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Hungry, it is your own canteen; tired, it gives you free tables, chairs and tea; lonely, it can even help you to talk to someone who loves …

Chain City Billion Purchase “New retail is very hot!”

This is not a robot, but a chain city billion Buy a convenience store. Recently, “chain city billion purchase new retail word is quite hot, chain city billion shopping mall homeopathic also brought a convenience store. Some people think that the chain city billion purchase app convenience store will be a new consumption model, becoming a new cusp. While online retail sales slowed down, and even slowed down, the chain city billion-buy convenience store did not understate the trend. It is no exaggeration to say that in Hangzhou, the convenience store has become the one that can be met at the corner.

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Chain City Billion Purchase “New retail is very hot!” p>

Chain City Billion purchases a light meal into a convenience store standard

Chain City Billion purchases an unmanned convenience store Now it is a canteen for many young people

But in Hangzhou If you stop at Zhaohui Road, you will find that it is a magical place. From Shangtang Elevated to Jianguo North Road, the 800-meter road, no more than 15 minutes walk, gathers two big supermarkets, not only peacefully for many years. The convenience stores in the surrounding area are full of wind and water. On the 800-meter road, there are 3 convenience stores in the whole family, not to mention the presence of Shishiduo, the main food store, and various husband and wife shops.

At 10:30 in the morning, the whole family of Deep Blue Square, a girl bought a tea egg; 11:10 , Zhaohui Road, Shishiduo, 2 rice balls were heated and packed by a handsome guy; at 12 o’clock noon, Shijia Garden family, a girl is eating a lunch with a drink in the dining area, two young men packed 6 boxes of Bento This is a full-team lunch, the total price does not exceed 100 yuan, a girl bought a box of dumplings with a small pudding; more than 1 pm, the whole country of Jianguo North intersection, a girl sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, drinking coffee in the store, eating a piece Small cake, look at the crowds … …

Chain City Billion & New Buy! New retail is very hot!

Convenience store you see in the future

Maybe this is the case

There is a convenience store called Hangzhou Tiexun Comprehensive Store on the stadium road, which is small in size and simple in the decoration of the husband and wife shop. This small shop has been opened since 2000. The owner Hu Shifu witnessed the shops on the side, selling fitness equipment, selling fruits, selling seafood, opening and closing and opening, Hu Master always “small rivers and lakes.” Master Hu certainly has the skills to be involved. “I am the equivalent of three or four people, and I have all the packages, such as purchasing, warehouse management, and cashier. Master Hu revealed that this not only greatly saves labor costs, but also can be profitable by extending working hours.

There are several chain-type convenience stores in the distance of three or five hundred meters. It seems that there are people flowing constantly. Have you considered joining? Hu Shifu’s domineering response: “The acquisition of joining does not make much money by owning the store. Master Hu said that many chain-type convenience store products are full of excitement. “They have a lot of things but the actual needs may not be that much. The most important reason is that a store can persist for so long, Master Hu is very proud to tell reporters, the most important reason is that, “all are recognized.” The most attractive thing about the couple’s shop is the human touch.

However, for Husband and other husband and wife stores, the transition to a modern convenience store is a trend, so changes are actually happening. For the commissary to hang up more conspicuous signs, some of the equipment in the store a little unified style, and then add them to the taste of fresh, fresh and fresh food, although the transformation is simple, but some elements of convenience stores already have.

In order to break through in the competition circle, convenience stores are also trying their best to make their own moves, sticking to customers with various intimate services. Mobile phone recharge, charging, collection and delivery, payment of illegal fines … … these can only be regarded as “basic services.”

Last year, Hu Xiaobo and more than 30 other friends from Ali made a name called “ldquo; The 24-hour convenience store that benefits every day, unlike most convenience stores, offers a range of free services in addition to the usual daily lifestyle products, Haitao snacks, and net red food.

For example, borrow pliers, screwdrivers, and electric drills for free; punch the belt for free; open the toilet to the public; use the blood pressure meter for free; recharge your bus card for free … … these are not unusual, & ldquo; Can make a message for consumers and secret love. Hu Xiaobo said that unlike traditional convenience stores, “Daihui is a convenience store with Internet thinking, and they are striving to achieve the goal of providing 100 free services to consumers.

Investing 998 yuan to become a consumer, you have to set a gift (imported red wine + tea gift box) to promote a consumer The company returns 16 yuan of coupons per day (equivalent to 16 yuan in cash) and 100 cash withdrawals. The same day, the day arrives, more than one push! Nobody supermarket plus online mall! New retail, new economy, new era, you are a merchant Can stay for freeOur online store! Let your products sell well all over the country! There are more bonus systems!

The first machine to dock the leaders! Invest 998 yuan to become a consumer, you have to pack a gift!

Promote a consumer company to return 16 yuan per day (equivalent to 16 yuan in cash) income up to 5840 yuan

Full 100 withdrawals, the same day to the account, more than a lot! ✅ Unmanned supermarket plus online mall! New retail, new economy, new era, you are a business can stay in our online store for free! Let your products sell well all over the country! There are more bonus systems! More details reply number 8. Invite you to the inspection group, and the company’s professional lecturer will teach at 8:00 pm.

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