How to buy wooden flooring?

1. The appearance quality of the floor 1) The surface of the floor is selected. The floor is placed in a bright place, and the surface is exposed for defects such as cracking, dead knot, pinhole, knot hole, mildew, etc., but it is not too demanding for small slip knots and chromatic aberrations, because this It is a natural property of wood. 2) The quality of the surface paint is selected. Take the paint plate and place it on the bright side. Check whether the paint film is full and even from the end face of the plate, and whether there are wave shape indentations. 3) Floor processing precision Select the floor processing quality, which directly affects the laying quality. Usually, more than 5 floors are placed on the glass table or flat ground in the same package, and the hand groove is used to match the groove. Touch it by hand, feel flat, and then use the eye to see if the joint is not tight, because if it is too tight, the humidity will increase slightly during installation, and it will be difficult to match when the groove is combined. 2. The intrinsic quality of the floor The intrinsic quality is a key indicator of the parquet. It is generally difficult to determine by the sense of view and often with test data. 1) Moisture content Moisture content is the main condition for floor deformation. Therefore, the selection must be close to the local moisture content, which is best measured with a meter. If you can’t measure it, you can also touch it with your hand. If the hand feels cool, uncomfortable and sticky, the moisture content will be high. 2) Formaldehyde emission This indicator is a relatively important indicator, which can usually be determined experimentally. Therefore, the test data can be obtained from the operator. It can also be opened in a simple and rough way to remove the floor and remove the floor. The nose is close to the floor, smelling its smell. If you smell a strong pungent smell of formaldehyde, the concentration of formaldehyde in the air has exceeded the standard. In addition to the above several technical indicators, the purchase of solid wood composite flooring also needs to refer to indicators such as gluing properties, elastic modulus and static bending strength (you can ask the merchant to provide relevant inspection certificate to view). Second, the product style 1) product specifications, types of choices Currently on the market generally have ordinary specifications of solid wood composite flooring and large-size solid wood composite flooring. The general specification is 910×127×15mm, which is mainly composed of multi-layer solid wood composite flooring. The large size is 1836×190×15mm, which is mainly composed of three-layer solid wood composite flooring. You can choose different sizes of flooring according to the size of the apartment and the intensity of daylighting. Product surface treatment style Parquet is different from solid wood flooring, and he can handle a lot of surface styles. There are two types of common flat series and retro series in the market. The ordinary flat series is the same as the solid wood floor, starting from simplicity. The retro series has a lot of styles. There are brushed styles, embossed styles, landscape painting styles, hand-grabbing styles, and flat chamfering styles. It can be selected according to individual preferences and decoration styles. Selection of texture styles The same kind of tree species or different tree species on the same surface of the parquet can be made into two patterns, large patterns and regular patterns, which can also be selected according to their own personal preferences. Third, the color tone 1) choose the species name: solid wood composite flooring is not the same, the color of the floor will be different, the price will be very different. For example, Canadian Maple is only suitable for light-tone floors, the price is around 260 (2mm on the surface); and the red rosewood in the redwoods is darker in color, and the price is generally more than 500 yuan under the same specifications. At the same time, different tree species will also be suitable for different climates. Different solid wood composite trees can be selected according to individual economic strength, texture preference and environment. 2) Select the color of the floor: the color of the floor should be determined according to the size of the home decoration area, the color of the furniture, the style of the overall decoration, etc. The room with large area or good lighting can match the color of the floor, and the area is small and poor. The room is recommended to use a light-colored floor, which is visually open and makes the room look brighter. When the furniture is dark, the neutral color can be adjusted. When the furniture is light, some warm colors can be used. After comprehensive consideration of the above three aspects of the floor, combined with the brand awareness, packaging logo and after-sales service specifications of the floor, I believe that you will be able to choose a solid wood laminate flooring. Factors to be considered when purchasing and installing 1. Purchase according to economic strength 2. Inspect product packaging, manufacturers, trademarks and quality inspection, and guarantee commitment. 3, when buying solid wood flooring, the sales contract must be filled in the formal name of the floor, and can not be a common name, beware of some businesses shoddy, smashing the sky. For example, in order to improve the floor grade and price, “Zijing Wood Quality” pretends to be “red sandalwood material” to deceive consumers. 4. Put the enterprise floor into a square and put it on the plane to check: 1) The thickness is consistent, the processing precision should reach less than 0.5 mm. 2) The seam is tight, the gap is less than 0.2 mm. 3) The square diagonal error is less than 1 mm. The gap of the veneer is less than 1 mm. 5) The layout is smooth and the picture is clear, and the color of the paint layer is uniform. Before laying the floor, consumers should promptly check whether the quantity, quality, specifications, colors and materials of the floor are consistent with the requirements of the purchase. 6. In principle, whoever buys the floor of the floor will be laid, so don’t lay it yourself, so as to avoid the quality problems and push each other’s responsibility, so that you will suffer unnecessary losses.

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