Custom hardcover, what do you think?

Customized hardcover into a hot spot

2018 is a huge year of change in the home furnishing industry, even referred to as an unprecedented “cold winter”, poor and thoughtful change of many home furnishing companies trying to seek new breakthroughs, in 2018 At the end of the day, custom hardcover has become one of the many breakthroughs.
“Customized hardcover is the concept of relatively uniform hardcover, the real estate company delivered to the customer’s real estate, although the same real estate, the same type of housing, but the decoration style of each household is not the same, completely personalized. Custom hardcover is through change The real estate business’s delivery model has changed the real estate business from uniform decoration to unified delivery, rather than sporadic delivery to the owners.” As a relatively earlycomer to the custom hardcover field, Shanghai Ruihe founder CEO Gao Liang believes that customization Hardcover can achieve both “batch” and “personalization”.

From selling a simple rough house to selling a complete, “delivered and staying” home, the emergence of custom hardcover comes from the background of consumer upgrades, the introduction of hardcover housing policy, but the tradition Due to the single style, the hardcover room can’t meet the needs of current consumers. “There are six problems in quality, material selection, style, function, individual needs and maintenance of the house after delivery. To solve these problems, customized hardcover is a direction. Customized hardcover can not only achieve ‘delivery is staying’, like buying Buying a house like a car can also enhance customer stickiness.” Wang Chencheng, Greenland Hong Kong Fine Decoration Division, is looking forward to the future of custom hardcover.

Face to face challenges

Customized hardcover looks beautiful, some companies have already begun to layout, but the real landing is still facing a very big challenge.

As the first person to eat crabs, China’s earliest enter the field of custom hardcover, the Guangtian Group, which has already achieved listing, and the share of custom hardcover is very limited. “Guangtian began to try out fine decoration in 2014, and now accounts for 60% of the overall business.” Ding Li, chairman of Shenzhen Guangtian Yunwanjia Technology Co., Ltd. said frankly, “We have been trying for three or four years and have been doing market education. Let developers gradually get used to and accept the consumer trend of hardcover, but even so, most of the renovations we offer are still standardized, and the personalized hardcover products are very limited.”

While doing its own custom hardcover, Hirota is constantly seeking partners. “We have developed tooling companies with tooling backgrounds to make home improvement, but their experience stores are no more than 500 square meters. At the same time, we have adopted the method of joining, let the workers in the workwear do the whole company and use local resources to help them. Customized hardcover.” Ding Li said that the tooling company that makes the custom hardcover has the advantage of the brand. The management difficulty is not very high compared to the whole equipment, but the profit is much higher than the tooling, because it is necessary to divide the profit to the real estate, sales company, joint promotion, etc. Wait.

Another one that has been explored in the field of custom hardcover is Kim Min Jong. “Jinyi started to make renovations of the house very early, but it did not enter the home improvement industry until the end of 2015.” Yang Peng, chairman of Jinhao E-Commerce Co., Ltd. believes that custom hardcover really faces great challenges and needs to be personalized. The needs, information system management, supply chain management and resource integration of all suppliers, so there is not a strong back-end is not enough to support.

New Business Opportunities or False Propositions

Although many companies are engaged in custom hardcover, customization and hardcover are two completely opposite concepts. Customization pursues individualization, and hardcover needs scale. Whether the combination of “customized hardcover” can represent the development direction of the industry, people can not help but doubt its market prospects, and some insiders pointed out that “customized hardcover” is just a false proposition.

First of all, from the customer’s point of view, custom hardcover does not achieve the desired results. On the one hand, the home functions required by the customer are constantly changing, and the things that are not needed in the early stage may be needed later in the home decoration. On the one hand, the custom hardcover can only change the surface decoration, the internal structure can not be changed; Secondly, from the policy level, the provisions of the “Urban Real Estate Management Law” on pre-sale: “Under the seven-layer to reach the main project cap; seven layers Above, the main project must be built to more than 2/3 of the total project budget investment.” Shenzhen has even begun to implement the “Completion Acceptance Record” before it can be sold, which is a challenge for customized hardcover that needs to be personalized. Third, from the perspective of the production capacity of enterprises, under the custom hardcover, the floor space, pipelines, materials, etc. of each floor are different, and the integration ability and design capability of the supply chain are also a great test. “Not all decoration companies have this powerful back-office capability.” Yang Peng said frankly that tooling is like fighting a position. Home improvement is like guerrilla warfare. When the custom hardcover really wants to land, it is a positional battle. This positional battle has more challenges than the traditional fine decoration.

Xing Yi, Hua Wei, the founder of the famous craftsman Yu Jingwei believes that 2019 is the time for the development of the art decoration industry. “The future ’95 after’ has gradually become the main force of household consumption, ‘after 95’ The pressure to buy a house, or even sell a house out for renovation, means the arrival of ‘big house decoration’. I am not very optimistic about the whole decoration, the whole thing is nothing more than providing a building materials exhibition hall, and the art decoration is after the ’95 ‘The first choice’.

The industry believes that although the custom hardcover can not be regarded as the mainstream direction of the future industry, but it is a diversified trend of the industry development, bringing more choices for the fine decoration market.
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