. The surface of the anti-static floor should be non-reflective, non-slip, corrosion-resistant, dust-free, dust-free, making the floor dust-free and easy to clean. And some of the characteristics of wear resistance and so on, making it widely used, suitable for dust-free purification workshops, clean rooms, purification rooms, computer rooms, microelectronics laboratories, etc.


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The shortcoming of anti-static floor is that it is not easy to install and remove. Before installing anti-static floor, it is necessary to accurately calculate the total area of ​​anti-static floor required for the installation site and various required auxiliary accessories. Also, you need to know the types of anti-static flooring you buy, as well as various technical indicators of anti-static flooring, because not every anti-static floor has the same indicators. This will not be carried during installation. It is unnecessary trouble. The anti-static floor is not like the ordinary floor. It is particularly affected by the external environment, that is, it will not be affected by the temperature and the size will become larger and smaller. It is very troublesome to remove it after installation. Things.

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Construction of the floor brand: growing in persistence

Brand is the first productivity of flooring companies and is undoubtedly the most valuable asset for the future of the company. Otherwise, there are not so many flooring companies and business managers who are so addicted to building brands. But this most valuable asset – a strong brand is not so easy to get. Just as the gold digger is constantly searching for gold in a pile of sand that is piled up in the mountains by the sea, it is necessary to persevere in paying his own sweat and time.

Brand needs to be cultivated

In the actual business world, many flooring companies and business managers often have a kind of thinking of ‘quickness and quick success’. With this kind of thinking, many brands will inevitably be created. The defeat and phenomenon of ‘the teacher did not die first.’ It is understandable that we can’t wait to make the brand a world top 500 overnight.

Creating a brand is like cultivating a child. When a young couple gives birth to a child, according to the traditional Chinese concept, the child’s gender may first be looked at, and then the child’s name will be given a good name. The kind of person who cultivates the child. If you have been a parent, do you have this experience! The key to the problem lies in what kind of person the child is trained into.

For example, if you want to train your child into a scientist, you should cultivate your child’s interest in science at an early age and buy a lot of popular science books for your child to see. If the child is not interested in science, is he interested in painting, can he be allowed to be self-reliant as a parent? More importantly, once the child’s training direction is determined, is it ready to stick to it? As a parent to the beginning of child development.

Persevere in the end is a victory

In fact, we do not need to be so nervous, everyone will experience being a child and being a parent, we have grown up to the present. Therefore, to return to building a brand, you must think about how to make a brand, how much time and resources to prepare, and whether there is a determination to stick to it.

Indeed, in the face of increasingly fierce competition challenges, we can see it with great pressure and anxiety. The key moment in testing us is whether we can calm down and respond to changes in market development. If you can survive the development of the market, then it will be meaningful in the end!

We must know how to adhere to this truth. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the monarchs of Wei, Zhao, Han, Qi, Chu, and Yan had participated in or waged wars for hegemony. The only monarch of Thailand, Qin Xiaogong, adopted the reform of Shang Yang, insisting on the development of the economy in a secret way. Strong soldiers, recharge their batteries for ten years, and laid a solid foundation for the reunification of the six countries in Thailand.

Starting from the actual situation of the enterprise

In addition, we must proceed from the actual situation of the enterprise, which is a very important principle. Chinese companies lack brand time and experience. Compared with European and American countries, the time and experience of brand building are far from each other; especially the theoretical and practical experience of system brand building is incomparable. We must see this weak link. This is not to encourage the ambition of foreign companies, but to let us know the facts. In addition, according to the history and strength of Chinese enterprises, the resources of a large number of Chinese companies are still not up to the conditions for building the world’s top 500 brands. This is also a relatively realistic situation.

Therefore, we must be calm and steady, and do a good job in building the brand. For example, if you don’t have enough resources to conduct a large-scale advertising campaign, or you can conduct a nationwide marketing campaign, you can first target a place or region to do deep penetration, especially before building a brand to make a strong attack. Implementation, this is also a process that emphasizes the need to build a brand.

For example, in brand positioning, there is a clear differentiated feature, and the basic brand element design such as brand logo design, brand standard color uniformization, brand packaging shaping, etc. around this differentiated feature. In the persistence, the basic work of these brands is done well, so the brand has a basic foundation. When we insist on this to a certain extent, once the resource conditions of the enterprise and the external market environment are mature, then we can beat the drums and attack, and the dream of realizing the world’s top 500 strong brands is also close.

Our Chinese companies and business managers must remember at any time: Rome is not caused by a day, building a brand is not a day or two. If we must find a shortcut to build a brand, then it is recommended to first find the right person, and then, under the impetus of people, insist on the brand to do a good job, the brand will slowly grow up.

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