Confidence pragmatic and resourceful struggling to create a new situation of China’s industrial

What kind of industrial development, how to develop the industry, is the problem into the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, faced with the great changes of the external environment, China industry must consider and answer. Nineteen large report, China’s economy has been the rapid growth phase of flight to quality development stage, is in the transformation of development mode, optimizing the economic structure, transforming growth momentum of research, building a modern economic system is an urgent requirement and pass across our country’s development strategic goal for China’s industrial development pointed out the strategic direction. Construction of the new eco-mentioned agenda in 2018 China’s manufacturing industry innovation conference, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology party secretary, minister Miao Wei said that adhere to the intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of the manufacturing power construction, aimed at manufacturing digital, networked, intelligent the development trend of the, accelerate the strategic layout of the new industry of artificial intelligence, Internet and other new technology industries, and actively cultivate “Internet + manufacturing” new model, to build a new eco-industrial digital economy industry. Promoting high-quality industrial development is a systematic project, need to use the system point of view to look at and promote the development of related work, grasp the changes in industrial operation pattern common in contact. Under the background of a new generation of scientific and technological revolution and the industrial revolution intertwined advancing the development of advanced manufacturing, to promote manufacturing quality change, efficiency change and agents of change, we seek high quality development, its strategy and tactics connotation, and achieve mission objectives were to occur path profound changes in the internal structure of the industry running, running logic and value patterns of profound change, market competition rules of the game as well as the survival of forms of enterprises, business philosophy and winning strategies profound adjustment. For the industrial sector is concerned, to adapt to change in the situation, we need to actively build new industrial ecology. The new industrial ecology is the inheritance of the original eco-industrial era under new conditions, reform and innovation, to build a new eco-industrial process is sound industrial ecosystem, reshaping the industrial core competitiveness, leading industrial enterprises to adapt to future market competition rules and philosophy of course, committed to building a more favorable industry environment and more efficient industry healthy organism to form a closer interest as well as greater competition and cooperation strength, create a favorable specific industries or enterprises “climate” and “microclimate . ” In the actual building, we need to use an integrated market, technology, administrative, legal and other means , gradually cultivate new industrial ecology to guide it to play an active role. Recalling 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology building work in advanceThe new eco-industry has taken solid steps. Related documents show that in 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to determine the manufacturing and Internet convergence pilot demonstration projects 125; national integration of the two management system standards implementation of pilot enterprises 703; intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects 99; Determination the second groups of service-oriented manufacturing business model 33, the second batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration projects 50, the second batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration platform 31, service-oriented manufacturing model cities 6; two batches of green manufacturing publication of the list of the year, a total of 599 green plants, 533 kinds of green design products together, total 56 green parks, green supply chain management model enterprise in total 25; awarded the “national Model of a public service platform,” the title of the platform 174; in the steel, vinyl, crude oil processing, ammonia, methanol, cement, plate glass, aluminum, copper smelting industry, the selection of the reach industry leading levels of energy efficiency “leader” enterprise 19 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to limit energy consumption national standards of advanced enterprise value requirements of the short-listed 21; national technology innovation business model 68; published in Eight new batch of national industrialization demonstration base list, national new industrialization demonstration base (advantages class) totaling 15, the national new industrialization demonstration base (characteristic classes) a total of 36. Internet service industry and advanced manufacturing industry is innovation and development of capital markets and the duty of the mission. August 31, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Securities Regulatory Commission jointly held the Combination Internet industry forum, determined to effectively play an important role in promoting the Combination, open up industrial development, technological innovation, financial services ecosystem, the formation of production the combination, promoted by the benign development pattern. Regulations for doing legislative work, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also open call to the public in 2019 regulations legislative project proposals. Revitalize the real economy are real and frequent CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the real economy CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to avoid real economic take off imaginary. Nineteen major report that “efforts to speed up the construction of the real economy, technological innovation, joint development of modern finance, human resources, industrial system, efforts to build an effective market mechanism, the main micro dynamic, there are degrees of macro-control economic system, and constantly enhance our economic innovation and competitiveness. ” MacroHigh-quality development and reform of the economy is the sum of microscopic high quality development and reform of the main market. Corporate entities to improve and perfect, will be an effective path to maintain and enhance the competitive advantage of China’s manufacturing industry, but also the effective path towards industrial power from the industrialized nations. In 2018 the first phase of “Seeking Truth” published interview Miao Wei, the strategy when it comes to promoting the construction of manufacturing power CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Miao Wei said manufacturing power construction is a long-term process, to promote innovation, strong foundation and promoting the integration demonstration grasp, bringing up talent. The core technology is the key to either, not buy, to discuss not only the core technologies into their own hands in order to safeguard national economic security, national security and other security fundamentally. We are pleased to see that China’s first independently developed in accordance with international airworthiness standards for civil turboshaft engine CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 100% design speed stable operation; China-made large amphibious aircraft first flight AG600 Water success; China’s first professional polar expedition icebreaker ship into the water. The core technology breakthroughs in key strategic value of these areas for our high-end manufacturing and leading role should not be underestimated. China’s manufacturing further promote structural adjustment, more and more enterprises will develop innovation as the first power, embarked on content development from manufacturing to create. Miao Wei this year “Seeking Truth,” the author pointed out that to solve the problem of short-board core manufacturing technology in China, the key is to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market, better play the role of government, to accurately grasp and hold on to promote the core technology research the policy focus, establish and improve the basic research support system, manufacturing system innovation, industrial innovation eco-system and manufacturing personnel training system, focusing chain key links to key common technologies, cutting edge leading technology, modern engineering and technology, disruptive technologies innovation as a breakthrough, and guide enterprises to strengthen research and application promotion. Private enterprises and small and medium enterprises are the main force of the national economy and social development, revitalization of private enterprises would no no national economic revitalization, particularly in the current situation, if there is no stable development of private enterprise, there is no overall employment and economic stability growth and stability. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology support development of private enterprises, private enterprises to further optimize the business environment. In an interview with People’s Daily reporter interview, Miao WeiHe said further relax market access, encourage private capital to enter the telecommunications, military field; by reducing barriers to entry, reduce costs, strong guarantees, delinquency prevention, to resolve business financing, financing expensive; promote National SME Development Fund entities fund set up operations, improve Fund governance mechanism, expand the scale of equity investments; focus on cultivating new special expertise “little giant” enterprises, enhance the development capacity of SMEs and innovation, promote the implementation of medium and small enterprises to promote the development of three-year action plan and factoring for SMEs intellectual Property strategy project; focus to solve practical problems, focus on specific current difficulties faced by SMEs, insist on policy measures to be materialized, specific, more gold, to let the majority of small and medium enterprises, private enterprises get more sense. Reducing the burden for businesses but also to revitalize the real economy an important part. Recently, Miao Wei as “straight party building” when the author pointed out that the State Department to play a role in easing the burden joint meeting of inter-ministerial coordination mechanisms, promoting the establishment of enterprises involved in inventory management fees, reducing the burden for businesses over 100 billion yuan, canceled 150 projects involving corporate bond the above. To further improve the business burdens of work, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to reduce the general requirements of good industrial and commercial electricity and third-party evaluation, end users get a sense of focus, identify and solve the jamming point policy transmission and difficult issues, and effectively promote the reduction tariff policies to the letter, to strengthen supervision and inspection, explore new ideas, come up with some multi-institutional, long-term tube, see the effectiveness of policy measures, will reduce the burden on enterprises to deepen the work. Unswervingly deepen reform and opening up this year is the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, reform and opening up so that China’s manufacturing industry deeply integrated into the global system, and constitute a global manufacturing interests and common destiny, and our entrepreneurs continue to the world, in-depth cooperation, bold quest process, reshaping the spirit of entrepreneurial literacy groups, culture and business cooperation capacity. At the same time, reform and opening up has opened up a new arena of global manufacturing in order to compete under the rules of international cooperation, new opportunities, to lay a solid industry as China’s manufacturing industry to seek high quality development in the new situation, market, technology, personnel, culture, international integration and other material and cultural foundation, has become a strong driving force for further development of high quality. Currently, the worldwide advanced manufacturing competition, the implementation of major industrial powers re-industrialization strategy, to seize the high ground of competition. Although our country has become the world’s manufacturing production and export of power, still need to be further promote the reform and opening up, accelerate the configuration of industrial resources on a global scale. In April, seedlingsFair Day in Chinese newspapers noted, throughout the course of reform and opening up 40 years, China’s manufacturing industry adhering to the concept of open development, adhere to the introduction and go out and try to adhere to multilateral and regional opening combined with an open gradually from the open to institutional policy open transition, an important window for China’s opening up important areas of cooperation and win-win. For 40 years, we follow the trend of economic globalization, the depth of integration into the world economy, promote the formation of Industry and Information Technology field-round, multi-level and wide-ranging opening pattern. Miao Wei during the “straight party building,” the author said that in “bringing in”, the establishment of the “national treatment before admission + negative list” of foreign investment management system, the basic realization of the full liberalization of general manufacturing in China nearly 2,000 multinational corporations. In the “going out”, the total amount of import and export in 2017 reached $ 4.1 trillion, 783 times in 1978. Manufacturing accounts for overseas investment accounted for more than one-third. In terms of joint development, it signed a cooperation agreement with capacity more than 30 countries, a number of overseas industrial parks have been built. Dialogue and pragmatic cooperation in strategic docking, standards and intelligent manufacturing, such as the Internet industry with Germany, France and the United States. No reform, no development of industry and information industry to grow. As Miao Wei led the visit – to “agitate with a brilliant 40th anniversary of Industry and Information Technology areas of reform and opening up” theme of the exhibition said, 40 years of reform and opening up the magnificent history of the past 40 years China’s economy has undergone enormous changes in social, industrial, and information technology has made tremendous achievements, which strengthened our confidence and our determination to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream. Standing at a new starting point for a new era, we need to Xi Jinping, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guiding ideology, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, remember our mission, temper forward, continue to struggle along the road of reform and opening up, accelerate the manufacture of power and power network construction process, to make new and greater contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream.

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