Edge computing ushered in the golden years – new technology trends will drive further reflection Asian companies, use and importance of data

In the new decade the occasion, socio-economic factors will further promote Asia has become the focus of world attention. However, if you want to really give full play to the Asian market value of global trade, and to consolidate its position as the world’s economic center of the twenty-first century, Asian companies will have to continue to develop technological innovation and top priority. So, the next decade, the main impact of technology trends in Asia will be what is it? Living in “marginal” Get ready to meet the “edge” of life. If you think that in the last five to ten years of technological innovation, transformation and subversion of speed has been irresistible, so now please be ready for the next decade, more rapid technological development. The next decade, we will enter the “edge” Life Times. Data from the “edge” will cause great impact on business. The core edge computing is outside the data center mission-critical applications run remotely. Traditionally, most of the data collected locally in the first, and then transmitted back to the central data center for processing. However, , this model requires large data stream for transmission in the cloud. Intelligent data polymeric binder technical solutions. Today, data plays a very basic role in most enterprises only. For most businesses, the collection, storage and data protection are usually mainly in the service business operations and revenue targets. New Vantage Partners Big Data released in 2019 and AI executives survey found that: ● 72% of enterprise data is not yet formed a culture ● 69% of enterprises have yet to become data-driven enterprises ● 53% of enterprise data is not yet considered business ● 52% of corporate assets admitted not form a competitive edge with the equipment billions steady stream connected to the Internet, the public cloud as the only central data center is no longer feasible www data and analysis. cechina.cn , is not sustainable. Alone increases the amount of data transmission can cause bottlenecks and network congestion. In fact, only 1% of the traffic returns data center, cloud computing means corporate demand for capacity is greatly reduced. The edge computation took responsibility for data processing. Data will be processed and analyzed or inside the sensor device, thereby reducing the amount of data flow in the cloud. This model not only reduces the cost of data center physical spaceOccupancy and power consumption, while also reducing the response time of the delay device or terminal. For some mission-critical applications, reduce the delay time is critical. The most typical example is the autopilot – the communication process between the traveling vehicle and the length of the sensor light matter of life and death. Rising edge computing will be accompanied by rapid growth in data volumes and the rise of the Internet of Things. With 5G bring transmission speeds and bandwidth upgrade, networking equipment is showing explosive growth, analysts predict that within the next ten years things will bring more than $ 2 trillion in revenue. More devices mean more sensors and data, it is this tendency to let us into the “edge” Life Times. The mining industry, for example, required for modern economic development and people’s life satisfaction, underground miners must go deeper or more remote places, conditions worse places to go mining ores and minerals, so mining operations complexity and danger are constantly rise. And this is where things industry can play a role, large-scale mining companies can be deployed in harsh conditions, the remote location of mining industry Internet solutions, set up sensors on the ground and underground, in order to improve safety, efficiency and productivity, protect the lives of employees Safety. ● Health and Safety: personnel tracking, alerts, health monitoring and below ground sensors (used to identify the atmospheric conditions, unstable structures and air quality) can help reduce the risk of accidents and collapses. ● security personnel and mine: a sensor disposed at a position remote mine help protect against theft, mining assets and human resources to ensure the most efficient use. CCTV also provides real-time remote monitoring function, help to strengthen the vigilance work. ● efficiency and productivity: maintaining the sensor means ability to predict and artificial intelligence may reduce system downtime. This feature helps the harsh conditions in remote mining areas save a lot of service and maintenance costs. Given the growing number of mining carried out by off-grid power generation operation, run security and safety equipment, complete various processes, the importance of industrial things function more prominent. So, this is a truly mission-critical applications. In addition Control Engineering Copyright , many mines are driving process automation and transportation operations. This process, the edge data for the sustained, efficient and secure real-time operation to provide a guarantee. The face of the different functions of different monitoring information provided by the sensors, only by having a hybrid cloud platform interoperability to these lettersInformation integration, to create real value for the mining companies. Set in the thousands of kilometers of various sensors and analysis tools can be run under harsh environment for optimal performance, machine learning, to improve and to take preventive measures to minimize the manpower management needs. AI should sometimes Hing edge computing growth will promote the development of another new technology: artificial intelligence (AI). As of now, AI technology is mainly used to enhance the efficiency and predictive analysis capabilities – especially the analysis and prediction of data center related. However, as companies gradually abandoned CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , as well as breakthrough machine learning and deep learning of traditional architecture, AI applications is ushering in a large outbreak period. Mass data generated by network edge architecture optimized for data processing and a higher requirement. Therefore, the combination of edge computing and AI technologies increasing demand for intelligent edge was born. Edge artificial intelligence will give the ability to machine intelligence analysis, turn information into actionable insights. AI technologies richer local sensor data can be used for the intelligent management of things. Therefore, the combination of edge computing and AI technology will contribute to the future development of data-driven enterprise. But how can this combination to create the largest commercial value for the enterprise it? Mixed world, of course, will play a key role in the cloud above the ecosystem. As companies turn over converged infrastructure (HCI) to coordinate and obtain data from the source, master and apply all the insights and intelligence will be possible, in particular, be used to support high-performance AI and other use cases. HCI deployment and edge AI will minimize the demand for computing power, because HCI so that technology can be run on a smaller scale hardware architecture. By 2020, 80% of the equipment is expected to have the AI ​​function. AI brings cloud platform needed, so that AI can be used on almost all technical equipment. The HCI and edge computing will combine AI can really provide a tool for self-promotion. While the edges of the sensor data acquisition and processing, AI will be able to analyze the data. However, , the true value does not lie in the enterprise data from a single sensor, but rather comprehensive analysis of data sets from a plurality of devices, the discovery data is not to predict the lawTo apply the performance or potential problems. This is the AI, as well as local hybrid cloud computing edge to show their talents. Fusion technology is accelerating the performance of applications and all technology, will value and insight to a whole new level. Among these, the hybrid cloud provides a fertile ground for the development of AI and edge computing. The rise of business intelligence and wisdom of our country to analyze the level of their own now. Business intelligence is not new. Some companies have begun to use big data and new technology to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. However, , this type of deployment was largely restricted to small-scale projects which – not deployed across the enterprise level. In the next decade, this situation will be completely changed. Change will occur is not limited to the application of technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs, it will also begin to help companies find new business opportunities and business value. Such business intelligence enterprise will become. The wisdom of the utilization of various technical capabilities companies, including edge computation, AI, automation and cohesion and interoperability provided by the hybrid. These flexible autonomous system self-learning ability will continue to learn and grow. Enterprise business will have the flexibility, and the ability to self-learning and autonomous decision-making, and the use of next-generation infrastructure to help coordinate business operations, personnel management, even business models. Companies will begin to discover, analyze and utilize data from all sources and state. Today, visibility and intelligence to realize every aspect of the business has proved difficult to achieve. However, , as well as expanding the edges and AI data provided by hybrid cloud enterprise applications will provide more specific information on particle size, for enterprises to achieve real-time, comprehensive and actionable intelligence lay the foundation. Given the maturity and improve customer preferences and changing business to survive and develop in a rapidly changing environment, we must transition to the wisdom of the enterprise. More and more new technology and decades of outlook platform will be deployed in hybrid cloud environments, however, cross-platform technology will become the new data management challenges CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and the use of these technologies data will be more challenging. Obviously, it is necessary data into valuable information is still some way to go. But in the next decade, we will start to see the business throughThrough advanced analytical techniques, machine learning and AI technologies and the ability to achieve operational transformation. This will allow companies to gain insight from data, to build a solid foundation for future development. With the Internet of Things and AI flourish in the coming years, the data size will only increase. Wisdom means that companies need to be using a series of structured and unstructured data to produce meaningful insights to drive business innovation and automation, more importantly, provide a reference for the development of corporate business strategy. The next decade, the data in the application of intelligent decision-making will be one of the key objectives of Asian companies. To be sure, a combination of technologies to maximize the value will be the general requirements for all enterprises, especially the wisdom of the enterprise.

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