Globalization layout, edge computing and WISE-PaaS cloud platform to lead Advantech’s long-term growth

Things global industrial leader Advantech today (the 11th) will be held in France said. Advantech’s 2019 earnings per share of NT $ 10.51, for the first time full-year earnings per share reached a milestone of more than NT $ 10. Short-term Control Engineering Copyright , novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic affected For the production, supply of spare parts and logistics , Advantech is expected to be production base in Kunshan inter next four weeks control Engineering Copyright , by week prudently increase productivity, and at the end of March to recover 85 to 90% of capacity. Advantech Management, General Manager and Chief Financial Officer Chen Qingxi said the prospect of the first quarter 2020 consolidated revenue, will be subject to delay resumption of production, shipments and supply chain shortages affect deferred three factors, from a year earlier to decline 5 to 10%; February customer orders a cumulative amount (booking) compared to 2019 is still showing double-digit growth. Advantech will be part of the supply chain and to view and adjust the capacity to take this opportunity and look forward to the overall output and sales in the second quarter may return to normal levels, Advantech restore long-term growth momentum.
layout of globalization is Advantech important business strategy, globalization is expected to step into the next decade in 2020. Advantech proposed Globally Integrated Regional Competence (GIRC) business concept, the main purpose is to deepen the main areas of the energy business, from the past completely dominated by the regional business group business segments, into a more enabling overseas business organizations, the integration of sales channels, nurture talent in the high-order business, expand sales synergy. Cai Shu Yan, general manager of Advantech Industrial Business Group of Things (Industrial-IoT, IIoT) pointed out that the 2020 plan IIoT business group will focus on three priorities: 1) the establishment of high-order business ecology, expanded automation and control, data acquisition and industrial communications product distribution. Evolutionary sales model; 2) deep intelligent manufacturing, energy and the environment ,, transportation industry, providing end cloud solutions, application acceleration IIoT floor; 3) the development of higher-order edge computing systems, imaging and intelligent locking Edge AI industry applications, collaborative AI application development market partners. Things Advantech Embedded Business Group (Embedded-IoT, EIoT) general manager Zhang Jiahao said, asThe core unit of Advantech boards and modules, embedded networking group was undertaking will focus on the integration of R & D resources and high value-added extension of embedded design services (Design-in services), optimizing the overall product mix. Upriver, we will continue to cooperate with major manufacturers to launch innovative embedded computer chip core platform and design-in services CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to promote industrial applications. At the same time, the expansion of investment edge computing (Edge computing) systems development, integration of peripheral modules and value-added software services to accelerate the implementation of Things solutions fall. In the part of the sea, is planning the world’s five regions established design and manufacturing services (Global DMS), to focus on vertical industry and market services team in the business. Advantech CTO Dr. Yang Ruixiang supplement data software platforms play an indispensable role in the popularity of the Internet of Things industry. Over the past few years through the promotion, import AIoT has clearly become the industry digital transition again (intelligent) mainstream technology. Advantech has launched WISE-PaaS / AFS Artificial Intelligence service application framework (Application Framework Services), will accelerate AIoT solutions to low Code (low coding) mode landing operation. At the same time, Advantech’s Marketplace 2.0, will provide partners with the decoupling I.App AI inference engine was added to the promotion of Control Engineering Copyright , interconnection platform to promote cooperation.

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