Expanding range of applications of artificial intelligence and ambition low-key business

As of the end of March 2019, AI globally active enterprises reached 5386, the US and China has more than 80 percent of the company, “artificial intelligence” has become the core direction to lead the fourth industrial revolution under the new pattern of global competing. June 29 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the US magazine Science and Technology “MIT Technology Review” Foreign announced the “world’s smartest companies 50 (TR50)”. “MIT Technology Review” Every year, selected 50 companies will be the key technology for commercial applications to showcase emerging technology trends of the next decade. Many of whom are Huawei, Intel’s large and growing this company, but also the conservative giants similar to IBM, General Electric, so bet on technological innovation; in addition, there are many on the list of ambitious start-up companies, such as SpaceX, is studying repeatable Rockets used to make space travel become economically viable; also a pioneer in artificial intelligence technology – cloud from science and technology. Some experts predict that 2019 will accelerate the fall of various artificial intelligence techniques, artificial intelligence will continue to expand the scope of application. Faced with such a low-key Unicorn rapid growth of high-tech “burn” the industry, how to make artificial intelligence technology floor, a real commercial value has become the focus of attention. Some experts said that the unicorn surrounding barren, indicating AI companies must have among the heads of enterprises of ambition, the key point must be to achieve artificial intelligence landing. Billion euros last year issued the “2018 China Top 100 list of artificial intelligence business landing”, where revenue is expected 10-20 billion in only eight companies, including the Cambrian science and technology, science and technology Shang Dynasty, from cloud technology, as the technology Kuang AI head and other enterprises. This artificial intelligence landing battle horn sounded bigger CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , which has always been low-key technology in the cloud from the ground war has demonstrated great expansionist ambitions. In the field of artificial intelligence is quite famous “four little dragons” in the cloud from a technology widely recognized for landing artificial intelligence in business, according to authoritative international research firm Gen Market Insights2018年发布的 “global recognition equipment market research report” shows before, from cloud technology to 12.88% of the market share leader in the global market with intelligent changes in a number of industriesPotential views. The cloud technology from artificial intelligence also by virtue of its advantages in terms of industrialization, was selected as “the world’s 50 smart company.” According to public information, science and technology from the cloud so far completed a total of four financing, total access to development funds more than 3.5 billion yuan. Analysis of the industry, from the cloud is expected to be the first to visit Kechuang AI board the first unit. Haitong Securities analyst, said, “science and technology-intensive enterprise giants in recent years in the field of artificial intelligence layout, to create artificial intelligence with their ecosystem. And can these high-end technology into real-world scenarios, reflecting the transformation of the commercial value of profits in order to become the real winner behind. “” artificial Intelligence 2018 China Business report floor “has been mentioned that in 2017 China commercial floor AI 100 start-up companies in more than 90% of business losses AI reason is that cold floor level in business . Therefore, artificial intelligence technology to find the right key to solving specific landing scenario is the problem, “Artificial Intelligence ground war” is also a survival battle AI companies. For AI entrepreneurs, Yuan Yue Jin Xin Wo origin partner has said, “a bunch of AI entrepreneurs, scientists are playing a modern thing, no longer is the original ‘old school’, so they absorb extent, resilience is growing up in this atmosphere, in business may be more flexible and adjust more quickly. “breakthrough innovation revealed ambitions change the face of rapidly changing market, AI companies continue to seek breakthroughs in innovation control Engineering Copyright , which many of them have a good case. AI techniques such as landing the logistics industry, in collaboration with Intel Corporation rhyme to build a set of artificial intelligence solutions to help them save operating costs at the same time, enhance productivity and profitability. Then clouds from science and technology, China’s banking industry and the airport’s largest supplier of AI, product applications in the field of security police combat 31 provinces, from 30,000 to achieve victories. All of these show the head of AI companies to seize market ambitions, but also the inevitable trend of enterprises unicorn. Clouds from Technology was established in April 2015, it is learned, just four years, and its main business covers the six areas of finance, security, transportation, retail, parks, electricity, etc. control engineering Copyright , strengthen the integration and depth of the real economy. The results of the use of AI technology has landed in many areas, especially in the financial, transportation to achieve a wide range of sophisticated applications. Finance, science and technology in the cloud from silverHead office biometric authentication platform market share of over 82.8%, to more than 400 banks, 147 000 banking outlets to provide technical support AI , compared to the average daily number of 216 000 000 times; field of civil aviation, cloud services and products from all over, including Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Chongqing Jiangbei Airport, Yinchuan Hedong Airport, more than 60 airports, has achieved two million passengers daily service.
However, with respect to the Shang Dynasty, open view, according to the map, the cloud from a “AI tigers” in the development of vision in one but more long-term nature. Kuang depending slogan shouted to do “the best face recognition cloud computing platform”; in accordance with plans already with a license plate recognition system knocked on the door of the public security system …… but from the cloud to “define the wisdom of life and enhance human potential “for the mission, and actively promote the establishment of a global ecological intelligence, taking the long view more artificial intelligence development prospects, but also demonstrated a mature technology and strong landing application ability, the future can be expected. From this cloud innovation, commitment to reform and reconstruction, and “the world’s 50 most intelligent company” award conception fit. However, this does not mean cloud from science and technology in these areas has occupied the position enough advantage. For example, in the new retail area, Kuang has started earlier and wheat, as the commune cooperation; Shang no access Suning stores, with face recognition binding members and then “brush face payment” …… how targeting Red Sea track, select the most artificial intelligence important areas first floor, it is essential for AI companies. Li Feifei has said, “Artificial Intelligence has come to be really into the industry, industry, service to mankind stage. This stage is not the last stage, but the development of artificial intelligence than 60 years, this is the first time that such an opportunity.” currently, artificial intelligence technology is emerging large-scale application landing, AI industry began to enter the golden harvest. But if you can not solve the problem of commercial landing and perhaps hit a trough again. Clouds from science and technology in this “artificial intelligence war landing” How will seize the opportunity to win the market, remains to be seen.

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