How can I choose a cost-effective mosaic tile?

Mosaics originated from the mosaic art of ancient Rome and ancient Greece. The ancient Romans used colorful mosaics of different colors such as pebbles, shellfish or glass pieces to form colorful patterns. Mosaic is also an indispensable material in the decoration. So, what should you pay attention to when purchasing mosaics? How to distinguish the pros and cons of mosaic?
(1) Under natural light, half a meter from the mosaic, visually check for cracks, defects, missing edges and corners. If the mosaic contains decorative objects, its distribution area should account for more than 20% of the total area, and the distribution is even.

(2) The back of the mosaic should have a zigzag or stepped groove. In addition to ensuring the adhesive strength, the selected adhesive should be easy to clean. In addition, the adhesive does not damage the backing paper or discolor the glass mosaic.

(3) Touching the glazed surface of the mosaic, I feel its anti-slipness, and then look at its thickness. The thickness of the mosaic determines its density, the high density of the mosaic has low water absorption, and the low water absorption is guaranteed. An important factor in the durability of the mosaic. You can drop the water on the back of the mosaic to see if the water droplets are spilling out. The quality of the mosaic of water droplets spills out, and the quality of the mosaic that penetrates the water droplets is poor. In addition, the quality of the inner layer is usually glazed. Good mosaic.

(4) Note whether the mosaic particles are of the same size and size, and whether the edges of the particles are neat. Place the monolithic mosaic on the horizontal floor to check whether it is flat or not. There should be no excessively thick latex layer on the back.

(5) Good quality mosaic, the surface of the package should be printed with the product name, factory name, registered trademark, date of manufacture, color number, specifications, Quantity and weight (gross weight, net weight), and should be marked with moisture, fragile, stacking direction, etc.
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