Going to the spring in the clear! Dalian Shengya Ocean World Spring Day “Sea Whale”!

The grass grows long, the Qingming small holiday in April, and the good season of going out for a year, put on a light spring dress, and experience a different spring fun scene. Dalian Shengya Ocean World has also entered a colorful spring day mode! The sea has a new and interesting point of view, limited marine interactive science, and exclusive value-for-money benefits in spring… The heart-walking travel that goes away must start from the ocean! /p>

Sea Whale! Four Halls +1 have a tide to play

Fun April Want to see the beauty of the ocean, but also want to enjoy eating and drinking? Dalian Shengya Ocean World Ocean World, Coral World, Polar World, Deep Sea Legend, Whale MALL, one-stop ocean tide play! More romantic and beautiful The Love of Dolphin Bay, the beautiful atmosphere of the “White Whale Legend”, the funny laughter “Kung Fu Walrus” three performances dance the ocean. Super material tide play, 邂逅 fun wonderful ocean good spring!

Sea fun! Qingming limited four major sciences

In the Qingming small holiday of spring, Dalian Shengya Ocean World “Dr. Ocean Dr. brings up four major marine science stories, and you can gain the knowledge of the ocean you want to know in a fun interaction. Three days of holiday, listen to the interesting story of the beluga in “The Legend of Beluga”; learn the growth path of the big-eyed leopard in Seal Bay Square; explore the world of turtles in the coral world · turtle pool; Decipher the story of the marine overlord shark! The dance shark zone will also perform a limited-time performing thrilling “Dancing with Sharks”! Limited whale color, waiting for you to share ~

Sea Offer! Spring Fun Ocean Exclusive Benefits

A rare little holiday to play casually! Dalian Shengya Ocean World launches Spring Fun Benefits: 2019 4 On the 5th to 7th of the month, Dalian Shengya Ocean World official website college student special ticket is only 99 yuan; Shenyang, Dandong, Yingkou, Anshan, Beijing five cities enjoy 2 people 288 yuan (required) Provide ID card / driver’s license / student ID card and other valid documents); child height & le; 1.5 meters free (buy parents to accompany the ticket, 1 parent can carry up to 2 free children). Whether it is a couple tour, family fun or family tour, you can find a whale color ocean, start a spring holiday, leave the ocean exclusive memories! (Disclaimer: Articles and pictures from the Internet, if there is infringement, please contact to delete! )

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