Electric smart curtains, another improvement in the way human life

With the development of science and technology, people’s living and working conditions continue to improve, electric curtains are more and more accepted. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, electric curtains have been widely used. Electric curtain products not only realize electricization, but also realize automation through infrared, radio remote control or timing control, and use electronic sensors such as sunlight, temperature and wind to realize intelligent operation of products, reduce labor intensity and prolong product service life. This brings convenience to human life and brings improvement to the human environment.
Electric curtains can be divided into: electric opening and closing curtain electric roller blinds, electric blinds, outdoor awnings, outdoor blinds, outdoor sun visors, hollow venetian blinds, full or semi-light-shielding guide roller shutters, etc. . Here are two commonly used electric curtain systems for you: Electric opening and closing curtain system mainly includes motor system, control system, track system and decorative curtains; currently the motor system uses DC motor drive, AC drive, etc. the way. DC motors generally use built-in or external power transformers, but the driving power is generally small, the curtains that can be loaded are lighter, the noise is relatively small, and the control circuit is more complicated; the main application is in windows with smaller area; the AC motor drive mode : It can directly use 220V power supply, simple control circuit, large driving power, and can carry heavy curtains. It is widely used, not only for wide and bright floor-to-ceiling windows, but also for curved and irregular windows; it satisfies people’s individuality. Requirements.

Electric opening and closing curtain features: safe and reliable, with temperature rise / overload / timeout system protection at any time to ensure safe use; 220V AC motor, high power, strong load capacity, single rail single machine up to 45KG Sealed automatic lubrication technology, ultra-quiet design, low noise, low vibration; flexible control: external radio remote control, infrared remote control, manual control and intelligent control can be group control; let life be poetic and beautiful, show the elegance of the owner Personality, using technology to create exciting life! Electric lifting curtain system mainly includes motor system, control system, coiling system, roller blind fabric or louver blade; motor selected for motor system is divided into DC tubular motor and AC tubular motor. The DC tubular motor is powered by a transformer (12-24V), and the driving power is small. The curtains that can be loaded are smaller and lighter, and the control circuit is more complicated. It is mainly used in small-sized windows such as study rooms, children’s rooms, and activity rooms in family homes. The AC tubular motor control circuit is simple, the driving power is large, and the heavy duty curtain can be widely used in large areas such as hotels, hotel lobby, high-level clubs, office buildings, offices, and floor-to-ceiling glass walls of exhibition halls.

Electric lifting curtain features: small installation clearance, excellent shading effect; stable system operation, fast speed, low noise; flexible control mode: external radio remote control, infrared remote control, manual control and intelligent control Control; diverse styles, combining the characteristics of simplicity, fashion, freshness, etc.; with the advantages of sunshade, heat insulation, dustproof, air-permeable, comfortable, cool, etc., achieving the perfect combination of warmth and fashion!

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