How about the floor heating floor?

Today is three or nine days. Many people just want to stay at home because the weather is too cold, except for the call from the courier brother. Many people today will consider installing floor heating floors. However, before the installation of the floor heating floor, there are two problems that must be asked yourself. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the floor heating floor?
First, the advantages and disadvantages of the floor heating floor

1. Floor heating floor advantages: floor heating should be the most comfortable way to warm up

In addition to air conditioning, radiators, there are Many families use floor heating for heating. Everyone knows that if you use air conditioners for heating, you will often feel dry. In addition, if the radiators are unevenly distributed, the temperature inside the room may be different. The floor heating is different, and the floor heating is compared. Evenly, this will give the whole family a comfortable feeling.

Another point is that if people’s feet are warm, then the whole body will feel very warm under normal circumstances, so if the floor heating is installed, the comfort of the whole family will be better.

2. Floor heating floor Disadvantages: the floor heating effect is good, but the cost is also high

Only see the heating effect of the floor heating, then do you consider the process of using it in the future, Will the gas cost be high?

Based on the feedback from many owners who have used floor heating, the monthly heating cost is almost 2000-3000. After an entire winter, the overall expenditure may be five or six. Thousands, such a fee is still relatively high for many families.

First, let’s look at the radiator. In most areas, it may take 3,000 pieces for the whole winter. For the five or six thousand of the floor heating, it saves a part. Then, let’s take a look at the air conditioner, although experience It is a little worse, but the cost of air conditioning for a month may be less than a thousand.

So in general, if you really want to install floor heating, then consider the cost. If you think this expense is still relatively high, think about other heating methods.

Second, the cost of using the floor heating system

1, the temperature should not be too high

temperature does not open too high, First, it costs money. In other words, it is not necessary. The daytime is generally twenty-five degrees and six degrees, which is also the comfortable temperature of the human body.

2, adjust to about 15 degrees before going to bed at night

At night when sleeping, the temperature does not need to be too high, only adjust to about 15 degrees; in addition, In the middle of the night, everyone stayed in the bed, and basically did not come out. At this time, the floor heating can also be turned off.

3, different space control

The place commonly used during the day, open the floor heating, other spaces are closed, in this case, it will save some costs; wait until the evening, close the guest The floor heating of the restaurant is only possible to open the floor heating of the bedroom.

Before installing the floor heating floor, there are two problems that must be asked yourself. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the floor heating floor? How about the cost of the floor heating floor, so as not to regret later. These two days are relatively cold, and everyone should pay attention to keep warm.
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