Environmental walkway at the new campus of the University of Sydney

The University of Sydney recently hosted the Darlington Campus Design Competition. The winner was Taylor Klein Lislin, who designed a sidewalk between the street and the campus. The project was called “The Rich Land”. .

The use of water features in this project is reflected in the extreme, the designer created Similar to the waterscape of a subtropical wetland climate, a new groundwater storage system is used to water the surrounding objects. At the same time, the designer also designed some chic views for this sidewalk to match the sidewalk and the surrounding landscape. This land used to be a hunting ground and once existed as a market. The designer used all the details that can be used to preserve the history of the land. Senator AILA commented on this: “The project uses high-level sustainable materials, which is in line with the mainstream argument of today’s world development, and on the other hand makes customers very satisfied, as a place for 20,000 people to rest and walk, this The sidewalk is enough to carry more, including the history of this place. ”

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