Floor tile precautions

The floor tiles are used in many areas of the bathroom and kitchen. This time, I will share some tips on floor tile paving.
The ground leveling is very important

The floor tiles have higher requirements on the ground level, so the floor leveling is required before the floor tiles are laid. In the construction of the house, the ground will not be flat enough for various reasons, and there will be pits and squats. In this case, if it is only a small tilt or pothole, we can fill it with cement, etc., but if there is a large inclination, there are more pits and it needs to be leveled on the ground.

Waterproofing is indispensable

Due to the waterproof and moisture-proof properties of floor tiles, floor tiles are generally laid in bathrooms, toilets, balconies, kitchens, etc., but these areas are generally humid. In addition to the selection of floor tiles with good waterproof and moisture resistance, the treatment of the waterproof layer is also very important. It is necessary to make a waterproof layer before the floor tiles are placed in the bathroom or the kitchen, so be sure to pay attention to the height difference when laying the tiles. Sometimes we will destroy the original cement sand pad waterproof layer when replacing the floor tiles. The remedy is to apply a layer of asphalt waterproof layer before the tiles are placed. The white cement between the tiles should also be replenished.

Material selection and proportioning

Pavement of floor tiles involves a wide variety of materials, such as cement, adhesives, floor tiles, etc. It is necessary to ensure that these materials are complete and of good quality. Generally, the ratio of cement to sand on the wall is 1:4, and the ratio of cement to sand on the ground is 1:3. When paving the floor tiles, an appropriate amount of 3-4% 107 glue can be added to the 1:2 cement fine sand to improve the mortar. Workability reduces the setting time to facilitate sticking and prevent mortar from flowing.

Attention to check the details

The floor tiles must pay attention to the inspection of the details when laying, which is also an inspection of the construction team’s attitude. There are many details of the attention, mainly: the floor tiles need to be immersed for half a day before laying; the brick surface should be flattened, the angle should be accurate, the interface should be on the line; the toilet floor should have a proper slope, not water; the tile interface after sweeping white cement To use the rattan silk brush to clean the white cement, do not leave cement stains on the brick surface; after the floor tiles are finished, cover the brick surface with cardboard, etc., and walk on the brick surface at least 24 hours later.

Although the wooden floor is more comfortable, cleaning and maintenance are more troublesome than the floor tiles. So if you are in trouble, choosing a floor tile is also a good choice. There are also a lot of floor tiles and patterns. However, in order to comfort the living in the future, we must pay attention to the above points when laying.
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