Embrace the cloud computing future

Cloud computing concept since 2006, Google raised in the General Assembly on the search engine, with its high flexibility, scalability and cost-effective features, among more than 10 years after the strong development, the emergence of a number of world-renowned cloud computing period companies such as Amazon AWS, Google, Ali cloud, etc. control engineering Copyright , also by virtue of Microsoft’s cloud computing gained a new life. In recent years, global cloud computing services market to maintain steady growth, according to Gartner, by 2018 the global public cloud services market size of $ 136.3 billion, 23% growth is expected in 2022 the market size will exceed $ 270 billion. According to the Chinese Academy of ICT report, China’s cloud computing market size reached 96.28 billion yuan, the growth rate of 39.2%, which the public cloud market reached 43.7 billion yuan, an increase of 65.2% compared with 2017.
Figure 1: Global cloud computing market size and growth rate (Source: Gartner, 2019 Nian 1 month)
United States Cloud computing strategy development process in order to promote the development of cloud computing, the government has issued a national strategy to promote the development of cloud computing plan, the federal government in 2011 formally promulgated and implemented the “Federal cloud computing strategy”, the federal government established a three-step framework for cloud migration, to achieve service-oriented alternative to traditional asset management of change-oriented, and recently to revise the strategy document, in order to speed up the government adopted cloud-based solutions. All this marks the cloud computing industry will usher in the explosive growth further into the golden period of development. Since 2006, the cloud computing concept was put forward, academia round off a wave of research techniques such as virtualization cloud computing, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and other companies began to enter the cloud computing field, and gradually cultivate and promote market development through marketing activities. Obama administration took office, the federal government’s chief information officer issued the “reform federal IT management 25-point implementation plan”, which is very important one is the implementation of “cloud first” strategy in federal agencies, the government plans to promote the overall development of cloud computing and in 2011 on this basis, it issued a “federal cloud computing strategy.” 2011 edition of the “Federal Cloud Computing Strategy” determine the form of government planning a three-step decision-making framework federal cloud migration: the readiness to follow up the value of each subject, choose to migrate to cloud services; by choosing to provide effective cloud services ; change their thinking, in order to proactively monitor, regular assessment of the partyStyle, from asset management to achieve change-oriented to service-oriented management. After the “Federal Cloud Computing Strategy,” published nearly 10 years, the federal government’s chief information officer Suzette Kent published revised edition of “Federal Cloud Computing Strategy” in June 2019, updated cloud computing strategy to accelerate the adoption of cloud-based organizations solution: cloud wisdom. The new strategic awarded various government agencies broad powers to adopt solutions with more advanced technology, reduce the difficulty of the cloud migration from traditional IT infrastructure, and identified three key pillars: security, procurement and personnel. This shows that the US government’s cloud computing industry policy embarked on a “fast track.” Cloud computing strategy and the national company profile with the development of cloud computing technology and services worldwide have introduced their own cloud computing strategy. The EU announced that it will implement the “European cloud plan” to increase the development of cloud services and world-class data infrastructure to ensure that science, business and public services to benefit CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright from the big data revolution, at the same time also recognize that cloud computing increases the risk of financial and other industries, it is recommended to strengthen supervision. Japanese government actively promotes the development of cloud computing, seeking to leverage cloud computing to create new services and industries, and with the launch of “the effective use of IT, cloud computing and create new industry” development strategy. When the Canadian government revised the “cloud precedence” plan, requires the government should give priority to public cloud services, public cloud can not meet certain requirements, consider a private cloud deployment model. Australia developed a “cloud security policy” to determine the “default principle of the use of public cloud” to help government departments easier to use cloud services. China has also planned through cloud computing “Thirteen Five” plan cultivate leading enterprises, create a complete industrial chain, encourage powerful enterprises mergers and acquisitions, pooling of resources, play the leading role of leading enterprises radiation of industrial development, creating cloud computing ecosystem. Encouraged by Governments around the world in recent years emerged a large cloud computing company, and gradually evolved into the Amazon, Alibaba, represented by cloud infrastructure providers and integrated with Salesforce as the representative of the industry vertical cloud service providers two camps. Integrated cloud infrastructure provider industry as a pioneer of the entire cloud computing market development has made great contributions, by virtue of its strong capital, a large number of people, rich product segments and large data center cloud computing market accounted for a large number of share, 2018 years Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Alibaba four companies a total share of the global cloud services market share of 75%. Vertical industry cloud service providers in their respective fields with deep industry background and understanding, occupy a place in the market, and maintain high-speed growth. Salesforce CRM cloud service provider market share to 19.5% of the world’s leading CRM software market, which is twice its biggest rival SAP (8.3%) more, Oracle is more than three times. With “supercomputing more peace of mind” for the mission of the domestic cloud services vendors parallel supercomputing technology in recent years more than 100% of the rate of growth in the first half 2019 growth rate of 200%.
Figure 2: IaaS cloud computing market share (Source: Gartner, 2019 July 2009)
Implications for China “to calculate federal cloud strategy” by reading an upgraded version of the United States, combing state of the global cloud computing industry, we you can get the following revelation: first CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , today’s cloud computing industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in the user process, the transition from the previous focus on asset, attention focused hardware to service, focused solutions, this marks the cloud computing industry is entering a new stage of development. Users need not be the server, storage and networking, but can support business, to bring about the growth of business services, the demand for services have established a global industrial chain in the tide of globalization, in the current era of cloud computing the achievements of the many cloud service vendors. The second Control Engineering Copyright , cloud computing vendors to put more efforts to provide reliable secure cloud computing services. Information security has always been to promote the application of cloud computing are most concerned about the recent cloud computing industry with the establishment of Sino-US two-position, the other major countries generally want to support domestic industries by strengthening information security regulators, especially the European Union. Cloud computing is also widely used cloud computing vendors of information security development put forward higher requirements, from a trusted network, data availability, attack prevention technology, to staff management, data security contract management practices are facing greater challenge. The third CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the government needs to adjust industrial policy in the new stage of development of cloud computing,Adapt to the new requirements of the new phase. Government has played in guiding the development of cloud computing industry an important role, from the United States “cloud first”, the EU’s “European cloud plan” to China’s “Thirteen Five” plan, all of the policy in the new period has been adjusted. In the new era of cloud computing industry is facing the transition from the consumer sector to the industrial sector, the construction of a complete industrial chain challenges and ecosystems, which require precise guidance on the government’s industrial policy, including tax incentives for industry professionals, active open innovative entrepreneurial environment, service enterprises the vertical segments of deep plowing, efficient and regulated capital markets. Our cloud computing industry has experienced rapid development in the first decade, the growth of the cloud Ali, Huawei cloud and other industry leading enterprises. Under the national industrial upgrading and transformation of the Internet from the consumer to the Internet industry background, the entire cloud computing industry will usher in a new golden period of development.

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