Gorgeous beachfront home

Pine Tree Miami is a project completed by SAOTA in Miami. This is a family home located in the historic coastal area of ​​Collin. Like all studio projects, this project places great emphasis on the relationship between the building and its location, as well as the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. Of course, privacy and views are important, so architects must find a way to balance the two elements in their design.

The overall design and architecture of the home is very modern and refined, with a focus on simple and linear forms and structures. Architects work with interior designers to find the distribution of space. They chose to spread the project as much as possible across the site and make the most of the distance between the property and the water canal. This is relatively easy due to the linear nature of the position.

As mentioned earlier, privacy and views are equally important in this project. So how does the studio manage to handle this task? That’s actually very interesting. The home is open to the outdoors and a range of interior and exterior courtyards ensure that all interior spaces are directly connected to the outdoors. In addition, the glass facade and large opening bring a view inside the house. A series of screens conceal the building and provide daylight protection to help filter the sun while ensuring a comfortable level of privacy without enclosing the space.

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