Grundfos Water Environmental Improvement Experience Center located in Fuzhou roots in China, further!

A global leader in technology solutions and water pumps Grundfos August 8 was completed and unveiled the world’s first to focus on its digital display experience center urban water environment comprehensive management solutions in Fuzhou – Grundfos Water Environmental Governance Experience Center . The completion of the center is to establish itself in China more than twenty years Grundfos an important milestone, highlighting the group’s long-serving China CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , through its expertise in dealing with the challenges of the global water environment, help China win the “battle of clear water” determination.
Grundfos Water Environmental Improvement Experience Center officially opened (from left to right: General Manager Water Division, Grundfos China, Zhang Jie, the Danish Embassy Minister-Counselor for long Rui, vice mayor of Fuzhou Yang Xinjian, Grand Fu, president of China Yang Yingfang)
Grundfos water environmental Improvement experience Center as a platform to showcase the history of the group, brand and culture, and historical collection of brand display, product and technology solutions to resolve, digital interaction, meetings and training and other Features. The center uses 3D cinema, VR virtual reality and interactive touch electronic and other high-tech, urban water system by simulating the environment, a comprehensive display of the new concept for Grundfos in black and odorous water, water, water floods and other environmental challenges, new technology and new applications, which also reflects the concept of sustainable development as the United Nations Grundfos item 6 (clean drinking water and sanitation) and item 13 (climate action) is a strong advocate of sustainable development goals, as always adhering to the . “We are very pleased to be able to Grundfos Water Environmental Improvement Experience Center located in Fuzhou, Fuzhou, which is both an important milestone in our active participation in the comprehensive management of Fuzhou Water Environment CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , but also reflects our continued help China’s firm determination to deal with water challenges, “Ms. Yang Yingfang president of Grundfos China, said:” China is one of our most important global market, we hope that through the establishment of water environment management experience center, a building with the government, customers and industry partners to share, exchange and interaction platform to Fuzhou experience, to provide reference for the comprehensive treatment of black-odor water treatment and water environment in other parts of China. “Chi water water tackling environmental challenges Fuzhou paid off since 2015, Georgia GrundfosActively participate in the construction of the city of Fuzhou in the sponge, working closely with government and industry partners, customized landing Fuzhou and implemented more comprehensive management of water projects by exogenous means cutting pollution, water recharge, flood control and drainage, power Fuzhou systems to meet the challenges of black-odor river water, flood and water supply long-term places. So far, Grundfos has provided 20 sets of pre-integrated pump brake Fuzhou, over a hundred sets of pre-integrated pumping station, it has played an important supporting role in Fuzhou 7 major river control project. The Fuzhou also through the effective governance of the 43 black-odor water body, in 2018 was named one of the 20 black-odor water treatment demonstration cities. It is worth mentioning that the Grundfos with partners to participate in Fuzhou drum sets and deliver comprehensive improvement of the central area of ​​river sluice project in May 2018, this is the first smart integrated pump brake applied successfully waterlogging and water comprehensive improvement project pollution control, greatly help the development of Fuzhou digital water services, at present, chating River pumping gate project achieved the gravity between the tea kiosk river inside and outside the river and drainage CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , as well as outside river to river replenishment functions, while eliminating the black-odor water to meet the water requirements of the city. A year later, through deep listening and understanding of market demand, Grundfos has launched a bi-directional pumping in Fuzhou integration sluice, continue to uphold land conservation and investment optimization features to further enhance the connectivity of the river, as well as liquidity bi-directional hydrodynamic, the system can be more fully applicable to the river and the water pipe network and the discharge port, storage tanks and sewage plants, pumping stations and for Station, etc., and even further help China cope with water Fuzhou environmental challenges.
President of Grundfos China, Yang Yingfang speech at the Grundfos Water Environment Comprehensive Management Forum
were to join think tanks to explore ideas seek meter long Grundfos Water Environmental Improvement Experience Center opening as an opportunity to work together Grundfos the world’s leading water research institute – global water Intelligence (GWI) officially released the “quality and efficiency simultaneously tackling the problem: build a black-odor water” treatment later stage, “the long-term systems thinking” white paper (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”), for the challenges of urban water reflects the black-odor remediation stage facing, combined with expert advice in all areas of international standard and excellent river training experience , made five future trends, aimed at black-odor water “treatment later stage” Let’s build quality and efficiency simultaneously, marked rid of this thinking to provide a reference and reference.
Grundfos hand in international water think tank (GWI) released “Chinese black smelly water governance White Paper”
The paper pointed out that China’s urban black and odorous water after three years of treatment achieved remarkable results Control Engineering Copyright , but still faces four major challenges: ● lack of systematic co-ordination of urban water environment management program ● pollutant source control is not in place, facilities historical debts ● palliative emergency-style, single governance ● It has been the lack of long-term management of the maintenance and management of water bodies in order to better meet these challenges and achieve new goals, “2021 urban area basically eliminate black-odor” of the country’s “, the White Paper proposes five future trends, as offers to strengthen and consolidate control effect, “after treatment crucial stage” of new ideas: ● systematic: the transition from “factory – River – net” fragmentation of local governance as “plant – net – River” integration into consideration ● fine : from heavy to plant into the grid and scale to enhance both the quality and efficiency upgrade ● customization: from “many river a policy” fixed solutions It becomes “a river a policy” of customized solutions ● Digital: from passive pollution “treatment after pollution” is “automatic control and risk early warning” of active control pollution ● long-term oriented: from only treating the symptoms of emergency treatment into tackling the problem of long-term action Grundfos to enter the Chinese market for nearly 25 years, has been actively help China deal with environmental challenges of water through the sponge deeply involved in Fuzhou city construction and black and odorous water battle, Grundfos has accumulated a wealth of project experience in development and cooperation, and continue to explore the idea of ​​governance in line with the needs of China’s urban black and odorous water, patterns, and solutions in the future, Grundfos will uphold innovative, efficient, reliable and sustainable philosophy, to continue through the introduction of innovative solutions and sharing of expertise in the field of water technology, help China to achieve “beautiful China” this grand goal.

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