Fashion consumption upgrade wave struck, create flexible technology enabling rapid reaction supply chain

With the rapid economic development, mass consumption is ushering in a wave of upgrades, clothing as an important part of national consumption, consumer demand has also undergone tremendous changes. More rapid changes in fashion trends, product updates speed, higher demands; consumers are no longer satisfied with the previous standardized products , the individual needs of increasingly obvious; no longer just a popular brand definition, the right to speak of consumers is increasing, custom designed to be strong demand.
changes in consumer demand are “Forced” apparel manufacturers and service providers to change the traditional mode, gradually moving towards consumer-oriented and innovative way, flexible rapid reaction supply chain has become a key competitive garment enterprises to victory. At the same time, under the impact of new technologies such as the Internet, networking and virtual reality technology, the apparel industry has become more open and intelligent than ever before, the garment industry is being ushered in a revolution led by the digital technology. Faced with this trend, the traditional supply chain there is large-scale production, slow response, high manufacturing cost pain point, I believe, by 3D digitizing technology-enabled supply chain management to help companies achieve flexible rapid reaction garment, to better meet the fashion new consumer demand. Digital design tools to enhance the efficiency of supply chain development Supply chain management, including design and development, raw materials procurement, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and market feedback through a link, as a starting point for the design and development chain efficiency improvement is particularly important. The traditional clothing design R & D model from product planning, drawing design, pattern-making, production-like clothing, repeatedly adjusted until the seal-like, not only R & D chain length, but most of the work carried out online, in repeated changes in the resource-intensive and time , resulting in low efficiency of design and development. In recent years, many garment enterprises in the design and development process to start using digital mapping software and tools such as CAD, efficiency and style to draw the plate has been improved to some extent, but have yet to upgrade to the kind of clothing the finished pattern of efficiency. For questions efficiency of design and development, 3D CAD clothing can play a significant role. Using 3D CAD, design styles from fight-working to make the kind of clothing can be completed by computer, fabric effects and production process have achieved a high degree of simulation, comparable to the real kind of clothing. Whether it is style, the version or surface materials, processes can be adjusted in real time on the computer, avoid repeatedly making and production-like clothing, save a lot of time and material. This tool greatly enhancedDesign and development efficiency, speed the supply chain in the development cycle greatly accelerated.
In addition, BOM digital data can be kind of clothing that comes directly connected intelligent manufacturing plant, complete design can be put into production, the supply chain to further enhance the speed. Excellent PDM / PLM make product development more effective and convenient CAD design and development while generating a large amount of product data, how to manage these data and maximize its value, become a problem faced by many garment enterprises. On the other hand, how to complete consumer demand for efficient development and strive for better market performance by optimizing product lifecycle management, enterprises are more and more attention. PDM / PLM systems can help garment enterprises to solve this problem. PDM / PLM systems to product research and development model brings great changes, based on market information and quick access to new product design concepts or improved; building products database, standardized data management, facilitate data reuse; building collaborative design and development platform, designed to enhance work efficiency, shorten the product development cycle; and can be achieved with CAD, ERP system integration, the elimination of information silos, improve manufacturing from design and development to production to sales overall terminal efficiency. Clothing enterprises in the use of 3D digital modeling software designed to enhance the efficiency of research and development, with 3D digital PDM / PLM CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , but will gain a multiplier effect. 3D PDM not only for apparel product development to manage the whole process , to achieve standardization of costume design and development, components, digital, also based 3D CAD parts of the establishment of R & D model: for clothing were part of the split, established in parts of 3D models in 3D PDM database design and development of components called directly be adjusted according to the needs of the new design, you can avoid making the kind of clothing and repeatedly revised, supply chain efficiencies in the design and development aspects of the further enhanced. 3D PDM provides resource materials and process management across the data, at the end of the design development process to accounting of the cost of production, to support the production and marketing of management decisions, help make the supply chain more quickly respond to market demand. Digital Supply Chain Trading Platform efficient integration of industry resources due to the garment industry chain links, chain length, and more participants and resources involved to achieve supply chainFlexible rapid reaction, it is necessary for efficient integration of industry resources and synergies. Such as , collaborative design style providers, manufacturers, materials suppliers face, wholesale, retail terminal, the data integration resources and material efficient flow, will greatly enhance the supply chain reaction speed, and can be customized to produce small orders based on consumer demand. More than the value of 3D digital designs in research and development, but also enabling supply chain management. 3D digital supply chain trading platform, reconfigurable manufacturing from design and development, procurement of materials, production to marketing and distribution chain, fully open up designer, ODM suppliers, production plants, fabrics and accessories suppliers, brands, retail businesses, and other terminals, clothing supply chain management, flexible rapid reaction. Brand companies, retail businesses are the main purchasers platform, choose style design from designers and ODM suppliers, production plants butt, fabrics and accessories suppliers, for order production according to actual market demand. Benefit from the 3D digital technology, clothing styles, the version, surface materials, technology and other data can be fast moving, fast deployment and integration of resources in production when there is demand, you can place an order at least 10, 10 days shipped from the factory . Flexible rapid reaction supply chain not only timely response to market demand, but also to avoid the traditional mode of production because of inventory problems led to the spot. Customization requirements on the 3D digital digital supply chain trading platform can be met, brands, retail businesses according to market demand, made custom requirements ask the designer and ODM suppliers to provide design, you can also use 3D components customization features fast DIY style. The model can be customized quickly produce small orders Control Engineering Copyright , to meet consumer demand in the market, C2M flexible rapid reaction drive value into full play. It is foreseeable that in the future will continue to rapidly changing fashion consumer, user demand for diversified and personalized will continue to grow, the ability to meet the needs of the enterprise, the speed of response will be presented a huge challenge. Face the challenges of a new fashion consumer demand, technology-enabled supply chain management, flexible rapid reaction in order to meet new consumer demand for fashion, each enterprise will be the only way. Who is leading Chinese manufacturers? To answer this question, billion euros will be in Shanghai in June 2019, the manufacture of new kinetic energy summit held in 2019 during the annual meeting of the new global economy, pushing China to discuss the future of manufacturing innovationpower. Here, you will see the point of view of domestic and foreign experience in large-scale manufacturing enterprises, dialogue between new technology and manufacturing communication, advanced manufacturing different dimensions of thinking collision participants. Billion euros of new manufacturing channels to become a bridge connecting industrial manufacturing and new technologies enabling forces.

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