Conspiracy digital transformation of the future –2019 (eighth) global automation and manufacturing theme of the summit was successfully held

September 18, 2019, the annual industrial automation event – hosted by the CONTROL ENGINEERING China 2019 (eighth) global automation and manufacturing topics Summit (Global Automation & Manufacturing Summit China, referred to as “GAMS”) in Shanghai Hongqiao Howard Johnson hotel was held. This year’s conference to “digital transformation of innovation and value realization” as the theme, inviting industry leaders makers, experts and large user representatives copolymer together around the world’s most cutting-edge digital transformation trends and technology development, with case digital transformation of the practice, to discuss manufacturing digital transformation of the future. The meeting brought together a wonderful report from Chinese and foreign experts and scholars leading the digital transformation, middle and senior managers, as well as digital transformation, intelligent manufacturing complete solution keynote speech solution provider executives, but also from mechanical manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage packaging, municipal, logistics, petrochemical, metallurgy, electricity, new energy and other industrial users, system integrators, and a total of more than 350 people attended the meeting as an audience.

global digital transformation trends and challenges
Amara RozgusControl Engineering CFE Media
Amara Rozgus speeches around this critical topic “digital transition, we what most concerned” to start , she enumerates a plurality of digitized concerns and digital transformation tool, citing an example of augmented reality helmet, which can understand the future trouble-free operation of the machine, and view historical information and predict equipment . Then the driving force to promote the digitization of specific, what does? Digital assets, digital use and digital employees. Amara Rozgus said that in the past 20 years, many leading companies through advanced tools, improved production efficiency, the digitization also greatly improved the intelligence of the production process. Currently, the US has developed 18% of its digital potential, Europe the figure was 12%, mainly education, finance, information and communications technology industries, companies in these industries efficiency exceeded 13 times in other industries as much as the gap is very obvious.The face of digital transformation, not only need high-quality basic and secondary education, particularly STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education theme. Unemployed workers will also contact the new opportunities it offers people the skills they need to succeed, to revitalize poor areas and to support workers in transition. By an authoritative 2018 survey, network security and return on investment have been two issues of concern to businesses, especially concerns about network security, and will last a long time. In his speech, Amara Rozgus also cited Siemens digital twins cloud services and cloud systems, examples of energy conservation and efficiency improved by GE digital tools, to highlight the benefits of digital transformation.
Based on the digital transformation of the concept and practice of demand

Vice President Peng Xiaowei Phoenix (China) Co., Ltd.
In this era of concepts endless, Phoenix is ​​mainly focused on the digital transition and intelligent manufacturing. Peng Xiaowei combined with digital technology of Phoenix, elaborated Phoenix-depth understanding of the production of digital: “For manufacturing operations, digitization is a tool, not an end production digital should be from a pile of technologies, systems, and into to solve practical problems. program. “continued construction under the guidance of lean thinking, issues, business demand-driven production figures should be the two major principles of the construction is based, rather than technology-driven. The challenge facing the production of digital, Peng Xiaowei a detailed presentation from the perspective of the two programs and services. Peng Xiaowei said, should be under the guidance of advanced production and management methods (Lean / JIT / TQM), by virtue of the depth of integration and integration of industrial management software and intelligent terminal, built for the future of digital manufacturing workshop. Phoenix complete solution for the digital transition workshop being hit pain points and needs, covering the production process from end to end. Six project income, so that customers really enjoy the fruits of the digital transition.
provide reliability and safety
for industrial automation things
Dr. Al BeydounODVA Chairman and CEO
ODVA is one of the world’s leading global standards development and trade association formed to foster and promote open, ICT interoperable. Dr. Al Beydoun lecture the audience on a deeper understanding of ODVA, ODVA current membershipMore than 350 the number of super, the world’s leading supplier of automated composition, across the factory-made, mixed with a variety of process industries, more than 700 registered suppliers. The main ODVA is committed to the development of standards, Dr. Al Beydoun focuses on the norms and standards established by ODVA steps. He explained, ODVA about 70 member companies to join 17 thematic working groups, ongoing technology development, technology promotion and certification commitment. Get, discount, promotion, ecological interests after joining the ODVA can get. EtherNet / IP network is ready for industrial scheme was prepared by the reliability of the IEEE PTP ODVA CIP Sync ™ and synchronized by protocol and IEC DLR Parallel Redundancy Protocol guarantee elasticity. Security ™ use by ODVA CIP Security. The last lecture, Dr. Al Beydoun welcome in the field of things, we can have further cooperation with ODVA.
Chi-made Delta Force
Lin Jingyou Delta Electrical and Mechanical Products Division Manager at
at the beginning of the speech, Lin Jingyou reviewed the development of Taiwan Electrical and Mechanical Business Group, from the initial drive and drive , developed to provide customers around the world, including CNC, SCARA industrial robots, vertical articulated robot, and industry application solutions, intelligent manufacturing solutions, comprehensive energy saving solutions and comprehensive system solutions, etc., and solutions. Lin Jingyou introduction, for the layout of the Delta industrial automation products, from system equipment, sensing instrument controllers, network communications products, manufacturing management systems to optimize data analysis and cloud systems, Delta has done full coverage. The face of the advent of intelligent manufacturing, and shorten time to market, improve the elasticity of manufacturing, the pursuit of quality and other trends and needs, Delta gives the plant information solutions. Entire speech, Lin Jingyou also details to the Delta intelligent manufacturing solutions overview, intelligent mechanical and electrical industrial robotic solutions, Delta intelligent manufacturing MES integration architecture, intelligent green plant comprehensive energy integration solutions, intelligent green plants FMCS factory service monitoring system, as well as currently manufacturing pain points and AI applications. Delta has a strong ability to integrate intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing a full range of planning capabilities, as well as numerous success stories.
high-end salon
discuss the aid of intelligent manufacturing enterprises in the new situation,Digital transformation to enhance the competitiveness
high-end salon question and answer session
in the morning forum, the previous session’s most popular high-end salon as a reserved link, this time with “digital transformation of innovation and value realization” as the theme, successfully invited Dr. Al Beydoun ODVA to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, General Manager of Greater China business group networking Advantech industrial Cai Qi was male, general manager of Rockwell automation, Greater China technology Center Dai Pengfei, (China) investment Co., Ltd., vice president of Phoenix Peng Xiaowei, Yao Jun, vice president of digital industrial group Siemens, Zheng Bing, general manager of Beijing to attend the Asia-Technology. Sharon was chaired by CONTROL ENGINEERING China Stone editor to open salons, and to explore the same stage of manufacturing enterprises in the new situation means, enhance the competitiveness of the digital transition, a powerful way to deal with the challenges of the global market. In the morning the last meeting, also held the fifteenth CONTROL ENGINEERING China Product of the Year awards ceremony.

Best Product Awards 2019 Awards Ceremony
After the ceremony, began to hold Technology and Application Forum
networking technology power digital manufacturing
Liu Junhua Zebra Technologies Senior Solutions Specialist pm currently, both the transportation and logistics, or medical, retail and manufacturing, are digitized and action. Zebra Technologies has a history of 50 years of innovation, scale and strong R & D guarantee it will maintain its market leading position. Liu Junhua also introduced the Road, Zebra Technologies has moved from hardware companies, become a end to end solutions company that provides mobile terminals, data collection, printers, software, localization solutions, services, supplies, and many other products, including cloud and marginal solutions -SAVANNA including covering manufacturing, healthcare, retail and transportation and logistics solutions to four industries. Liu Junhua details the marginal cloud solutions -SAVANNA, and a wide range of products in four sectors in specific scenarios. Speech, Liu Junhua focus on two major technology trends summarized warehouse management 🙁 a) embrace of Things (IoT) will become a fast-growing enterprise business intelligence pioneer. (B) the scale of application indoor positioning technology. Zebra variety of positioning technology to achieve a complete solution toPositioning and coverage of several techniques. He stressed that Zebra provides industry-specific solutions through a professional network of partners, the entire solution need not be completely developed by the component Zebra composition. Also Liu Junhua In his speech, also detailed asset visibility services based ZEBRA EAI technology stack running.
fusion of innovative digital future – Siemens Industry Network Specialist program
Lu Cheng Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. digital industrial group industrial communication and identification, product manager
Digital has become the trend of industrial development Control Engineering Copyright All , digitization is moving in time to reflect, flexible production, improve quality, increase the efficiency of the four directions of development. Lu Cheng said in his speech, digitized IT and OT required depth of integration, complex networks to converged IT and OT of the challenges, the future need a reasonable architecture and standard interfaces. There are two practical examples, wherein the plant Amberg Simon, by digitizing reduce maintenance costs. Australia DULUX factory, addressed by digital customization. Lu Cheng said that digital will boost industrial productivity to the next level, Siemens is an experienced automation integration partner, a leader in the field of digital field level. Siemens industrial network of experts planned as the core content of speech, Lu Cheng solve the digital frontier program, certification training, professional services, global partner system in four aspects are described in detail. Reflections from a simple cable, to the innovative complex wireless environment, industrial 5G, time-sensitive network TSN, industrial edge computing and the Internet of Things platform, Siemens offers customer demand scenarios solution , the sophisticated but not aggressive solutions. Highlights also include the entire speech of Siemens global training and certification programs for customers and partners to provide professional consulting service processes, to build high-quality partner networks.
takes you closer TSN- time-sensitive network
Dempo Hirschmann Belden product manager, Asia Pacific
Deng Bo said that from industry to industry 3.0 4.0 no longer supports the automation pyramid demand for new applications, functions are being transferred to a new location within the network –PLCs into the field level distribution, while virtualized cloud infrastructure (local / preset) of. Demanding automation networkBandwidth and deterministic, real-time industrial network needs a unified solution. Use TSN, the critical and non-critical data can share a network connection, while preventing non-critical traffic hinder transmission is more important traffic, it is one of the most ideal choice. TSN is not a single standard, but a series of standard components. Dempo also involves time synchronization, real-time scheduling, configuration retains three important concepts of traffic flows and explained in detail. OPC UA and TSN has the ISO / OSI reference model in a different location, Deng wave nation TSN summary of the three scenarios in his speech: Factory Automation, Energy automation, Transportation. Noteworthy that, from the beginning of April 2017, Belden’s Hirschmann support for products used “TSN ready” logo production, “TSN ready” means that customers can now buy products and upgrade the firmware at a later time, to include TSN function. RSPE35 / 37, Octopus 2, Bobcat Rail for several of switches, Belden’s Hirschmann is the first product to market TSN.
-based digital upgrade program WellinTech KingFusion platform
Zhang Jinqiang Beijing Deputy Head of the Marketing Asia-Technology Development
Asia-Technology is China’s largest industrial automation software company, Asia-Technology is painstaking research and development high-end database monitoring products and industrial history for many years, KingSCADA high-end SCADA software in the world, paragraph 7. Zhang Jinqiang reports, 2011-2016, North Water Transfer Project, 80% of monitoring and scheduling control sub-system uses high-end product solutions. With the concept made some achievements in the field of SCADA monitoring, configuration will be introduced from the field to monitor the field of information technology. 2018, Asia-Technology released KingFusion3.5, successfully implemented more than 10 industries in the pilot project, signed a total of more than 20 industries strategic partners. He can help companies build information management system workshop production executive-level, rapid completion of development and application of MES-related solutions. Zhang Jinqiang represents, KingFusion is essentially based on a configurable temporal databaseProducts, by means of this spatio-temporal database supporting meta-language, general engineer to complete the configuration in the factory information system construction, no other programming languages ​​and database systems. KingFusion has many core technology, Zhang Jinqiang are enumerated. The entire speech, Zhang Jinqiang also describes all solutions products 2019 Asia-Technology launched, he said that Asia controls and technology to build MES ecosystem, collaboration and win-win.
networking era edge industrial objects control enabling intelligent equip new ideas during the
IEM Business Development Director Li Guozhong Advantech intelligent equipment manufacturing division
“Thirteen Five”, advanced manufacturing focus on integration from the “system, intelligent equipment manufacturing base and advanced manufacturing technology innovation demonstration project “four levels, to carry out key tasks to deploy around 13 main directions. Li Guozhong in his speech that this brings new opportunities and new changes to equipment, equipment industry. In this regard, he took the example of intelligent devices, to talk about the past focused on the process, talk UPH and precision, talk about the price / value for money, he will be summarized into a single device function of the price of thinking. After the device is intelligent features to talk about, talk about IT + OT integrated solutions to customers talk about TCO / value, he would consider it summed up the overall value and industrial value-added services 4.0. Advantech industrial networking, and cloud services integrate intelligent plant innovative applications, layer information from the device, device-chi, chi factories, enterprise cloud integration, all in one. In addition, Advantech integrated motion controller / visual / data acquisition / software provides innovative intelligent devices to create precise control and smart device solutions, efficient perception. In addition, Li Guozhong also shared Advantech EtherCAT bus family, industrial controllers edge of things WISE-5000, CODESYS / PAC flexible production lines, and other smart camera iCAM-7000 Advantech many edge control products and application cases.
Industrial Knowledge of software: from automation to intelligence
Guo Zhaohui Shanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd. Yuya Chief Scientist
Dr. Guo Zhaohui lecture on “Knowledge of software” to start, he first talked about the era of automation knowledge of software. Run modern industrial enterprise, is inseparable from the norms and standards. Initially expressing knowledge into a standard data structure, read by software, a computer to perform, but that time is not complete. The rolled steel products such as face , involves several process parameters, process parameters for each of the rolled steel may be different, it is necessary at this time the computer is automatically set these standards. But stable and unchanging standard in reality is often not possible, at this time only the “transformation strain”, expressed in software to change this dynamic. This is called a “model” in iron and steel, chemical industry called advanced control (APC) or real-time optimization (RTO). Intelligent software and knowledge of belonging to the current problems facing the CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , dealing with intelligent human relations skills and the arts. But the fragmentation of knowledge influenced the development of intelligent, forward for the next step, systematic knowledge of the structure will be a key step. Facing the future, management will become a control problem, Guo Zhaohui said the Internet to drive business into the huge space of time and space optimization. Finally speech, Guo Zhaohui also excellent for industrial internet platform in detail, it makes the process simple, small amount of work, the risk is small, fast, essentially reduce IT costs, enhance flexibility, for “lean promotion” .
digital transformation, innovation and application – integrating IT and OT
Yan Zhong Yuhong grid technology products technology / marketing manager
Yan Zhongyu first detailed account of the three common ways of integrating IT and OT convergence are: Simple control scheme, two layer architecture, three-tier architecture. He also said that information networking is not a goal, just the process. IT and OT, changing the way integration services, is specifically designed or will pass through huge amounts of data analysis, the development of massive data analysis services, contact or interact directly with people to see through the situation. The next speech, Yan Zhongyu features of OPC UA and OPC UA support grid hung wide range of products are described in detail. The last speech, Yan Zhongyu concluded, historical data, data sharing, these are the issues of current concern to the industry, but all of this foundation, are in construction acquisition and analysis front-end I / O and devices. And build networking equipment bus for exchanging data to the monitoring center of the foundation, how accurate front-end data acquisition and evacuation, ICP DAS for customers to do the most powerful backing gathering in front-end data, provided from the I / O the bus has more than 800 kinds of modules to allow customersConfidence leading end of data collection.
GAMS (global automation and manufacturing theme of the summit) is CONTROL ENGINEERING China and East Hauran Health Group, co-sponsored by the world’s media authority, adhering to the majority of users of the world’s leading manufacturing technology foresight and practice the purpose of the guide, this year is the eighth success. “Achieving the digital transformation of innovation and value,” the current (eighth) meeting around the theme of a special report by industry research specialist, case manager senior industrial applications of well-known manufacturers practice speech, from theory to practice in-depth understanding of enterprise digital transition the meaning and essence, in-depth understanding of the value brought by the digital transition. We discuss the path to achieve digital transformation, digital insight into the latest technologies and solutions to help Chinese manufacturing enterprises in the digital transition.

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