Decoupling industrial connectivity into the artificial intelligence of the intelligent manufacturing opportunities open China

Internet industry open new opportunities for the development of China’s manufacturing industry, industrial upgrading Internet booster manufacturing industries beginning to bear results Control Engineering Copyright , promote the integration of artificial intelligence and business scene will accelerate the application of industrial floor Internet innovation. Microsoft and the American Chamber of Commerce in China have jointly organized: the “China opportunity, the value of innovation Intelligent Manufacturing Forum”, Microsoft released two of integration and collaboration service alliance of “decoupling industrial connectivity CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright [ 123], enabling the transformation and upgrading – industrial applications of artificial Intelligence Internet White Paper “expressed this view. From China to the world, the manufacturing sector plays a pivotal role in the national economy. Today, the face of digitized by artificial intelligence, innovative technology to lead the transformation of the manufacturing sector has once again become a pioneer in the industry’s most active exploration and practice landing technology applications. White Paper, the Internet industry opened up new opportunities for the development of China’s manufacturing industry. Internet industry will cloud computing, big data, networking, artificial intelligence, a new generation of innovative technologies and manufacturing deep integration, it will speed up the data-driven manufacturing digital, networked, intelligent process, and by optimizing the allocation of resources, promoting social collaborative birth of a new technology, new formats, new models, providing new momentum for the development of high-quality manufacturing. In the attention of the relevant government departments, China issued a series of continuous guidance to promote advanced manufacturing, industrial development of the Internet, embodiment, a guide to action, China’s manufacturing industry is embracing the best opportunities for digital transformation. Thanks to this , driven by the Internet industry intelligent manufacturing innovation has made a good start: around industrial enterprises Equipment / product management, business and operational optimization of resources, social collaboration application scenarios, Internet innovation in the industry has been to reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve product and service quality, create new value areas such as playing an active role. Such as the use of Microsoft HoloLens holographic glasses, ThyssenKrupp provides a mixed reality of remote technical support to more than 20,000 skilled workers, the elevator maintenance efficiency by 4 times. However, the depth and breadth of Chinese Internet application industry is still insufficient. White Paper admitted, for enterprises, the digital transition means from the skills of corporate strategy, corporate culture, technology selection, personnel to overhaul business operating model , and therefore manufacturing enterprises, especially SMEs, are still facing many difficulties, lack of will, the foundation is not strong, not enough money, the path is unknown is the most representative of the four main issues. For this reason, not only the need to invest capital and technology, and more importantly, top-down embrace innovation, transformation of determination and will. Way to solve the above problem is decoupling industrial connectivity CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , modular solutions to meet the diverse needs of the enterprise. White Paper that the global manufacturing companies also face the opportunities and challenges of the digital transition, but different markets, companies of all sizes specific circumstances vary widely, their way of digital transformation can not be achieved, but not across the board to copy the experience of others. Decoupling the Internet industry is, to a large and complex system of decentralized Internet industry, into different functional modules, solutions that allow enterprises to deploy on demand according to their actual conditions and business needs, in order to lavish the way to meet the diverse needs of customers. While advancing artificial intelligence and business integration scenarios will accelerate the application of industrial floor Internet innovation. White Paper pointed out that artificial intelligence is becoming a new driving force for the development of the manufacturing sector. Accenture predicts that by 2035, the application of artificial intelligence technology will bring as much as $ 3.7 trillion increase in global manufacturing. Artificial intelligence and manufacturing convergence, need to decouple business scenarios, data acquisition and processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence model building, remodeling and other business scenarios four steps combined with each other to achieve the business requirements and technical capabilities of enterprises. In this process, mutual understanding and cooperation among manufacturing firms and artificial intelligence technology and solutions provider partners will play an extremely important role. To help implement the manufacturing industry of Internet innovation, help enterprises harness artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, networking, mixed reality technology, so technology into business scenarios Control Engineering Copyright , truly intelligent manufacturing Microsoft and partners from home and abroad to join hands to Microsoft’s cloud platform and intelligent service-based, work together to build a series of leading technology, widely used, safe and reliable intelligent manufacturing solutions.

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