Heartache! Canadian mother and daughter holiday in the face of the Grizzlies

China News Service, November 30th According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, the bears were bitten in the Yukon area of ​​Canada. During the family vacation, the mother and daughter were attacked by the grizzly bears at the holiday home. Both died.

Data Sheet: Grizzly. Image source: Vision China

The Grizzlies left after killing their mother and daughter, and the father who came out to hunt back on the road was shot and killed. But when the father returned to the holiday home, he found two mothers and daughters who had died.

It is reported that the deceased includes 37-year-old Teoret and her 10-month-old daughter Adele. Teoret is a primary school teacher who has been on maternity leave since birth. Since she and her partner Rose Holt both love outdoor activities, the family has been hunting in the suburbs in recent months.

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