China steadily forward on the road to prosperity – from the industrial robot industry

For a long time, China’s industrial robots has been dependent on foreign imports, it is difficult to achieve independent production. But the next few years, China is expected to achieve domestic instead of imported. We are a “rising star” 2000-2009, China’s automobile manufacturing industry is relatively backward, low degree of automation. After widespread foreign investment giant robot 2000 years ago to enter China, annual sales of thousands of industrial robots, which are mostly foreign brands. Beginning in 2010, China robotics industry growth across the market, the development of the wind industry.
status of the robotics industry China Industrial robot sales volume / value / volume to maintain the world. 2018 China Robot sales reached 140,000 units (data as independent estimates), the world accounting for 37%; about the body size of the market is about 26 billion yuan , integrated market size of 110 billion yuan; holdings the amount of 575,000 units, accounting for 23% of the world.

China has become the world’s third nation robot complete industrial chain. China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, five countries consume 73% of global robotics Control Engineering Copyright , is the world’s major robot manufacturing country. China then the core components from upstream to downstream systems integration middle reaches of the body Control Engineering Copyright , the first country to have a complete industrial chain of three (the other two are Japan, South Korea www , the United States and Germany were the lack of core businesses reducer). Good
the development prospects of China’s robotics industry will enter a period of fast growth, 2020–2023 compound annual growth rate of 16%. By comparison with Japan’s robot industry development, and industrial robot density re-measurement and comparison with the developed countries, we believe that China will enter the medium-speed robotics industry growth, expected 2020–2023 compound annual growth rate of 16%, higher than the leading countries in Europe and America 5%; new robot body 76 million units, the corresponding body market 119.4 billion yuan (29.9 billion yuan / year), corresponding to an integrated market 477.6 billion yuan (119.4 billion yuan / year).
market has entered enhance concentration stage. After the rapid development of the industry down to adjust domestic leader advantage to expand, competition gradually clear Control EngineeringCopyright process , leading to strong Hengqiang. Domestic mode flourishing. We are optimistic about the leading automotive electronics automation electromechanical grams to master the core technology of motion control Eston, petrochemical automation leader Bo real shares, AGV leader + layout of the semiconductor equipment companies such as robotics. Domestic import substitution is a long-term logic, different industrial chain links have the speed of the process. China has taken with the replacement of the whole industry chain strength, but different segments of the replacement process has fast and slow: The fastest system integration, based on dividends and localization engineers have realized the advantages of counter-attack, but limits the long term business model has not appeared dominant giant, is the key to selecting the downstream segments (promising automotive electronics); body secondly, hardware technology to mature, domestic accelerate to catch up, enhance the added value through mastery of motion control technology and take different routes are being validated in the right direction; core Finally parts, high-tech, break up difficult. Currently foreign body giant to expand capacity in China to radiation Asia-Pacific market, domestic reducer acceptance will gradually improve in the long term and is expected to become Japan duopoly.

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