How much is a square meter partitioned by blinds?

With people With the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for decoration are gradually improving. Many spaces will be designed with partitions during renovation, among which louver partitions is one of the more common types in our lives, so how much is a square meter of louver partitioning, what are the buying techniques for blinds? This article will introduce you to everyone.

How much is the louver partition: a square meter: wooden shutters partition

Wooden blinds are a common type of shutter partition on the market. The price of wooden shutters is mainly determined by its material. The shutters made of different woods have large differences in price. Generally, the wooden shutters made of ordinary wood are about 300 yuan/m2, if it is adopted. The price of blinds made of precious wood such as pine and camphor wood may cost thousands of yuan per square meter.

How much is the louver partition: a square meter: aluminum shutters

Aluminum louver partition is a kind of louver partition which is widely used at present. It has beautiful appearance, hard texture and excellent decorative effect. At present, the price of aluminum alloy shutters on the market is usually around 150 yuan m2, and the quality is excellent. The price of aluminum alloy shutters is about 30% higher than the price of poor quality.

louver partition shopping tips

1 Size

At present, the shutter partitions are mainly installed in both mounted and concealed versions. The size of the louver partition will also be different. If the louver is cut off by the name, then its length should be about 10cm longer than the height of the partition. The degree is 5cm wider than the sides of the partition, so that it has excellent shading effect. .

2, see quality

The shutters of the shutters have a certain adjustment effect, we When you buy the louver partition, you can touch the blade of the louver to make it smooth and flat, and see if the blade will have burrs. Generally, the blade of the excellent louver is also excellent in handling, with excellent texture and long use. life.

3, select materials according to the environment

There are many kinds of blind partition materials on the market. We need to consider materials according to the environment when choosing, such as office, living room, In the bedroom and other spaces, it is better to choose a brighter aluminum louver partition.

Article summary: The above is about louver partitionHow much money and one flat and the introduction of blinds to cut off the purchase skills, I hope that you can choose the quality of the blinds partition, if there are other related needs, please pay attention to Qijia information.


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