EU pushes for comprehensive internationalization of Internet management

Technology Daily, Berlin, February 13th, on the 12th, the European Commission made recommendations to take practical measures to promote the internationalization of basic network function management, and set up a comprehensive internationalization of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) A clear timetable. The EU’s move may trigger a global upsurge in claiming Internet management rights from the United States.

The European Commission said that large-scale monitoring and intelligence activities have caused the public to lose confidence in the Internet and current management methods. Therefore, the EU proposes to fundamentally reform the ways and methods of Internet management and operation. Transparent and responsible management of the Internet should involve all stakeholders.

Nelly &middot, vice chairman of the European Commission’s Digital Agenda, said: “The next two years will be a critical period for revolutionizing global Internet governance.” The EU will contribute a practical approach to promoting Internet governance reform. The EU will play an important role in redefining the future of the Internet. ”

The European Commission recommends specific measures, such as setting a clear timetable for ICANN’s overall internationalization; strengthening the Global Internet Governance Forum (IGF); setting up a Global Internet Policy Observatory" GIPO) is a more transparent online platform for Internet policy; researching the contradictions between relevant national legislation or legal systems to find possible solutions.

In addition, the recommendations include efforts in a number of areas, such as improving the multilateral process and the transparency, accountability and participation of all parties involved; creating basic principles of Internet governance to protect an open and Fragmented Internet; globalization of key decision-making processes (such as coordination of domain names and IP addresses) to maintain the stability, security, and robustness of the Internet.

Cross said: “Some people think that the International Telecommunications Union should take over the control of key functions on the Internet. Although I think the government must play an important role, the top-down approach is not the right solution. We need to strengthen the multi-stakeholder model to keep the Internet fast and innovative. ”

The EU, like many countries in the world, urged the United States to accelerate the pace of internationalization of Internet management many years ago. Today, the position is harder and clearly supports the multilateral and participatory governance that strongly supports the participation of all stakeholders. mode. The EU’s recommendations also express Europe’s common position in a series of important international conferences in the future. For example, the multi-party conference on the future of Internet management will be held in Brazil in April, as well as the August Global Internet Governance Forum and the subsequent high-level ICANN meeting.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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