Creative table lamp picture Daquan What are the precautions for choosing table lamp

Now many parents are concerned about the visual problems of children, for fear of myopia, especially It is some young parents who want to put a creative and practical table lamp in their favorite nest. Let’s take a look at the Creative Table Lamps and the notes on choosing lamps.

First, the creative lamp picture Daquan

Creative table lamp picture 1 Magnifying glass creative table lamp

The appearance of this table lamp is elegant and elegant There are not too many decorations and constraints, it is a design that makes people at first sight, it can be used in restaurants, bedrooms and living rooms.

Creative table lamp picture Daquan 2, Nordic deer creative table lamp

This desk lamp is mainly designed with the theme of mother and child love, deer My mother is holding her baby. It is very beautiful. The face work is the most popular origami art of the year. The lines are simple and beautiful, and the expression is natural. The size of the table lamp is right on the bed and the lights can be adjusted freely.

Creative Desk Lamp Picture Daquan 3, Smart Creative Table Lamp

This desk lamp has many functions, you can adjust the light by touch, you can set Alarm clock, music can be played, you can also answer calls, etc. Just open Bluetooth and you can control it from your phone within 10 meters.

Second, what are the considerations for selecting lamps

1, light Brightness

Select the desk lamp to choose the right light, most Good between 11 watts and 18 watts. If the light is too bright, it will damage the retina of the eye. If the light is too dark, it may cause diseases such as myopia and high intraocular pressure.

2, distribution of lights

The distribution of lights should be even. Many people like to have a desk lamp next to them when they are working. If the desk lamp is too bright, our eyes will always be in a state of flickering, which is easy to cause myopia. And symptoms such as high blood pressure, especially those with children at home should pay more attention.

3, intensity of light

I believe that everyone has been staring at the light when they were young, always staring at too strong light. Other places are black. When we were young, we used this as a game, but in fact it was very hurtful. The kind of light bulbs must not be bought.

4 , the color of the light

The color of most lamps will be Different, some desk lamps will make objects color cast, and long-term observation of these color-changing objects will have various adverse effects on the eyes. The color that can protect the eyes is daylight and warm white, so you need to understand before buying.

5, color temperature of the light

Generally we choose the color temperature of the desk lamp to be more suitable between 3300K~5300K, whether it is If the color temperature is too high or too low, the eyes will always be in an excited state, which may cause eye fatigue and myopia.

6 , UV filter

Table lamp seen on the market now Most of them use fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs will produce ultraviolet rays after a long time. The ultraviolet rays are not only bad for the eyes, but also bad for people’s skin. Therefore, when choosing a desk lamp, it is necessary to select a table lamp with the function of filtering ultraviolet rays. it is good.

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