Chinese industrial robots and related core components remain great potential for development

2018 global robotics market development and stability, China still appears as the largest market to grow substantially. Especially in the field of industrial robots, with the upgrading of China’s overall manufacturing transformation wind , the robotics industry there has been considerable development. From basic manufacturing technology, the core components of the body to various aspects of system integration, end-market practices, and culture, etc. all have a lot of progress. Of course, the associated problems still exist Control Engineering Copyright , as yet to upgrade the core technology, the market environment to be further standardized, relevant professional need to increase efforts to train personnel. All this will require further regulation and coordination of the government and the market. Global robotics industry booming global robotics market size continues to expand , 2018 annual industrial robot relatively slow growth, but in 2019 will be back to temperature , market growth will further accelerate. IFR believe that 2018 global robot market will reach $ 29.8 billion, of which the industrial robot market share was $ 16.82 billion. 2013–2018 average annual market growth rate of 15.1% annual growth in sales of industrial robots at about 10%.
△ 2018 global robot market structure Source: IFR
the most potential Chinese market in the world robot Assembly this year August 15 opening in Beijing, Chinese Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology says Xin Guobin, 2017 industrial robot sales in China reached 141,000 units, the fifth consecutive year to become the world’s largest application market. According to IFR report analyzes the 2018 China will exceed sales of industrial robots market will reach $ 6.23 billion , is still the largest robot application market, “six consecutive years,” basically glory determine.
△ 2013 Year – 2020 China Industrial robot sales growth and sources of information: IFR
domestic robot market in the further development of national policies, market demand for double boost, the rapid development of China’s industrial robots, but also a huge market. Also took the opportunity to develop domestic industrial robot, which lasted many years of development, related companies also said, Domestic industrial robot further recognized by the market. And accelerated the pace of localization of core components in key areas of robotics, similar to the “Suzhou green”, “clean energy, a German,” “Dench motor” such reducer, servo control and servo motor companies have made the appropriate market development .
Traditional field steady growth, increase related applications. The case of automobiles and electronics relatively stable development, companies began to seek new industry applications. Bathroom hardware, furniture, home appliances market is further open up, and as in the field of industrial robots known as the “four little dragons domestically,” said the “Eston” also said that in the field of medical and food will make the appropriate exploration.

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