Fenghua Environmental Protection: Dust from the source to win the battle for human health

Open-pit mining, blasting… seems to be far from our life, in fact, it is close by. The dust generated on the outskirts of the city will not affect the health of people in the city. If you have thought about it, then Fenghua Environmental will tell you exactly how wrong it is.

Open-pit mining, blasting, plus urban dust, which is driven by wind and man-made dust And other open sources of pollution that drive the air into the atmosphere, each threatening people’s health. The dust can be quickly absorbed by the lungs and directly into the blood circulation without detoxification by the liver. The harmful gases and heavy metals are dissolved in the blood, and for the human body, the precipitation over time will cause a devastating blow.

The smog that has occurred frequently in recent years is caused by many people’s warming and excessive exhaust emissions. I don’t know, dust is one of the important murderers. It can be seen that in order to make people’s physical health better protected, dust removal and dust reduction has become a topic that must be paid attention to, and this is also the problem that Fenghua Environmental Protection is constantly pursuing answers.

Speaking of Fenghua Environmental Protection, the first reaction of people in many industries is the variety of fog guns produced by Fenghua. This company with a history of 22 years of sedimentation, from the very beginning, has set its own goal in the production and research and development of fog gun equipment from the source, and has never changed. If there is anything that can prove the strength of this company, then it has 68 intellectual property rights patents, selected in the “Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Atmospheric Governance) Specification Conditions”, domestic leading atmospheric environmental management integrated solution providers, etc. That is enough to explain everything.

At present, Fenghua Environmental’s leading products are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dust spray spray equipment, mainly ranging from 30 meters to 200 meters. All types of “environmental dust-removing air-assisted sprayer,” long-range wind-driven sprayer, “railway coal transport curing agent spray device,” “control air quality exceeds the standard water mist dust suppression device and other proprietary patent products. It not only meets the requirements of national noise and other processing standards, but also does not cause harm to the ecological environment and user’s health during the use of the products produced, and does not cause secondary pollution. More importantly, the Fenghua fog can truly remove dust from the source and completely kill the dust in the cradle.

Stretcher, self-propelled, hand-push, vehicle-mounted, air-delivery, trailer-mounted, lift-type, etc. More than 30 functions are complete, complete, automatic control, environmental protection, energy saving, cost-effective The high range of spray machinery allows the wind gun to be used in a variety of applications, plus high degree of automation, small fog, uniform atomization, high spray range, long range, wide spray width, remote control system control, high Point spray, safe and convenient to use, but also has the advantages of low noise, high work efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, water saving and high cost performance, etc. It also makes Fenghua Environmental Protection go abroad and become an important symbol in China manufacturing.

From the source to control dust pollution, let people get a healthier living environment, Fenghua Environmental has worked hard for this 22 Year, of course, this is not the end. In the future, Fenghua Environmental Protection (stock code: 831386, www.fenghua001.com) will continue to maintain its own pace of development, contributing to each of the small links in the air pollution control process. .

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