Global manufacturing “Lighthouse Factory” add seven, two in China

January 10 Control Engineering Copyright , the World Economic Forum announced, “Lighthouse manufacturing plant” Network welcomed seven new members, together with the 2018 publication of nine “lighthouse factory”, the current global there are already 16 “lighthouse factory”, where 5 is located in China, namely, Tianjin Danfoss commercial compressors, Foxconn Shenzhen, Wuxi, Bosch automotive, Chengdu, Qingdao Haier and Siemens industrial automation products.
attached: the previous nine “Beacon plant”: 1 , Bayer Biopharmaceutical (Italy Garbagnate Nat) 2, Bosch Automotive (Wuxi, China) 3, Haier (China Qingdao) 4, Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes (Cork, Ireland) 5, Phoenix (Bad Pyrmont, Germany and Bloomberg) 6, P & G Rakona (Czech Republic) 7, Schneider electric (France Le Vaudreuil) 8, Siemens industrial automation products (Chengdu, China) 9, UPS Fast Radius (Chicago) “lighthouse factory” means effective in the fourth industrial revolution cutting-edge technology application integration work, set an example worthy of the world’s leading companies. They are selected from an initial list of 1000 included manufacturers, the main criteria is the fourth manufacturer in the use of the industrial revolution technology to improve operational effectiveness and economic achievements made. Coming “lighthouse factory” has a wide range of industries and geographic representation. Among them, four budding plants in Europe, two in China, and one in the Middle East. Coming who have a medium-sized company – headquartered in Italy, Rold concern. Medium-sized enterprises often face a lack of sufficient scale and resources to the challenge of achieving cost-effective application of advanced technology, however Rold can overcome this limitation, commendable. Help developed economies and emerging economies achieve technological upgrading, overcome practical challenges in the field of industry, a “lighthouse factory” macro target network. Global manufacturing companies are facing challenges in transition. Previous studies have shown that the World Economic Forum, more than 70% invested large data analysis, artificial intelligence, 3D printing technology company, did not make it through the pilot phase. The face of widespread difficulties in transition, selected all the “lighthouse factory” have expressed their willingness to open their doors to other manufacturing companies to share their successful experiences. World throughEconomic Forum said: lighthouse factories across all sectors and regions, of various sizes, but this type of plant does not replace workers with machines, but rather focus on the work of reform, to reduce duplication, to make it more interesting, more diversification, enhance employee productivity. Lighthouse factory did not confined to the field of vision of the plant, but efforts to build a commercial, government and civil society widespread innovation system connected. In addition to local pilot projects, factories around the lighthouse supply chain to actively create value, the pursuit of elastic, flexible response to customer needs. Lighthouse plant also pursue manufacturing and production systems to effectively deploy technology to help create a better, cleaner world. “Shaping the Future of production,” the World Economic Forum system initiatives, head of Helena Leurent said: “We expect the lighthouse facility became a source of inspiration to break the deadlock productivity, so that social benefit enormously.” McKinsey & Company partner and head of global manufacturing Enno de Boer believes that “this 16 beacon factory ‘represents a turning point in the fourth industrial revolution. with hockey terms, is the second game start. the fourth industrial revolution technology is seeping into the hub of all industries CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , this 16 ‘lighthouse plant’ platform is composed of the clearest signs. However, the current technology is still studying how to implement large-scale companies, to become the industry leader , still far from the required two years to catch up, we are currently at risk – value creation or only a few ecosystems revolve around, and can not spread throughout the industry, “a new batch of seven” Lighthouse factory “as follows:. ■ BMW Group (Germany Regensburg plant): the car factory 2018 produced about 320,000 vehicles. Despite the introduction of factory invested a lot of time and money on customization of Things platform, but the ultimate success of the new application is deployed long cut of 80%, significantly reducing the cost of logistics but also make the quality of a 5% reduction. ■ Danfoss Commercial Compressors (located in Tianjin, China plant): The factory mainly produces compressors needed for refrigerators, air conditioning units and other products. Danfoss traceability system with full digital and intelligent sensors, vision inspection, automatic control systems and other digital tools succeeded in improving the quality control system, in two years the labor productivity increased by 30%, customerComplaint rate reduced by 57%. ■ Foxconn (factory in Shenzhen, China): also known as “black light factory”, this factory specializes in the production of smart phones and other electrical equipment components of a fully automated manufacturing process, with machine learning and artificial intelligence device automatically optimize the system, intelligent self-maintenance systems and production of intelligent real-time condition monitoring system. Foxconn priority focus on the introduction of the fourth industrial revolution technology, the 30% increase in production efficiency, inventory cycle reduced by 15%. ■ Rold (Italy Cerro Maggiore): This company has 240 employees, mainly produces washing machines and dishwashers locking system. As a “beacon network” the only one SME, Rold using the fourth industrial revolution technology smart watch, rapid prototyping and digital dashboards, successfully increased revenue by 7-8%. ■ Sandvik Coromant (Sweden Gimo): This cutting tool manufacturers use digital main line covers the entire production process, a substantial increase in labor productivity. “Non-contact switching” is one example, which is designed to support the automatic mode changes, also during the conversion operation even in the absence (indicative of the time of the removal end) of. ■ Uthmaniyah Saudi Aramco gas plant (located in Saudi Arabia Uthmaniyah): This giant gas processing plant several times a fourth aspect of the technology of the industrial revolution has become a model, including piping and mechanical inspection UAV technology (save 90% of the inspection time) and wearable technology CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , for example, help to reduce the number of workers helmet inspection and maintenance time. ■ Tata Steel (located 荷兰艾默伊 board factory): This large plant has 9,000 employees Control Engineering Copyright , it is always adhere to the people-oriented, has set up a high-level analysis institute, assist staff proposed help to reduce waste, improve production quality and reliable solution, so that the financial situation had improved factory.

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