Expansion and renovation of old houses in Singapore

Singapore has many houses from the 1970s. It has been used for many generations of homes. In order to continue to use it, it is necessary to expand and renovate the house to accommodate the growing population and the aging of the customer service house.

This family home has two floors and the architect has expanded the second half of the house. Cantilever structure, also built a new pool. The architect retained the layout of the old house and added a new contemporary design. The expanded part was constructed using concrete slabs in contrast to the rough appearance of black stucco construction. The architect converted the previous dining area into an atrium, which is the core project of the expansion project and expands the living space. The top layer adds a wire mesh design that alleviates the height difference and makes the transition more natural. The house is H-shaped as a whole, with two courtyards around and a quiet environment. The courtyard is surrounded by a lower concrete wall that forms a barrier and is equivalent to a seat where residents can sit and enjoy the outdoor scenery.

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