Former US Congressman initiated a petition campaign calling for the pardon of Snowden

The former US Congress has initiated a petition called for the waiver of Snowden

Data Sheet: "Prism Door"; Exposure Edward · Snowden.

China News Service February 14th According to foreign media reports, on the 13th, former US Congressman, Republican former presidential candidate Ron · Paul initiated a call to appeal to supporters to sign a petition to ensure Snowden can return to the United States without being persecuted and imprisoned.

Paul said that Snowden sacrificed his work, citizenship and freedom, and exposed the large-scale global monitoring program of the US National Security Agency. Because of his bravery, Americans now know the means the government uses to monitor them.

The website of the petition said that the person who signed the petition was telling the US government that Snowden should have the right to return to the United States without fear of persecution or imprisonment. Paul said he hopes that Snowden will return to the United States safely before the Russian shelter for him expires.

On the 12th, local time, Ron · Paul’s son, US Senator Rand · Paul sued the Obama administration for collecting information on American telephone numbers from the National Security Agency (NSA). He said that more than 300,000 signatures supporting prosecutors have been collected.

However, Rand · Paul does not fully agree with his father’s views on Snowden. Rand has said that the only possibility for Snowden to return to the United States is when he can get a fair trial and a reasonable sentence. Despite this, Rand believes that Snowden should not be sentenced to death or life imprisonment.

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