How to build the whole TV cabinet is very comprehensive, very harmonious

Nowadays, TV cabinets have become a very important part of the living room. The design of TV cabinets will affect the decoration effect of the whole living room. The overall TV cabinet is now more popular, so how to build the overall TV cabinet, what are the types of the overall TV cabinet? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian!

How to build an overall TV cabinet

Style: European luxury

Sculpture: whole wall to top design

Recommended unit: suitable for large units

Recommended Crowd: A person who prefers luxury and stability

Designer: The European-style luxury TV cabinet emphasizes symmetrical design, giving a feeling of luxury. The TV cabinet adopts the whole wall-to-top design. The middle is the position where the TV is placed. The surrounding is designed as a semi-open display cabinet, which can place objects and reflect the noble and luxurious feeling.

Style: Nordic simplicity

Styling: Combined design

Recommended unit: Suitable for small families

Recommended people: white-collar workers who are eager to return to nature and pursue simple and quality lifestyles

Designer: If the wall area is relatively small, it is recommended to choose this simple style. TV cabinet combination. The white oak color is very similar to the white wall, allowing the cabinet to blend into the wall and the living room has a fresh and simple style. Underneath is a simple font TV cabinet with a visual effect of elongated walls.

Style: French minimalist

Sculpture: Floor-standing design

Recommended unit: Suitable for large-sized family

Recommended people: people with a certain quality of life and romantic feelings

Designer: This living room is relatively simple in design, the wall is mainly made of light blue paint, on TV Two small retro lights hanging on the background wall. The TV cabinet is a simple cabinet that is very well coordinated with the sofa coffee table in the living room.

What are the types of TV cabinets?

1, Earth Cabinet type

The cabinet type TV cabinet is relatively simple, and it is also the most used and most common TV cabinet in life. Its advantage is that it has good decorative effect and saves space, whether in the living room or The bedrooms can be placed to provide a good decorative effect.

2, combined

The combined TV cabinet is an upgraded product of the traditional TV cabinet, and it is also the favorite one nowadays. It is mainly Wine cabinets, decorative cabinets and cabinets are combined to form a multi-functional TV cabinet.

3. Shelf-style

The rack TV cabinet is almost similar to the combination TV cabinet. It is mainly designed with sheet metal structure for practicality and durability. More prominent.


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