Hong Kong’s wealthy businessmen crash in France: a new will was found near the scene

Data Map: According to foreign media reports on December 24, 2013, in the Dordogne River in southwestern France, the wreckage of the Chinese rich businessman Hao Lin was partially salvaged. According to reports, the wreckage of the aircraft was transported to a local military warehouse.

China News Service, February 15th According to foreign media reports, on the 14th local time, the French police found a will on the river near the helicopter disaster site in Hong Kong last year.

It is reported that the air crash occurred on the evening of December 20 last year. Shortly before the incident, 46-year-old tea tycoon Hao Lingang completed a $41 million acquisition of Dahe Castle Chateau on behalf of Hong Kong Bailian Group, and held celebrations and media receptions.

After dinner, the original owner of the winery, James · Gregoire wants to take the Haolin family to inspect the winery by helicopter. The 46-year-old Hao Lin and the 12-year-old son boarded the plane, and the wife and chairman of the Bailian Group Liu Xiangyun said at the last minute that he was afraid of helicopters and did not accompany him.

After 20 minutes, the staff of the winery found that they had not returned, so they called the police. The authorities then confirmed that the helicopter had crashed into the Dordogne River near the town of Lugong and conducted search and rescue according to eyewitness reports.

Procurator O’Hare of the Libourne City Procuratorate confirmed that when the helicopter departed, the machine was loaded with the original owner of Dahe Castle, Gregoire, Hao Lin and his son, and Chinese nationals Wang Peng.

After the accident, the French police found the body of Mr. Hao Lin and some of the wreckage of the helicopter. Since then, the investigators have found the bodies of two other victims, but only the body of Hao Lin was not found.

An investigator who asked not to be named said that a resident of the town of St. · Andre · De · Kubzak found a riverside on the 14th. There is a rotten corpse, but it is not certain that this is the body of Hao Lin.

An official said: “The place where the will was found was between the location of the plane crash and the location where the bodies of the other two passengers were found. ”

& ldquo; But we have to wait for the results of the DNA test, & rdquo; the official said.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

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