how machine vision detection promotes the development

In the previous article, we mentioned that machine vision inspection is to replace the human eye to do measurement and judgment. Its biggest feature is that it is fast, can save a lot of manpower, and has high quality. As the “eyes” of global automation, it has greatly affected the progress of the manufacturing industry. Under the background of the current industry 4.0 with high-end manufacturing as the core, with the deepening of the “Made in China 2025” strategy, the industrial automation industry market continues to emerge. The momentum of growth, in which the machine vision inspection systems manufacturers of the factory’s “eyes of the eye” is indispensable.

First of all, let us know what changes the machine vision has brought to the factory in practical applications. Applications such as target recognition, target tracking, and multi-ball machine tracking linkage technology in machine vision have brought changes to the security industry. If the camera is regarded as the human eye, the intelligent video analysis system can be understood as the human brain. The intelligent video analysis technology utilizes the powerful computing function of the processor to perform high-speed analysis of the massive data in the video to obtain the information that people need. While adding machine vision and image processing technology, a real-time video surveillance system was designed. The system adds video change detection and automatic recording while implementing video surveillance. The system automatically recognizes scene changes, detects moving targets and locks them, issues warnings and activates storage devices. This not only saves storage space, improves monitoring storage efficiency, reduces unnecessary playback, and makes data more targeted.

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