ICT Academy: In 2020, the Internet industry will gradually fall verticals

Communications World Network News (CWW) industrial development of China’s Internet as an important foundation for the real economy in transition and support their positive development has accelerated the trend. The key technology edge computing, artificial intelligence, digital twin, AR / VR such as integration of innovation, driven further enhance the industrial Internet core service capabilities of the platform, the ICT School of Industrial Internet industry monitoring platform comprehensive measure, the 2018 National Industrial Internet industry scale of over 700 billion yuan, compound growth rate of over 11.5%. When during the Chinese ICT Academy 12th ICT-depth look at the General Assembly held recently, China ICT Academy of information technology and industrialization, deputy director of the Institute Liu silent interview with reporters, communications world-wide media said the industrial Internet through the concepts and techniques of verification , as well as local pilot at the scene, gradually floor deployment phase, starting in 2020, will further promote the Internet industry and landed in vertical industry applications. By 2020, the Internet industry vertical industries landing “practice is the sole criterion for testing truth” Internet platform to promote industrial and landing has been one of the traditional industry to look forward to. Mo Liu said the industry digital transition after several years of exploration, the initial formation of the current two pathways, one based on existing business enterprises, through the use of things, new big data technology, artificial intelligence, to enhance the intelligence level of the existing business; Second, at the industry level by connecting to a variety of factors of production and resources and optimize the allocation change business processes, the formation of a new business model. Although the optimization and upgrading based on the existing business is still the main direction of the current digital transformation, but model innovation at the industry level is also emerging. From the current industrial practice Internet, the main show the following characteristics, namely, constantly enrich the application scenarios, before many Internet applications are built around industry equipment Control Engineering Copyright , such as predictive maintenance or equipment health management, process optimization can now be seen in the ratio of raw materials, quality optimization, energy management, supply chain management and many other fields have been widely applied. Second, the combination of the vertical characteristics of the industry to carry out systematic promotion, since 2019, many industries petrochemical, iron and steel, household appliances, electronic information and other systems integrators to positively transform and upgrade their existing products and solutions via the Internet industry, and thus in-depth industrial applications in the Internet industry. Third, model innovation, sharing manufacturing, large-scale customization, the Combination, etc., before or individual enterprises to develop point attempts this yearIn many industries a larger scale applications, but also for the enterprise has brought tangible economic value. How to solve deep-seated problems the industry by the Internet industry and business value will be the focus of attention in the future industrial development. Mo Liu pointed out that the formation of the closed-loop business is very important for the development of the Internet industry, the closed-loop business can support the Internet industry to have a long-term sustainable development, so I think in terms of the entire period from 2020 is validation from a concept to a technology industry large-scale promotion of the systematic promotion and application of such a critical node. 5G + Industrial Internet, open the way for the integration of innovation 5G impact on the Internet industry, Liu silent answer them from both the network and the application of innovative change, he said CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the bottom of the Internet industry demand is connected and data backhaul, so the network side, the forward high bandwidth, low latency, high reliability and large connections, flexible configuration to evolve. This year from an industrial network structure has undergone great changes over the industrial scale industrial Ethernet bus. In addition the network technology is still rapid innovation, TSN achieve industrialization, 5G, WIFI6, SDN, NFV and better technical support and other industry next transformation. Moreover, technology is to achieve a more flexible connection scheme CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , such as binding of TSN and OPC-UA, 5G and binding the TSN, TSN and Profinet, Ethernet / IP and other traditional industries by combining binding and other agreements. 5G large role in how to better serve the industry, its own high-bandwidth, low latency and wide technical characteristics connected with the needs of current network transformation industry coincide with the Internet, and 5G edge computing, artificial intelligence, fusion applications AR / VR technology will bring a number of innovative application mode. From 2019 to explore the Internet in China’s manufacturing industry in industrial 5G + Look, emphasis focused on the five scenarios: one based on high-definition image quality with the return of defect discrimination 5G, the second is based on the data acquisition device 5G, and the third is based on 5G + AR / VR auxiliary assembly and maintenance of equipment, is based on four mobile inspection 5G, the fifth is based on 5G + AI vehicle remote control, play as a whole is still high 5GBandwidth, and mobility characteristics. The future, as uRLLC and mMTC two criteria freeze and industrialization is completed, 5G in the industry will have a more broad application prospects. 5G low latency characteristics such as play, realize group synergies and equipment scheduling, warning millisecond high frequency scanning, industrial automation applications, play wide connectivity features to achieve parts tracking, product lifecycle dynamic tracking, sophisticated equipment, high-volume data return Wait. And for complex application scenarios, the integrated use of three different technical characteristics 5G, it will generate more types of application modes CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , such as user participatory production and maintenance of equipment based on multi-source data and so on, which will lead to greater enhance the effectiveness of manufacturing. Mo Liu said that in terms of 5G industrial development, is still in its infancy. At present, more than a dozen vendors offer 5G modules, but higher overall costs, and the lack of secondary development for the industry and application scenarios. In terms of network equipment, there is a lack of core network equipment and supporting systems for the industry or enterprise applications. System integration, at present there are mainly communications equipment manufacturers or service providers to offer solutions based on industry 5G, the future also need to participate in more industrial systems integrators. Internet industry driving the digital twin outbreak last two years, twin digital innovation has become the industry to explore areas of focus, Liu silent number representing the twins made more than ten years time, but it’s explosive development in recent years [123 ] CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the core reason is that the data acquisition and integration, big data analytics industry, industry and other industrial internet platform internet key technology these years of rapid development, so as engineered digital twin exploration provides a powerful tool support. He further introduced the digital twin connotation is reflected in a variety of industrial models, integrated data, by constructing physical objects accurate description, on this basis, and through the analysis and forecasting and intelligent decision-making, intelligent closed-loop. Digital twin has two characteristics: First of the combination, can be constructed from the parts of the digital twin combined into one device and then combined into a twin digital system even corporate digital twin; two digital twins throughout the whole life cycle, the whole value chain. To rely on large numbers twin basic technology to build, including sensing, measurement, control, Data integration, industrial modeling, data science and visualization. But there are two twin digital key technology, one digital thread, industrial data across business processes and deep integration across the entire life cycle, from technology path, mainly in the PLM and BPM based on the IoT and by internet platform fully integrated industry. The second is the integration model, there is no universal model to form a fusion tools, combined with the specific scene is more specific issues, to take a different convergence model. Currently the industry is an important direction to explore the convergence of the model simulation is based on the superposition of large data analysis and artificial intelligence. Currently digital twin initially formed provider of digital threading tools, modeling tool vendors and providers that make up the twin model of the industrial system. The main participants from the industry perspective, one part of the international giants, emerging from the integration of digital thread, twin modeling tools to model solutions service capabilities, and second, many of the professional digital technology providers around the threads or modeling tools, provide their own products or solutions, and actively enhance the service capabilities through cooperation, the third is the equipment manufacturer is currently the main provider of twin models and related services. Mo Liu said the engineering application of digital twin is still in its early stages. To twin applications, according to the maturity of five points, the most basic description is digitized, the actual situation is mapping two, three diagnosis, prediction is four, five adaptive adjustment, most of the current focus in the digital description or alluding to the actual situation in individual sectors and in individual areas, there are a small number of applications can achieve the degree of self-diagnosis or prediction of the model, but can do the most advanced adaptive there is almost nothing. In addition to manufacturing, digital twin in transportation, medical fields have broad application prospects. Mo Liu concluded that, along with the digital transformation of the industry, the future of the industry will move towards integration, information technology giant will go through more areas of penetration of information technology industry, traditional industry giants will absorb and through the use of information technology, reconstruction their products and service system, in addition there will be a large number of start-ups in the areas of industry, as well as through a combination of financial services, or start-ups based on data analysis.

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