Corning® Astra ™ Glass display with touch-won wisdom Taiwan Exhibition 2019 Gold Panel Award Display Components Product and Technology Award

Corning Incorporated today announced that Corning Astra Glass display with touch-won wisdom Taiwan Exhibition (Touch Taiwan 2019) issued by Gold Panel Award monitor component products and technology award. August 28 to 30, Corning will be held in Taipei, Taiwan wisdom display and touch Show (Touch Taiwan 2019), shows Astra Glass and other industry-leading advanced glass solution. “We are honored to be awarded the Gold Panel Award display components, products and Technology Award,” Corning Glass Technologies high-performance graphics Han Yim business director. “Getting this award demonstrates Corning’s ability to design and manufacture of glass, to meet customer demand for high-performance notebook computers, tablet PCs and 8K TV.” Gold Panel Award Display Components Product and Technology Award by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau, Taiwan display industry Federation awarded in recognition of display materials or equipment actively engaged in research and development in Taiwan, the production company. All candidates are required to follow market enterprise, innovation and technical dimensions of the three evaluated. Astra Glass is the only glass 2019 Gold Panel Award and Technology Award display device solution that was designed to enhance the high-performance display pixel density, help panel manufacturers meet consumer demand for brighter, faster, more realistic image. 8 Yue 28 Ri (Xing Qisan) during the exhibition touch (Touch Taiwan 2019), Ham Yim also will deliver a speech on the global market and technology theme of the seminar in Taiwan wisdom displayed. “Taiwan wisdom exhibition displays and touch (Touch Taiwan 2019) is one of Taiwan’s largest annual trade show ,” general manager of Corning Display Glass Taiwan Co., Ltd. Kai Chong had said, “By the exhibition, Corning will have the opportunity to showcase the latest products and demonstrate our ability to innovate to customers in order to continue to meet the needs of the industry. “in addition to Astra Glass, Corning booth will also display:. · Corning EAGLE XG Slim Glass: help panel manufacturers thinner, lighter and more environmentally friendly display panel. EAGLE XG Slim Glass is particularly suitable for amorphous silicon LCD (a-Si LCD) applications Copyright Control Engineering , is a leading display glass substrate. · Corning Lotus NXT Glass: contribute to the design and manufacture of high-performance display and optimized for expanding LTPS-LCD and LTPS-OLED industry. Lotus NXT Glass with the key attributes of the manufacture of flexible OLED panel; since 2015, has been applied to more than 375 million units of mobile phones equipped with flexible OLED displays, leading industry trends. · Corning Iris Glass: a light guide plate for glass edge-lit LCD display. Thanks to its inherent rigidity and dimensional stability, it is more superior than the prior art plastic, can help manufacturers reduce the thickness of the display device, a more narrow frame design and improve display brightness. · Corning Gorilla Glass: more than 45 major OEM preferred cover glass, used in more than six billion devices, providing excellent resistance to damage, high-definition and touch sensitivity. · Corning Precision Glass Solution: Corning one-stop service for customized wafer and glass panels, provided throughout the product development cycle in-depth technical support and value-added processing technology. Precision glass solutions support customers continue to explore emerging applications in the semiconductor and consumer electronics industries. So far Control Engineering Copyright , by Corning carry out this business, we have successfully delivered more than 7 million wafers and used in over 30 million devices. · Corning Laser Technology (CLT): As Corning forefront of innovation in the field of laser business units CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Corning laser technology provides a dedicated laser system can optimize the cutting surface roughness www.cechina .cn , to improve the edge strength and significantly improve productivity. These machines in a manufacturing environment can be completely automated, all-weather operation, providing support for the production of cover glass, augmented reality wearable devices such as a wide range of emerging applications.

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