Giant monopoly, a 3-year reshuffle, domestic industrial robot business rules of survival

Recently, key tasks in 2019 proposed the central economic work conference, “to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing” is on the top. Although our country has become the world’s manufacturing powerhouse, but the “big but not strong,” “all without excellent” remain serious problems. For enterprises, industrial robots, in manufacture of unique mode of China, will inevitably need to embark on a new path.
industrial robot business in the Chinese domestic manufacturing characteristics before talking about, let’s look at a set of data. For nearly half a year , the manufacturing PMI index continued to decline in February, China’s official data have been 50.0% lower than the critical point, weak external demand, output index continued even record two and a half lows; from the enterprise scale, large, medium and small enterprises PMI were 51.5%, 46.9% and 45.3%, PMI small businesses decreased by 2% from the previous month. But the decline in China’s PMI index to a certain extent affected by the global macroeconomic downside. Think globally, manufacturing index United States, Japan and other countries were tested downward trend. In this environment, China had rapid development of the business community the benefits will gradually emerge. Over the past few decades, the living environment and elements of China’s manufacturing industry has been changing, creating a total of three waves of different manufacturing wave. The first wave is starting in to food, hardware, electrical appliances as the representative of consumer goods manufacturing in the 1980s; the second wave is on the rise with computers, clothing and footwear, represented by the export processing industry in the 1990s; it is the third wave as the leading real estate heavy industry. Today, the former United States, Germany and other industrialized countries to contain, after India, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries were under pressure to catch up with the cost advantage, the Chinese meaning strong transition from large to complete in the manufacturing sector, setting off a fourth wave ” by the quality system turn away from the road of Chinese-style globalization “wave, but by” all the way along. ” At present, China is the world’s largest market for almost all commodities, thanks to the construction of commercial infrastructure, logistics, vigorous developments in the consumer Internet era electricity supplier industry. During 2018 two-eleven, Lynx double 11 global day of carnival turnover reached 213.5 billion yuan, an increase of 26.9%; Jingdong section 11.11 was good global cumulative amount of orders exceeded 10 billion yuan. Behind these brilliant results, a reflection of the huge manufacturing needs. Huge industrial chain, a huge cityMarket demand, improve the logistics system, these outstanding domestic commercial element is attracting attention overseas companies. Swiss ABB, Japan’s Fanuc, Yaskawa, Germany and called KUKA robots in the field of “Legend”, which occupied the Chinese giant robot industry for more than 70% market share, and almost monopolized the robot manufacturing, welding and other high-end field. The past two years Control Engineering Copyright , four families have gradually invest in production bases in China, which is actually affirming a manufacturing environment for the development of the Chinese side reflected.
current high degree of substitution of machine industry in the automotive and pharmaceutical CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and in recent years the industry is popular 3C and new energy. 3C industry due to rapid product iterations, the iterative process and production lines with the product iteration iteration, will bring a lot of business orders for industrial robots and automation integrators. Taking all these factors, in this environment, and mature service providers to compete, domestic industrial robots need to give up anything, what specializes focus of what it will need to go through some careful consideration. Survival time was whether or not to take the initiative? Domestic industrial robots is bound to flourish, but made parts from the price and quality do not show enough advantages, the development of the industry chain will take time to mature. Apart from development aside, the vast majority of industrial robots enterprises need to consider is how to survive. According to interviews with several billion euros of industrial robot business to say, the industry in three years will be a reshuffle, finally able to rest, but is about 5-10 before various segments of business. Small fish eat shrimp, shrimp eating blue mud. Participants in which the body, or out of CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , or diverted, or swallow, eventually left the company to enter the long tug of war finals. Analogy development of mobile phone industry, the cottage had prevailed at the time, we can observe the emergence of a class such as Dixon of National Interlock mobile phone vendors, the store sells a variety of brands of mobile phones on the market. Now, however, can survive only a handful of domestic mobile phone enterprises, Huawei, millet, vivo, OPPO several enterprises is different, plus have stores under its own line , Dixon such enterprise business naturally greatly diminished. Now the industry is similar to the pre-industrial robots Three Kingdoms, natural competition is fierce. After the industrial robot business how to obtain a higher survival rate in the new round of competition billion euros in overall industrial robots interviewed several companies, we reached the following conclusions: avoid giant, identify the market over the past two years domestic industrial robots range of applications continues to increase, the market demand is also robust signal the end of the release. Currently industrial robots have been serving in the national economy 37 industry categories and 102 industry categories. From the sales perspective, the largest number of automobile manufacturing, computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing and electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry using industrial robots; in addition to furniture manufacturing, food manufacturing, wine, soft drinks and refined tea manufacturing as the representative of light industry sales growth is good, the industry has become a new point of application. Astro Boy Robot founder of Song Tao told billion euros, “childhood perspective, every industrial robot business has its own focus for work in the field of subdivision players, the most important thing is to make its own competitive advantage; from a technical perspective, the need to further enhance the performance of products; from the capital level, move faster access to funds will occupy a certain market opportunities; and on the client terminal application, to carry out some valuable delivery. “Today, several major foreign industrial robot companies have first-mover advantage, the domestic start-ups are not pleasing in the supply chain level, and therefore need to avoid the giant, looking for their incremental market. Attack technology research, innovation overweight “Many companies are actually like a robot in the building blocks, the various components assembled together and sell it. There probably because of government subsidies, capital markets and sought blessing, these companies temporarily survived, but in the long run, the lack of core technologies enterprises will go a long run. “Lie automation, co-founder Yu Chunhua billion euros to introduce. For many of the industry’s claims about the lack of innovation in the industry of industrial robots, Meca Peter founder Shaotian Lan said, like the automotive industry, industrial robot technology and process basic means of production are in fact more mature. At the same time, industrial robots in the era of change, new technologies and application scenarios are emerging, can really kill the final out of the companies also need to take into account the manufacturing and traditional craftInnovation. Money is flowing water, strengthening the economy in the financial sector have so the old saying, “Industry is the body, the soul of finance; financial Industries is not dead, it is no Industry financial demons.” For businesses, to achieve industrial upgrading its internal restructuring, the allocation of resources so inseparable from promoting financial markets. In statistics can range in 2018 he won the financing of industrial robot-related companies a total of 24, the total amount of financing more than 1.5 billion yuan.
billion euros in conversation with several companies in the robot learned, based on the customer base over the past two years to lay, now several companies this year are in a good stage of development, from the staff size to have a new scale of business progress. Technological innovation is the rules of survival in the future of China-made robot As mentioned above, only take into account the traditional technology innovation and enterprise in order to maintain too long. However, industrial robots belong electromechanical integration equipment, thanks to the maturity of this mechanical system, this innovative device will generally be more difficult. On the other hand, from the application perspective, innovative industrial robot product depends on improving the overall performance of the front and rear end automation equipment, basic iteration speed compared to other industries will naturally be a lot slower. “A lot of people think about domestic robots, would be very high, but in fact the industrial robot is an extremely low-end industries. According to my understanding, first, in fact, is also an industrial robot industry, since it is a commercial product, that it you need time to precipitation; second, it depends on the development of the whole industry chain and the surrounding ecology, if the downstream nobody needs your stuff, no matter how good your product is useless, “Kubo Te Lee, founder of the Miao billion euros representation. Compared with foreign and domestic enterprises comprehensive industrial robot R & D capabilities really behind part of it, but there is still a certain degree of innovation. Here is the innovative aspect of innovative applications of new technologies (such as artificial intelligence, big data, etc.), on the other hand is an innovative application scenarios, specifically refers to the improvement of their products in order to adjust more applications tap the market. For example, focusing on parallel robot Astro Boy accumulated based on the software system and talent, since the inquiry controllers and vision systems; for different application scenarios, Luo added stone robot force control in the control system, compliance control and human-machine cooperation and other functions; Peter Meca 3D industrial vision through this technique overweight industrial robots, fully enabling integrators, the project just take a spoonful drink. “Now just look at the lack of innovation shouldAppearance, because of domestic enterprises have realized the importance of robotics innovation in market competition. Many companies have set up their own R & D team, set out to do their own research and development. I boldly predicted that domestic enterprises to some time and patience, you will see the local industrial robot brand Hundred Flowers that day. Of course, do not rule out some enterprises lack innovation and investment, these companies end up with two choices: either to adapt to the times, change themselves, either gradually be eliminated. “Luo Hua Tuo Shi, founder of the robot represents.

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