Compact 35m2 apartment

Although this apartment in the San Cecilia community in São Paulo may be only 35 square meters (about 376 square feet), it is equipped with everything you might need without feeling too much. The apartment is a collaboration between Juliana Matalon and Carol Dantas of EstúdioEla Arquitetura, who designed a beautiful and practical space for a young couple.

The apartment was completely remodeled to accommodate social couples inviting friends to come and entertain. Although small, the interior is super functional and there are plenty of places to sit and rest.

Because the apartment is on the smaller side, the architect uses glass elements to separate without closing the space. The glass fills the natural light and feels bright and airy.

Storage is highly utilized and blends into the often overlooked vertical space.

In order to bring cohesion to the apartment, they used neutral tones in all separate areas.

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