Home improvement industry innovation, Yangtze floor will be listed next year “negative ion health floor”

Recently, Yangzi floor grand launch of 2017 new products: reinforced floor aldehyde new products (using imported Italian rice), negative ion aldehyde-free manufacturing Wood laminate flooring, new three-layer parquet, negative ion health solid wood flooring. From the name of the new product series of Yangzi floor, it can be judged that this new product of Yangzi floor, negative ion technology has been fully applied in the production of flooring, covering solid wood composite, real wood floor series.

Q: How is the negative ion on the Yangtze floor generated?

A: Yangtze floor negative ion paint (negative ion special paint is made of multi-element natural minerals, processed and purified by high-tech technology, integrated into paint paint, finished by finishing In addition to its sustainable release of negative ions, the floor also has the function of purifying air, adsorbing and decomposing toxic gases.) It is a patented paint jointly developed by UN research institutes, which is perfectly applied to floor production to create a greener, healthier and greener. Strong class=”autolink”>Home environment, let life truly achieve health and worry. The application of negative ion patent paint makes the negative ion release of the Yangtze floor up to 600/s/cm2, which is similar to the park’s negative ion content, effectively purifying the whole house air and enhancing human immunity.

Q: Which products of the Yangtze floor use negative ion technology?

A: Negative ion aldehyde-free solid wood composite flooring series, new three-layer solid wood composite flooring series, negative ion healthy solid wood flooring series, all of the above three series use negative ion technology to make the floor health upgrade and continue to release negative ions. Take care of your family’s health!

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