How can such a cloakroom not love! ! !

With the advancement of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, everyone has dozens or even more clothes and accessories. The clothing of different styles and textures continues to accumulate, making them received and organized into one piece. Very troublesome, the cloakroom is gradually becoming an integral part of every family space. Many people think that the cloakroom only exists in the large-sized space, but it is not. Modern residential recessed or prominent part of the design or The triangular area can be fully utilized to plan a stylish and novel cloakroom. The following is a detailed introduction to the cloakroom. Fourth, the mood and practicality are equally important

Fashion home has long been the trend of urban life, in this walk-in cloakroom design, the use of rich personality, this home has added a few charming, moving plot The coldness of the metal, the simplicity of the logs, the softness of the fabric, and the charm of the lights and shadows all merge into the fashionable language to wander in the space. The use of light colors, smooth lines, simple, full of sentiment, suitable for those who have a stylish life temperament. When designing a separate cloakroom, it is best to consider the cloakroom as a specific space before the home is installed, and then design according to the overall lighting, color and material.

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