Choosing the floor to guard against false claims dominates you

As a wood product in the home, wooden flooring is increasingly occupying the space of the home. Reinforced flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring… complex products make it easy for the installers to pick their eyes. What kind of material has good floor performance? What is the wear resistance factor of the floor? The release of formaldehyde on the floor is not serious… The Chengdu Business Daily reporter interviewed industry professionals to answer your questions and let you clearly choose the floor you like.

formaldehyde emission

has nothing to do with the thickness of the floor

Many people say that the floor is thick, the amount of formaldehyde released will be large, the pollution will be serious. Industry experts pointed out that the pollution of the floor is mainly formaldehyde pollution, in fact, the key is whether its release is excessive. First, there is no scientific basis for the high release of formaldehyde from thick plates. The amount of formaldehyde released is mainly related to the performance and production process of the adhesive used in the floor production process. The quality of the glue determines the pollution level of the laminate floor, and the quality of the glue is low. The test standard of the national standard is clearly determined by sealing the four sides of the sample with aluminum tape containing no formaldehyde. Therefore, the final detection of formaldehyde released from the floor surface has nothing to do with the thickness of the floor. Some thin floors have a formaldehyde emission that is several times or even several times higher than that of thick floors due to the use of inferior glue.

Substrate is important

Material anti-flicker

The base of the floor is fundamental. When purchasing the floor, consumers often dazzle the substrates used in various floors. For example, a light oak can list yellow oak, earth rubber, Philippine oak, and ancient oak. If it is not a plant expert, the ordinary consumers are clearly unclear about these complex names. Moreover, some merchants have crowned the floor with a foreign name, and their value will rise. Before buying, consumers may wish to buy solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, or laminate flooring. If you buy laminate flooring, it does not involve the problem of materials; if it is solid wood flooring, you should see if there are any defects such as dead knots, insect eyes, cracking, decay, and bacteria.

Abrasion resistance number

Not as high as possible

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