China Intelligent Manufacturing Development and Trend Analysis 2019

01 enterprises to enter the number of moderate growth in Guangdong to lead the recent years, intelligent manufacturing continued to accelerate the pace of progress. 2014–2015 China’s newly established intelligent manufacturing industry the number of firms surge, rising at the outlet period, industry giants, the Internet and other areas of science and technology enterprises to expand their business scope, positive transformation, into the intelligent manufacturing industry, in 2015 the number of new intelligent manufacturing enterprises reached 1273 as many. By 2015 the number of new enterprises peaked after 2016, the number of Chinese companies began to reduce the new intelligent manufacturing, began to expand and deepen vertical key technologies and applications of intelligent manufacturing, by 2018, the number of new enterprises 530.
From the regional distribution companies look at CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , China Intelligent Manufacturing enterprises significantly different in terms of geographical distribution, widely distributed in a city, Guangdong Province, with an absolute market leader. Since the reform and opening up, Guangdong by virtue of a superior geographical location and the great support of the national economy to rapid development of domestic economic development and become a model province. Behind the outstanding achievements and reputation, a strong manufacturing force is the core of support in Guangdong Province. On the way of the implementation of intelligent manufacturing, Guangdong Province, has a small achievement. Not only brings together like Foxconn, Toyota, BYD, Huawei, TCL, Gree, EVOC, Han’s Laser, Konka and other well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, many manufacturing plants is to achieve a high automation, mechanization and intelligent, productivity and quality It has been greatly improved.
02 ushered in financing start-ups has become widely accepted since the peak in 2015 published “Made in China 2025” onwards, intelligent manufacturing widely favored by the capital markets, financing a significant increase in the number and size; 2016-2018, China Intelligent Manufacturing and momentum and usher in the peak financing. 2018, Intelligent Manufacturing financing amount of $ 32.515 billion, the number of financing to 942 from. From the point of view of financing rounds CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , start-ups and more favored by the capitalists , China most intelligent manufacturing companies at an early stage (seed round round -A + ), accounting for more than 50%. However, access to investment financing stage of intelligent manufacturing companies has begun in the lateAggregation.

03 Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park reached 537 large industrial park the most recent data classes, local manufacturing industries in order to develop intelligent, intelligent manufacturing chain in the birth of a large number of industrial parks, these parks gave birth a large number of intelligent manufacturing industry chain enterprises has become an important incubator and carrying the Chinese intelligent manufacturing industry. According to “World Development Report Trends Intelligent Manufacturing Center (2019)” shows that all the industrial park, including with “intelligent manufacturing” the name, China has a total of 537, distributed in 27 provinces and cities nationwide. Geographically, China’s most intelligent manufacturing industrial park focused on the country’s most developed economic Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta five regions, the central region, the Bohai Sea region and the Southwest.
in the intelligent manufacturing industry chain, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technology development has become the driving force underlying the development of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing systems with “data acquisition, data processing, data analysis” capability foundation facility. In recent years, Big Data Industrial Park Industrial Park is the largest number of categories reached 111, accounting for 20.7%. Followed by comprehensive park, accounting for 17.9%. New Materials Park provides a “matter engine” for the intelligent industrial development, role in the field of aerospace, new energy vehicles, 3D printing is important. Due to extensive application of new materials, the park has reached the proportion of 17.1%. Industrial robot robotics industry, represented by the smart play a key role in the manufacture, in order to seize a share of the country have established their own robot Industrial Park, the total number of industrial robots National Park has reached 68, accounting for 12.7%.
Intelligent Manufacturing is a forward direction of China’s manufacturing industry, the future of manufacturing will combine artificial intelligence, networking, big data technology, further changing the product configuration, production planning and real-time decision Control Engineering Copyright [123 ], in order to optimize profitability. Intelligent Manufacturing in use more sophisticated techniques CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , for example, things will connect all plant, equipment and products together, so that humans and machines to work together to create a more efficient cost-effective business processes.

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