ICT Institute White Paper: digital economy, “5G + cloud + AI” smart government and enterprises to upgrade the “new engine”

Currently, from digital to smart city government Control Engineering Copyright , from agriculture to industrial automation management wisdom, 5G reliable network, application intelligence and AI massive force calculation of cloud computing is being coordinated with each other, constantly deep into all walks of life to create a large number of new service experience, new industrial applications as well as new industrial layout, to inject new impetus to China’s science and technology enterprise restructuring and industrial upgrading.
December 9, Chinese Information and Telecommunications Research Institute released “” 5G + cloud + AI “:” White Paper (hereinafter referred to as the “engine new era of Digital Economy White Paper”), reviews the development of China’s status of the digital economy, analyzes the 5G, cloud computing, AI three integration of innovation in the digital transformation process in action, combined with the specific application scenarios, from enterprise transformation, enabling government, industrial upgrading three perspectives on the value of “5G + cloud + AI” were analyzed, the development of “5G + cloud + AI” gives recommendations. White Paper was released, it has aroused great concern.
“5G + cloud + AI” accelerate the integration of digital technology overflow digital economy is sweeping the globe, driven by economic and social into a new era. 2018 Digital total economic output in China reached 31.3 trillion yuan, accounting for 34.8% of GDP reached. We can say that the digital economy at the same time to play a key strength of our national economy, but also driving the industry toward network, platform and intelligent direction of the development. At the same time, the conventional technology can not satisfy the needs of industry in networking, platforms, intelligence and other aspects, such as the 4G era of network bandwidth and latency enough to support the central terminal and seamless connection; deployment of private traditional computing can not be considered to achieve the integration of large-scale power resources; simple artificial neural networks with limited accuracy within the industry can not meet the precision requirements for intelligent applications. White Paper pointed out CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright to 5G, cloud computing, AI, represented by the development and application of emerging technologies, enterprises can build a ladder from the traditional to electronic information and then to digital, through its technical advantage to help companies change in the design, development, production, operation, management, business and other fields under the traditional format and reconstruction CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , thus promoting business repositioning and improvementCurrent core business model , to complete the digital transformation. Not only that, 5G, cloud computing, AI under the guidance of development of the industry has become increasingly diverse, the amount of data increases, the need to support the new multi-architecture, which makes 5G, cloud computing, innovation and development of AI integration inevitable. Like synergy between the highway era industrial economy, plant and machinery, once the use of oil and other fuels from lighting to expand the power of the world, 5G, and integration of cloud AI also positive data from the “refined” more applications value to digital form overflow accelerate the upgrading of enterprises, industry and supply chain, such as different levels of productivity, thus promoting government, business, industry has entered the era of intelligent. “5G + cloud + AI” to bring new experiences, new models, new industry driven by new technologies, especially their development 5G, cloud computing and AI and cooperate with each other, is creating a new digital service experience, the new digital government models and new industrial layout configuration elements. Recently, Huawei cloud Cities Summit 2019 Hefei Railway Station, Chinese Academy of cloud computing and information and communication director of the Institute of large data Baohong in his keynote address said that the ” ‘5G + cloud + AI’ represented by the new technology, is becoming a digital drive economic development and an important engine of various industries digital transformation. “from the enterprise business point of view, agility and innovation is the embodiment of the digital service capabilities, 5G, cloud computing, AI techniques can break companies in the past management system, management and production methods support business innovation and agility iterative reconstruction digital business systems and operating systems, bringing a new business experience. Similarly, “5G + cloud + AI” is reshaping the government’s management and service delivery model, by building an open platform that brings together community resources to enhance services and regulatory capacity, helping digital government entered the smart stage. In the industrial side, “5G + cloud + AI” is accelerating the integration of advantageous resources in agriculture, industry, services, three major industrial chain and industry base cluster effect to build new digital productivity, collaborative innovation for the industry to provide services. Looking back in history, the rise and development of important technologies CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , will cause changes in commercial activities. As the advantages of 5G technology with low latency, high bandwidth, wide access, combined with industry various scenes, to bring a qualitative leap for the experience and the application will profoundlyChange the development process of human society; cloud computing will bring together a more diverse force and application of the calculation, so that the government and enterprises to enter the fast lane on the cloud, accelerate industrial upgrading intelligence; algorithm based on excellent, vast amounts of data, and the cloud rich count force, AI will bring great changes in various industries. “5G + cloud + AI” enabling thousands of lines of all trades intelligent upgrade now, “5G + cloud + AI” are now going to all sectors of the whole production process to help companies realize the planning, development, production, manufacture, sales and comprehensive customer service intelligent upgrade. From the basic necessities of life to the cultural health of these people’s lives inextricably linked with the industry have begun to rely on the “5G + cloud + AI” is changed to digital way to solve problems encountered in the development. According to the white paper, the Tianjin Eco-City through 5G, clouds and AI technology to achieve intelligent upgrade urban emergency system, the maximum to avoid the man-made alarm lead to problems when the fire alarm delays and other dangerous situations; synthetic fiber manufacturer triple rainbow common over-5G network to achieve a fine collection and transmission of information, and with the AI ​​production control system for intelligent adjustment; through rational planning core cloud platform, the Shenzhen airport flight taxiing time reduced by an average of 1 minute flight normal rate of release more than 85%; the People’s Liberation Army General hospital through 5G brought low latency network, 3,000 km away implements remote control operation; the use of AI Golden Mile Medical aid pathological diagnosis precision, so that cervical cancer screening services covered the crowd scope and frequency of service has improved tremendously. In addition, in the financial, energy, entertainment, the Internet and other fields, “5G + cloud + AI” also played an important role in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries through smart, full of vitality. On how to promote “5G + cloud + AI” fusion development and wide application, the White Paper concluded that this is a systematic project, which requires the establishment of a policy system to adapt to the digital economy, strengthen the development and application of emerging digital technologies, to promote government and enterprise intelligence transformation, open up the industry chain, to build a new ecological, increased capability of independent innovation, strengthen personnel training and other aspects of digital start with, in order to continue to promote the government, enterprises, urban intelligent upgrade, accelerate the digital transformation of the Chinese economy, so all things Internet, the new era of smart things early arrival.

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