Five major changes in Queen Victoria’s market reconstruction

Melbourne Mayor Robert · Doyle has launched a key concept for the $250 million reconstruction of the Queen Victoria Market (QVM), which is the largest investment ever made by the City of Melbourne. From the city of Melbourne, following the announcement of the redevelopment of the constituency last October, a series of community notices suggesting traders, shoppers, residents and visitors have been placed on the table to allow the public to comment and add.

Five key changes have been made, keeping in mind the preservation of QVM’s heritage and authentic atmosphere while allowing market constituencies to Evolved to meet the modern needs of traders and consumers.
1, below the ground facilities. The city recommends existing parking lots and underground storage to free up the heart of the market, although it is reported that favoring a multi-storey car park, I believe this will be “safe, cheap and less disruptive”.
2, market experience. Expanded retail, hotel and event offerings will help maintain and enhance the true character and experience of QVM. Improving logistics facilities, such as the cool room and waste treatment areas, is another consideration. Closing the traffic on Queen Street to improve security and create additional space for trading and market society is another part of this proposal.
3, new public space. The existing parking lot will be replaced by a major public space, which will provide a community of meeting places.
4, the connection of Franklin Street. Connecting Franklin Street and removing the two roundabouts will ensure better traffic connections around the market. This is expected to reduce congestion and make it easier for pedestrians to travel.
5, new development land. The Franklin connection to Deli Street’s proposal will create a land suitable for mixed use development areas. Work on the market will be carried out in stages to minimize the impact and inconvenience for the customer, while obtaining parking spaces and public transportation will maintain a consistent overall upgrade. The second round of community consultations is now open and invites the public to share feedback or forums on specific suggestions for their ideas. This second phase of engagement will run until May 16, 2014 and June 2015 to complete the master plan for redevelopment.

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