Excelsior means PlantPAx DCS, using in situ leaching process of copper smelting

Excelsior Mining began in 2018 in Gunnison project near Tucson, Arizona, in its expected 24-year service life, the use of an unusual situ leaching process to produce more than 2 billion lbs of copper. Rockwell Automation Solution Partners ECN automated design a complete solution for process control platform Gunnison project. PlantPAx DCS was chosen because it provides native support for industry reference and a standardized programming environment. It can integrate smart meters, as well as the process of collecting data from the field operation is also important.
Endress + Hauser (E + H) regional sales representative JoséCarlos Palazuelos Spence said: “By 2017, I participated in the ECN project Control Engineering Copyright ,” he ECN with this automation project manager Sergio Alzate the exchange process Rockwell automation week, held in Chicago solutions user group (PSUG) meeting. “At the end of 2017, an engineering / procurement / construction (EPC) companies come to us from the need to develop systems integrators (SI) to help the new process. It has been used for uranium, but they want it for copper. “different ways to traditional mining, recovery site (ISR) by drilling, injecting a weak sulfuric acid ore extraction of copper in the leachate and the extraction electrowinning apparatus achieved. The first stage comprises 41 wells, injection and extraction with water acid to 125 million lbs / yr of the speed of the production a total of 20 million pounds of copper. The initial cost of $ 49 million, the project will recover the internal rate of return 48% of the cost (IRR) after 4.6 – the production cost of $ 0.66 / lb, while the traditional mining and mining costs $ 1.80-2.10 / lb. Palazuelos Spence said: “EPC want a SI have local expertise to provide ongoing support.” They need to HART, Modbus and Ethernet to cover equipment and instruments required. The base has some of the existing infrastructure facilities not previously completed the program in, but we will use the existing filter to re-create from scrap. “Development time is very short and limited budget,” becauseThis is a public company “. Palazuelos Spence said,” because the process definition still changing, they need flexibility, and the final system requires ease of operation and maintenance. He said: “They want to understand a mining prospects SI, and you can start from scratch mine deploy a complete, secure, and thus save water, because the mine is located near Tucson, Arizona, where water is very limited.” Alzate He said that the proposed method is a standard method to give all the customers requirements and specifications, detailed engineering design, DCS programming, construction panel, “four months” installation and commissioning. Why PlantPAx? In addition to valves, variable speed drives, pump, pressure gauge and a flow meter (more than 300 meter), the architecture also uses HART, Modbus, and Ethernet as the leaching process sensor. It has for each redundancy region and PanelViews ControlLogix controller, engineers and operators thin client stations, and a redundant HMI servers, all of which are easy to develop in a virtualized system, and to a Cisco enterprise network firewall. “We chose the PlantPAx because it can save a lot of time, because engineers can focus on process connections and high-end programming,” Alzate said. “We also need scalability, because this is the first stage, then there will be more devices and controllers. We need redundant HMIs and control, as well as support for local programming standards.” The second phase of 75,000 tons per year (tpy), the third phase of 125,000 tons. There are 41 wells, but the EPA license allows 1000. From the beginning of the benefits of using intelligent instrument, comprising a local connection between the E + H, and Rockwell Automation, the availability of any measurement technique and apparatus pre-designed panels. “You can see the equipment failure at the DCS HMI, for example, a coated electrodes,” Palazuelos Spence said. “EPA will automatically collect files daily to ensure compliance. The instrument status verified by E + H heartbeat , you can right-click and DCS HMI inspection equipment, no other system or web browser. “Ethernet electromagnetic flow meter may have 600 labels.” Direct connection saves time, “Palazuelos Spence said.” You can access its serial number, can be traced back to the quality of the reading of [123 ], and view its warranty status. Out of specification one meter would be necessary to close the plant – which can help to avoid this. “Take advantage of multiple variables ,” Palazuelos Spence recommendations. “An intelligent instrument might cost $ 10,000. If you only use a label, wasted a lot of money,” PlantPAx provides for HART instrument panel integrated multi-variable and diagnostics. Laboratory analysis of the data is also integrated, so the operator can see it immediately by FactoryTalk Transaction Manager, and FactoryTalk VantagePoint provides customized reports to management. “We also have in-depth digital training and user manual CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright ,” Alzate said. Alzate said that the project development time is four months, the main success factor is the “integrator of knowledge and experience, equipment delivery times and PlantPAx development gains.” In order to meet the $ 2 million of instrumentation and control (I & C) budget, Alzate praised the good specifications, engineering, project planning and management. PlantPAx, custom applications and E + H instruments to meet the long-term operational and maintenance objectives, Alzate said, “These devices have completely inherited the full potential of the PlantPAx.” a detailed report on the 2019 Automation Fair See: 2019 Rockwell Automation Fair Fair Automation thematic reports

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