Composite floor color matching skills

Home environment is a whole, the same, home improvement is also a whole concept. The floor serves as the carrier and stage for the entire home design. Floor design and selection, especially the choice of color and style, can best reflect the rich connotation of home, which is essential for adding the overall aesthetic effect of the home. The following small series introduces the color matching skills of the composite floor.

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Composite floor color matching skills 1. Black tea with pink tones Ivory color

The color of the floor of the dark tone often gives people a strong appeal and expressiveness, and the personality is more vivid. The red tone of the floor itself gives a strong visual experience, so the wall If the color is strong, it will appear uncoordinated. Choose a ivory color with a slight pink tone, which can transform the space slightly.

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Composite floor color matching skills 2, white and gray with

If you want to have a quiet home atmosphere, white wood flooring will be a good choice, The color of the wall can be chosen in gray and white, and the color of the wooden floor can be used to create a calm atmosphere without causing the wall to be heavy in color and the light weight of the wooden floor is ‘top-heavy’.

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Composite floor color matching skills three, dark brown with beige

The dark brown wood floor is darker in color. Some users like to paint the wall white in order to enhance the brightness of the space. In fact, this will make the wooden floor darker. You may wish to choose the same beige tea, so both The colors are relatively close, more fresh and elegant, and the sense of space is also larger.

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Composite floor color matching skills four, yellow and green with

slightly yellow wooden floor is easy to feel a warm and comfortable feeling, is also a common favorite color. If you choose a yellow wooden floor, the wall uses the ‘adjacent color’ rule, which is supported by the green color adjacent to the yellow, so that a warm atmosphere can be achieved.

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